Big Data Analytics Helped an MNC to Analyze Call Center Data and Streamline Business Processes

Jun 26, 2017

The latest big data analytics solutions by Quantzig helps a leading multinational company in the United States to improve its operational efficiency and customer service.

Big Data Analytics for Effective Call Center Services

Big data analytics in call centers help companies to structure data from the recordings and use it effectively for training purposes. The introduction of natural language processing (NLP) is used to direct customers’ calls to the respective department when a particular word or phrase is used in the conversation. The adoption of big data analytics and innovations in NLP systems will improve customer service and operational efficiency of call center operations. These solutions can be used to enhance the customer journey and offer customized solutions. Big data solutions collate data that offer detailed information on the customers’ preferences and help decision-makers learn the patterns in their query behavior. The big data analytics solutions by Quantzig design queuing and regression algorithms to estimate the influx rate and service time for inbound calls to develop service levels during peak hours. The study also offers predictive analytics to identify and upgrade important services that were negatively affected due to the long waiting times.

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With the help of big data, companies are analyzing data and information from previous interactions, emails and notes, support requests, back-office solutions, CRM helpdesk, and social media portals. These solutions also help companies to perfect the quality of the interactions by studying the characteristics and behavior patterns of the customers.

Introduction of Speech Solutions

Speech solutions help reduce operating costs and enable organizations to expand services without additional overhead costs. This innovation is designed to identify words spoken by an individual, convert them into a machine-readable format, and respond automatically. The tools maximize the ROI of the company, have minimal upgradation costs, and the transaction models reduce the time spent on calls. Some of the systems accessible in the market can also analyze the caller’s tone, sentiment, vocabulary, and silences to evaluate emotion and satisfaction.

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Focus on Enhancing Customer Relationships

The primary objective of big data analytics helps companies analyze customer feedback on an organization’s products and services and develop superior service and product portfolios. By using various language processing tools such as speech analytics, text analytics, and recognition methods, enterprises are focusing on improving customer satisfaction and increasing brand loyalty. The implementation of such system solutions will result in efficient communication systems and successful customer relationships to build profitable businesses.

Outcomes and Solutions Offered

With hands-on expertise in big data analytics, Quantzig assessed inbound data to improve customer service and operational efficiency of call center operations across businesses. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

  • Built a tableau dashboard to determine the average delays for the customer
  • Created an integrated data repository that was continuously updated by multiple data sources
  • Enabled real-time data analysis across both operational and marketing data
  • Developed highly precise forecasts for call arrival rates at different times of the day
  • Identified estimation and forecasting parameters from the various data sources

The complete case study on big data analytics improves customer service for a leading multinational company is now available.

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