4 Companies at the Top of Their Game in Digital Healthcare

4 Companies at the Top of Their Game in Digital Healthcare

The need for premium healthcare services is becoming popular by the day. However, the healthcare industry being highly sensitive cannot incorporate changes overnight. On the bright side, many players in the sector have identified these changing customer requirements and have slowly started to embrace technology and digital healthcare to up their game in this competitive industry. Here is a fun fact, two prominent healthcare providers in Belgium have successfully hired “pepper robots” as receptionists as it gives a faster and more superior experience to customers visiting the hospital. Excited to know more about who the top digital healthcare players industry are and how they are striving to set themselves apart from the crowd? Here goes the list:Free demo

Evolent Health

Evolent Health is a company that sells software, information technology, and information technology services to hospitals and providers in the healthcare industry. They use a technology called “Identify” that collects and compresses relevant patient information to help the doctors treat them at lesser costs. This company is more focused on helping players in the healthcare industry to provide value-based healthcare to patients.


CliniOps is a company that is extensively trying to incorporate digital healthcare techniques to transform clinical trials and makes them more efficient. They run an application that automates electronic document submission and also sends reminders to patients who are expected to participate in clinical trials. Patients can upload photos and videos of progress using a tablet application, which uploads this data on to the cloud. This allows end-users to analyze the problems and trends in real-time rather than waiting for the trials to end.


Many of us often forget to take pills at the correct time right? AdhereTech is here to solve the problem. They make smart pill bottles that collect and sends data in real time. If the patient misses a dose, it sends an alert just like an automated text message or phone call. So now you will have to search for new excuses for having forgotten to have your medicine. But the bad news is that the wait for this digital healthcare trend to hit the market would be a little longer as they are currently only available to the public in pilots with pharmaceuticals and hospitals.

Perfint Healthcare

Perfint healthcare is a digital healthcare company that specializes in making robots for doctors especially oncologist, i.e., doctors who specialize in cancer treatment. They designed a robot named “Maxio” to help doctors with cancer diagnostics, treatment, and surgery. They are said to be more accurate than the current detection methods, where the needle has to be inserted in a tumor.

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