Customer Analytics Helps a Leading Non Alcoholic Beverages Manufacturer Implement Best Practices to Gain a Complete View of Customers Across Channels

Mar 29, 2018

The client: A leading player in the non alcoholic beverages market space

Area of engagement: Customer Analytics

The global non alcoholic beverages industry is affected by the growing concerns towards obesity and other health problems. The growth in the global population along with a rise in disposable incomes and value-oriented smart customers are collectively responsible for the overall growth of this market segment. Moreover, the demand for functional beverages, such as energy drinks, relaxation drinks, and ready to drink beverages, is gaining popularity due to their low-calorie content. Also, emerging economies such as the Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa are anticipated to register significant growth in the coming years owing to their high disposable incomes and the presence of several untapped markets segments. 

The following are some of the significant challenges faced by organizations in the food and beverage industry, especially the non alcoholic beverages manufacturing space:

  • Increasing health-consciousness of consumers – As the number of consumers who choose non alcoholic beverages based on the health factor increases, the companies operating in this segment have to devise effective strategies to attract and retain the health-conscious
  • New product innovations to compete with the alcoholic beverage sector – Developing new and innovative products has become a significant concern for manufacturers across various segments. Also, the manufacturers in this segment are currently focusing on developing better products to replace alcoholic beverages.
  • Exploring new manufacturing technologies – It is essential to retain the nutrients while processing; hence, implementing new and improved technologies such as high-pressure processing proves to be a better alternative to retain maximum nutrients.

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The Business Challenge

A leading player in the non alcoholic beverages manufacturing sector approached our team of experts to help them understand their customer’s individual buying behaviors. The client was looking at maximizing revenues by leveraging customer analytics. The client also wanted to gain a comprehensive view of customers to offer personalized services and deliver optimized experiences.

The Solution and the Business Impact

Our customer analytics solutions helped the non alcoholic beverages manufacturer in identifying the best practices to be implemented for effective customer retention. This also helped them reduce their marketing spend by developing personalized campaigns to suit the needs and preferences of their customers.

The best practices included:

  • Leverage Real-time data– Real-time insights on a customer’s behavioral patterns makes it easier to deliver personalized and targeted messages that meet their requirements at the right time.
  • Eliminate data silos- Implementing tools that aggregate data from a multitude of sources help in better identification of trends and patterns that reveal customer demands, pain points, and sentiments at various stages of their decision-making process.
  • Deliver a uniform experience across channels- Consumers prefer engaging with brands across a myriad of channels and touchpoints. Hence, manufacturers should focus on delivering a consistent experience across all channels such as email marketing, social media, video, and every touchpoint through which consumers interact with your brand.

Customer Analytics Solution Predictive Insights:

Quantzig’s customer analytics solution helped the client in identifying the behavioral patterns of its customers based on the data gathered from several channels. It also helped them focus on customer retention by developing strategies to target specific user segments. Moreover, leveraging the use of customer analytics also assisted the client in developing tailored campaigns that helped them reduce their overall market spend by 15%. Furthermore, they also gained detailed customer insights that helped them increase the customer lifetime value.

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