Analytical Services Enables a Renowned Healthcare Industry Client to Promote their Brand Awareness

Oct 26, 2017

Industry Overview

Today, the healthcare industry is facing numerous economic uncertainties and is consequently relying on analytical services to reduce their overall operational expenses. By implementing analytical services, renowned healthcare industry players can help mitigate risks by avoiding unnecessary investments in analytical equipment. Also, with the help of such solutions, leading businesses can ensure better resource flexibility while compromising on the costs. In the healthcare industry, leveraging marketing analytics can help avoid potential bottlenecks; thus, decreasing a product’s time-to-market. Also, with the rising need for pharmaceutical products, analytical services play a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and safety of raw materials.

To streamline the processes and improve the current business performance, major healthcare industry clients are approaching companies like Quantzig. Quantzig’s analytical services help healthcare industry clients address concerns related to drug development from the initial stage of discovery to the clinical-trial material manufacture. In addition, the client can further develop and optimize analytical methods more effectively and improve supply efficiency.

The Business Challenge

A renowned healthcare industry client was facing certain predicaments understanding their existing market scenario and enhancing their brand awareness. The client wanted to leverage analytical services to identify the competitors in the healthcare industry client space. Also, the client wanted to seek out ways to improve patient safety, manage risk, and improve the efficiency of clinical trials. The client further wanted to understand the technological innovations in the pharmaceutical products supply space and revamp their existing architecture to enhance sales performance.

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Analytics Services Solution Benefits

With the help of Quantzig’s analytical services, the client was able to identify and profile the segments that are likely to use the prescribed drugs. Also, the engagement helped the client position their products efficiently and improve their return on investment. Additionally, the healthcare industry client could proactively assess the supplier landscape and build a strong relationship with the customers. By leveraging analytical services, the client gained real-time information on the patient’s health; thus, improving compliance.

Analytical Services Predictive Insights

  • Gain profound insights on competitors and their product positioning
  • Communicate more efficiently with patients and monitor outcomes
  • Reduce potentially dangerous errors and minimize the time to market of the products
  • Access patient data seamlessly with little inconvenience to patients
  • Effectively track the progression of diseases and better understand the patient needs

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