Shed Those Extra Pounds with The Best Workout Apps This Season

Nov 24, 2017

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season around the corner, most of us have already switched “ON” our glutton mode. But does this mean bad news for those of us who have already made our new year resolution to stay fit in 2018? Well, not really! We at Quantzig, bring to you some of the best workout apps this season that will help you keep track of when you need to go from “extra fries” to “exercise”:Free demo


For those of you who are into cardio than body-building exercises, RunKeeper is one of the best-suited fitness apps for you. RunKeeper tracks walks, runs, and related exercises that you indulge in. This fitness app helps you plan your route to get to your goal, be it to race, weight loss, or hitting a particular pace target. Using this fitness app, you can create custom training plans or choose ready-made schedules, win rewards for your workouts, share your progress with friends, join challenges to push yourself, etc. No wonder RunKeeper is regarded as one of the best workout apps, as it easily helps you stay motivated.


Are you an aspiring athlete who wishes to be connected to other athletes from around the world sans the junk posts that you might find in other social media posts? Then Strava is the app that you have been looking for! Strava’s community includes millions of cyclists, runners, active adventurers, etc., which makes it one of the most attractive fitness apps to have on your device. But what makes it one of the best workout apps to have is its tracking ability and their motivating and competitive community. Some of other key features of this app include statistics such as your speed, pace, elevation gained, distance, calories burnt, an interactive map of your activity, etc. You can compare your performance with other users in the community and also share your activity highlights, stories, and photos.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is one of the most highly recommended fitness apps for yoga enthusiasts. With over 70 ready-made classes for yoga and meditation for levels ranging from beginner to advanced, this fitness app is undoubtedly one of the best workout apps for those of us who are planning to follow the path of yoga to stay fit. Each class on the app lasts from 15 to 60 minutes, and you can easily customize your classes based on what you want to focus on – strength, flexibility, balance, relaxation, etc.


Sworkit is one of our top picks for the best workout apps this season. What makes this app more attractive is the fact that it’s simple and customizable. After entering your personal data into the app,  you can specify your fitness motives and goals. The workout dashboard introduces you to numerous cardio exercises, yoga, and stretching exercises that are demonstrated by a coach. You can also compile using your personalized workout using the custom dashboard.

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