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Network Optimization

Communicating across the world, keeping abreast with changing world events, and contacting help in an emergency all have one common factor – the need for telecommunication. As businesses, consumers, and professionals become more dependent on technology-based communication forms, telecom companies must build efficient and reliable networks through network optimization to succeed.

Quantzig’s network optimization solutions enable companies to understand consumer experiences, gain data-driven insights into potential problems, and directly address pain points. Further, analytics allow for a faster, more comprehensive, and sustainable solution to network challenges. This enables telecom companies to preemptively identify issues, offer the ideal customer-experience, establish an optimized network, and stay a step ahead of competitors.

Our Solution Portfolio

Our network optimization solutions enable end-to-end digital transformation of business processes while providing meaningful insights into network behavior and end-user needs.

Capacity Planning

Consumers’ changing preferences and spending behaviors directly impact the demand for products and services in all industries. Capacity planning enables businesses to meet the changing demand for their products. In the telecommunications industry, this includes a comprehensive understanding of the amount of traffic that a network can operate or maneuver at a particular time.

Increasing volumes of data and the rising complexity of networks cause major challenges for network monitoring systems. With Quantzig’s predictive analytics solutions, businesses can successfully optimize data flows, proactively mitigate potential risks, and gain accurate data to make well-informed business decisions.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Bandwidth Analysis

Bandwidth has become one of the most crucial indicators for consumers to choose their preferred networks and telecom service providers. Bandwidth analysis enables businesses to monitor their networks’ bandwidth by collecting, monitoring, and analyzing bandwidth metrics.

Bandwidth analysis also enables companies to monitor network usage, traffic, and possible strains within the network. Quantzig’s telecom analytics solutions provide companies real-time monitoring and analysis of available bandwidth in a network and help them identify and address challenges within their network.

Network Utilization and Optimization

In recent years, consumers are on the internet for most of their day, excluding very limited periods in a day, due to the advent of social media, streaming, and service applications. Network utilization, usually specified in percentage, is the amount of traffic on a network compared to the peak capacity that a system can support.

Being aware of network utilization levels enables telecom companies to identify the need for improved network capacity and keep abreast with the need for improved bandwidth. Quantzig’s solutions also help businesses efficiently gain insights to improve and optimize their networks with the data presented by evaluating network utilization.

Action Analytics
Customer Satisfaction

Fault Analytics

Consumer expectations have changed, and the need for faultless networks has steadily increased with technological advancements and the growing demand for connectivity. Telecom companies must evaluate their networks, address current faults, identify potential faults, and mitigate future risks.

A large number of networks have made it progressively more challenging for businesses to monitor, identify, and address faults within their offerings to consumers. With Quantzig’s data analytics, telecom companies are provided with the opportunity to automate, improve, and succeed.

Connectivity alone is no game-changer in telecom. Today the race is all about network capacity, bandwidth, service efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Quantzig’s advanced analytics solutions can help you identify new opportunities in each of these areas by providing unprecedented and comprehensive visibility into business processes.

Plan, configure, and optimize wireless networks with Quantzig’s comprehensive portfolio of network optimization solutions designed to help telcos deliver cost-effective, high-performance networks using data and analytics.

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