100% Budget Accuracy Realized by an Industrial Tools Manufacturer through Budget Planning Analytics

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Accurate budget planning for global manufacturing operations.

A global industrial tools manufacturer wanted to improve the accuracy in planning for its business budget specific to manufacturing operations across various locations.

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Inefficient and error-prone budgeting process.

The client’s manufacturing budget forecasting models were non-centralized and based on an individual location’s production requirements, leading to inaccurate overall budget predictions and wafer-thin margins. The client was looking for a customized budgeting and forecasting solution for a real-time budget planning process.


Provided a dashboard solution based on financial and budget analytics.

We created a dashboard based solution to act as a budget planner for the organization. This included the integration of all organization data to eliminate multiple data entries, multi-dimensional real-time financial analysis, affordability analysis, and cost-benefit analysis, to provide accurate budget forecasting.

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100% accuracy in budget forecasting and improved margins.

The client improved its budget forecasting accuracy by 100% and was able to create long-term perspectives on budget allocation for various manufacturing locations, and improved its profit margin.

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