Is it OK to Ignore Clickstream Analytics?

Apr 22, 2018

When it comes to data analytics, a lot of complicated terminologies are constantly used. Clickstream analytics is one such terminology that is widely used these days. In the context of website data, clickstream analytics refers to the process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data on website visits by the user and their journey. In simple terms, it monitors the behavior of the user by recording which part of the computer screen they click. One may wonder what is the use of recording such data, but it is valuable in trying to determine which section of the website is ineffective and which one works out. However, clickstream analytics incorporates a broader measurement scope as it takes into account webpage performance as well as e-commerce clickstream data. So how can a business benefit by using clickstream data?

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Identify customer trends

Clickstream information can supply companies with information on the path taken by the customer to get to their site. By collecting and analyzing such data for a large number of customers, businesses can identify trends that can be leveraged by the organization to drive more traffic. For instance, if the business notices that a large number of customers are coming through social channels, they can pour more money into that so as to increase the overall traffic. Also, it can give companies an idea of what search term the customers use to get to their website, so they rank better for the same search term.

Discover new mediums

Clickstream analytics records the different routes taken by the customer to reach the product page. By analyzing such details companies can increase the efficiency of the path chosen by customers. They can also make sure that customers land on their product page using as few steps as possible. For instance, using basket analysis, marketers can discover what common interests customers have and the common path they took to arrive at the specific page.

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Increase conversions

It is common to see customers put items they like in their cart and end up not buying them. Most people add items to the cart for future reference or as a means to bookmark them. As a result, the majority of the customers end up abandoning the product in their cart. Clickstream analytics can help marketers understand the underlying user behavior leading towards discarding the products. Also, it can identify where in the sales funnel the customers actually leave. For instance, if a large number of customers exit from the payment page, it may imply that the payment process is complicated or has some bugs. Clickstream data can also reveal customer information regarding their demographics which can be helped to create targeted ads.

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Understand user behavior

Clickstream analytics will tell you a lot about your user behavior. When enough user samples are collected, companies can easily analyze where people are clicking to gauge what works and what needs improvement. For instance, if it is found that a particular page with the specific design is getting a lot of clicks compared to another page, it can be concluded that visitors prefer that particular type of design. Additionally, it can be used in e-commerce websites to know where users are clicking so that they can drive their revenues.

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