Digital Analytics Enables Maximum Customer Reach for an Industrial Component Manufacturer

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Understanding customer requirements through digital analytics.

A leading industrial component manufacturer wanted to analyze the requirements and sentiments of its current and potential customers by monitoring its conversations across various digital media sources.

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Improving the reach to customer segments.

To enable improved brand visibility and attract more customers in its 100+ physical stores, a leading European industrial component manufacturer engaged us to perform a digital analytics study.


Tool based conversation tracking portal development.

We designed and implemented a tool-based tracking portal to monitor the conversations of the target customer segment in various digital media, social networking, and micro-blogging sites, and analyzed the information to obtain insights.

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Real-time insights into customer requirements.

The client was able to realign its distribution strategies to obtain maximum reach between target customer segments based on insights specific to the customer service requirements and preferences.

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