Patient Engagement Helped a Leading Health Care Client Gain Better Transparency into the Patient Care

Dec 8, 2017

Despite global uncertainties and sluggish economic growth, the global healthcare industry is facing relentless pressures to offer reliable healthcare solutions to meet the emerging needs of the end-users. Also, with the rising regulations in terms of regulatory policies and initiatives, major businesses are on the verge of expansion to offer better healthcare assistance to niche and targeted segments. Efficiently gauging patient engagement helps leading healthcare companies to improve patient outcomes and make agile and informed business decisions. Patient engagement also provides an opportunity to the patients to actively participate in their own health and wellness and drive better outcomes.

Quantzig’s patient engagement solution offers better transparency into the patient’s behavior patterns to enhance outcomes. Moreover, the solution offered also provides necessary insights to engage their customers in an effective manner. Contact our analytics experts to know more.

The Business Challenge

A leading healthcare client wanted to seek new ways to engage with the patients, create a better experience, and improve the overall quality of healthcare services. The client wanted to increase the traction gained by their products and services by promising quality, accessibility, and accountability while rending health services. In fact, the client wanted to understand the prevailing technologies in the healthcare industry and refine their existing architecture to efficiently manage patient health data and interactions with physicians. Furthermore, the client wanted to maintain patient health records to monitor their health from time-to-time.


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Benefits of Quantzig’s Solution

The patient engagement solution offered by Quantzig helped the client monitor and keep track of their patient outcomes through electronic health records and portals. Moreover, the engagement helped patients seek active roles in participating and gaining information about the current state of their health. Furthermore, the patients were able to make use of new tools and technologies to improve results.

The engagement assisted the client to improve their workflow by eliminating potential bottlenecks such as paperwork and gain accurate information on the patients’ health conditions. The healthcare company was further able to bridge the communication gap between physicians and patients and provide updates and changes on patients’ conditions.

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Additional Benefits Offered by Quantzig Include:

  • Increased communication and improved patient satisfaction regarding their health
  • Identified the popular trends in the healthcare space and gained relevant insights into the patient health outcomes
  • Planned and implemented initiatives to measure engagement techniques and improved engagement activities

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