Patient Journey Analytics for a Leading Pharma Company

Feb 13, 2023

What You’ll Find in this Case Study

  • Role of Patient Journey Analytics for Pharma Industry
  • The Business Challenge and Quantzig’s Approach
  • Patient Journey Analytics Business Benefits and Insights

Role of Patient Journey Analytics for Pharma Industry

Patient journey analytics is observing the various stages the patient goes through from their first awareness of symptoms through all stages of disease progression and treatment. It involves other stakeholders including doctors, healthcare providers, payers—and decisions made at each juncture, the rationale behind those decisions, and the emotions felt. A comprehensive depiction of the patient journey provides both quantitative data surrounding each milestone on the journey, along with qualitative information on what patients, caregivers, and providers are thinking and feeling along the way.

Most healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are focusing on understanding the patient journey, as they operate in a competitive landscape, driven by the meaningful use of healthcare regulations that primarily focus on demonstrating efficient use of technology to improve patient care, satisfaction levels, and the overall experience. A well-designed and thoroughly researched patient journey provides pharmaceutical companies the foundation for formulating a successful brand strategy.

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According to Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), over a million Americans have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Due to the rising prevalence of the disease, pharma companies have increased their focus on patients’ journeys and drug development. The major challenge in the Crohn’s disease market lies in the management of patients with moderate to severe Crohn’s disease who eventually lose response to therapy. Also, there remains a huge gap in the market for novel therapies to treat this patient group. By analyzing the dire need for therapies and treatment of Crohn’s disease, Quantzig offers patient journey analytics services to assist pharmaceutical companies in identifying the most appropriate drug and treatment patterns based on each individual patient’s characteristics. Additionally, our patient journey analysis solutions offer insights that help manufacturers gain a 360° understanding of the patient journey.

The Business Challenge and Quantzig’s Approach

With a keen eye on exploring future growth opportunities, the client, a leading pharmaceutical corporation in the United States approached Quantzig to help them gain a 360° understanding of the patient journey who are diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

The primary scope of this patient journey analysis was to understand the drug performance in the real world as compared to ideal settings with the help of real world data. The study validated the efficacy of their clinical trials by understanding the disease progression in the patients under the influence of a variety of therapies in the real-world scenario. The solution offered more insights on the impact of drug adherence on disease progression and flare-ups.

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To meet the specific requirements of the leading pharma company, our patient journey analysis team analyzed the impact of drug adherence on disease progression and flare-ups based on the analysis of the data collected from various sources. The analytics team identified the patients who have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in the client database and considered patient data at an incident level from 3 years prior to the diagnosis date. The patient medical history prior to being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease was also analyzed to understand the causal and other correlated effects. They also analyzed the claims data to understand the direct and indirect spending on multiple therapies in order to identify the optimal treatment patterns.

Business Benefits and Insights

With the objective of helping the leading pharmaceutical corporation understand the journey of patients diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, QuantZig offered insights on the drug performance in the real world as compared to ideal settings. The solution offered real-time insights on the drug performance under comorbid conditions. The solution helped identify set of business rules to create a validation framework in order to understand the efficacy of clinical trials against real world data based on the findings and insights from the patient journey.

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During this patient journey analysis, the team mapped the entire patient treatment path using data from laboratory test results, patient demographics, radiology reports, pharmacy information, hospital admission, discharge summaries, and progress notes.

In a span of few weeks, the assessment concluded that low adherence rates to high drug dosages were observed whereas adherence rates are significantly higher in patients with less strength and non-comorbid conditions. Moreover, analysis results also suggested that there was 30% higher risk for smokers to undergo a surgery compared to non-smokers. Key findings of the study addressed that risk of frequent surgeries were reduced to half in patients with high adherence to drugs post initial surgery. Also, patients from urban and industrialized geographies were diagnosed to have a higher risk by the disease when compared to rural region.

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