What Healthcare IT Trends Await You in 2018

Jun 15, 2018

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The developments in healthcare technology have the ability to revamp the entire industry. Today, healthcare innovation is moving at a pace we’ve rarely seen before. At the rate at which healthcare IT trends are progressing, the sector can expect to experience some groundbreaking moments in 2018. Furthermore, with customer experience becoming the focus of many healthcare companies and clinics, healthcare companies are will rely heavily on technology to enhance their services. There’s no question that in 2018, major vendors, many startups, and independent software companies are going to embrace the latest healthcare IT trends. Wonder what’s in store for the healthcare industry this year. Here are some of the top healthcare IT trends that will have a significant impact on the industry:

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Real World Evidence

Majority of the life sciences and healthcare companies will dedicate resources to support accessing, analyzing and sharing real-world information across their organization. Real-world evidence data provides companies in the healthcare industry with the ability to better assess the impact of existing and emerging drugs and treatments. Healthcare providers can also target patients who could benefit from a drug or exclude those who might be harmed with the help of healthcare IT trends such as real-world evidence.

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is one of the most prominent healthcare IT trends to watch out for this year. the blockchain is a highly secure network coupled with a distributed database, also known as a distributed ledger. This ledger is used to record the network’s transactions with reliable time stamps and standardized rules for all participants on the network to verify and access information. This technology could ensure better healthcare data access to healthcare professionals and also make data highly secure.

Telemedicine and Mobile Health

Telemedicine and mobile health are some of the healthcare IT trends that are said to have the highest impact on the healthcare sector. Due to growth in the amount of data being shared across providers, and increased usage of electronic health records (EHRs) and mobile health devices by consumers, telehealth is expected to take over the healthcare industry soon.

AI in Diagnosis

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the healthcare IT trends that has been a hot topic of discussion in the healthcare industry for the past couple of years. Though this technology was initially looked at with a lot of skepticism, looks like the healthcare industry is all set to move out of traditional ways of doing things and embrace this technology. AI will soon begin to provide value in areas such as cancer diagnostics, pathology, and image recognition.

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IoT for Asset Tracking

In the next few years, IoT enabled asset tracking and inventory management systems are expected to be the most common healthcare IT trends in the healthcare industry. This will result in higher patient safety, better staff satisfaction, and improved operational efficiency. Integration of IoT in the healthcare sector will also be of great help in gaining insights into hospital operations, human resource management, and asset management.

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