Quantzig’s Digital Analytics Engagement for a Media and Entertainment Industry Client

Jan 12, 2018

The client: Media and entertainment industry firm

Area of engagement: Digital Analytics

The global media and entertainment industry mostly comprises of radio, film, print, and television. These segments include radio shows, news, movies, TV shows, books, music, newspapers, and magazines. Over the years, the media and entertainment industry has undergone major transformations and mergers and acquisitions have been the key factors for the growth of this sector. Additionally, such changes in the industry have led to the globalization of several media conglomerates. Owing to the digital revolution, companies operating in the media and entertainment industry have started facing pressures to improve their process efficiency. Firms are also facing demands owing to the ever-increasing customer and pricing expectations. Such constraints are compelling firms in the industry to promote and offer superior product and service offerings in the global marketplace.

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However, numerous other factors are influencing the growth of the media and entertainment industry. These factors include:

  • Relevance in today’s digital landscape: Firms operating in the media and entertainment industry must look to increase their focus on moving to a more of an audience-based approach, driven by data inputs to stay competitive. Additionally, delivering real-time communications and offers on the digital space are expected to develop a better relationship between the marketer and the consumer.

  • Mobile compatibility: Developing a responsive web design (RWD) is crucial for companies due to the rise in mobile technology and media portals. Deploying an RWD is essential to keep pace with the changing lifestyle.

These factors are forcing firms to leverage the use of digital analytics solutions. Digital analytics help companies collect, measure, and analyze digital data through mobile sites, websites, and mobile applications. These solutions also support firms operating in the media and entertainment industry to identify the most relevant data and create meaningful insights to make well-versed business decisions.

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The Business Challenge

The client, a major in the media and entertainment industry with business operations spread across the globe, wanted to improve the quality of the products offered and differentiate them based on customer preferences. With the help of digital analytics, the client wanted to seek ways to meet the fluctuating demand for the products and services. The primary aim of the client was to identify cost-effective ways to manage operations and optimize their marketing efforts to improve ROI.

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The Solution and the Business Impact

Strategies that we recommended based on our analysis to assess the impact of marketing effectiveness on conversion.

Quantzig’s digital analytics solution helped the client gain actionable insights into the data and performance of the website. The client also sought ways to measure business metrics such as traffic, leads, and sales through sources like email, social media, and press releases. This helped them gain actionable insights into the data and the performance of their website.

Digital Analytics Predictive Insights

Media and entertainment industry players can make use of digital analytics to measure the campaigns performance and the campaigns, which drive the best visitors. This helps the firms to align their resources with the right campaign or channel. Resources, when adequately aligned, results in higher ROI. Digital analytics also provides reports about how much time visitors spend on a web page, which help to identify how engaging or effective a web page is.

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