European Hospital Chain Improves Patient Experience by Using Social Media Analytics for Measuring Patient Sentiments

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Improving patient experience in cancer treatment.

A leading European hospital chain wanted to understand the patient sentiments and concerns with regards to its cancer treatment program.

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Understanding the social media chatter around cancer treatment experience.

The client wanted to identify the areas of improvement in its care spectrum for cancer patients, and was interested in monitoring and measuring what its cancer patients were saying online with respect to their experiences and treatment.


Social media analytics and measurement of patient sentiment.

We utilized tonality assessment and sentiments analysis, influencers analysis, buzz monitoring, consumer interaction, and index analysis to assess conversation themes, measure patient sentiment and opinion regarding treatment management.

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Improved relationships with patients and key influencers.

Based on our insights from social media analytics, the client improved its customer service, resolved complaints about waiting time and billing, and improved conversations between the patient and caregivers about the treatment progress, and was able to build better relationships with patient and key influencers.

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