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How a Leading Electronics Retailer Uncovered New Cross-Merchandising Opportunities Using Quantzig’s Merchandising Analytics Solutions – A Success Story

The client is a leading electronics retailer based out of Santiago and the fastest growing company in the sector with several retail outlets spread across South America.

 The Business Challenge

In today’s mobile and digitally connected world, customers can research competitive offerings while standing in a store aisle. Moreover, while the customers are less likely to remain loyal towards a brand, the probability of them sharing their experience on social platforms is at an all-time high. In such a situation, where retailers are likely to witness a sharp decline in profit margins, it’s crucial to relook and redesigns their strategy to improve their in-store merchandising strategies to enhance customer engagement. To do so, retailers are now focusing on adopting a customer-centric approach by leveraging retail merchandising analytics to drive customer loyalty and eventually more footfall and sales.

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Having spent considerable resources and marketing dollars on online channels, the electronics retailer client was looking at improving the return on customer acquisition cost. They wanted to overcome the restraints that hamstring the traditional business models and sought to transform into a digitally focused, analytics-driven organization. However, to do so they required an analytics-based retail guidance system which could help them break data silos and gain a deeper understanding of cross-department data sets. Only then could the company profitably grow the business, with a special focus on e-commerce platforms. Moreover, the client sought to create more efficient and lucrative pathways to decisive, profit-driven actions.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

The electronics retailer approached Quantzig to leverage its merchandising analytics expertise to implement a turnkey solution that would help them identify data-backed opportunities to redesign business processes and assortment planning in order to improve their digital visibility. Our merchandising analytics experts adopted a comprehensive two-step approach that helped the client to identify and capitalize on previously uncovered cross-merchandising opportunities to increase multichannel profitability and expand the global customer base.

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Phase 1

During the first phase of this merchandising analytics engagement, our experts worked closely with the client to better understand their business structure, their goals, and challenges. Following which we worked towards establishing their key performance drivers to ensure our recommendations helped them deliver wider conversion rate improvements.

Phase 2

The second phase of this merchandising analytics engagement revolved around root cause analysis to benchmark the performance of their retail outlets to understand strengths and weaknesses around the catchment area, store positioning, branding, competitor activity, and offerings.

The retail merchandising analytics solutions not only helped them align their merchandising decisions with customer expectations and business goals but also enabled the client to optimize merchandise performance by offering in-depth insights into sales, stock trends, and warehouse operations. Moreover, the use of a merchandising analytics model offered detailed, granular insights into customer purchase patterns, paving the way for the client to identify new opportunities and make necessary changes to increase sales.

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What is Merchandising Analytics?


Marketing mix

Marketing Mix Optimization for a Food and Beverage Manufacturer | Quantzig

About the Client

A leading food industry player was looking at investing significant marketing dollars across multiple marketing channels to enhance visibility. The use of a log-linear marketing mix model did not help the client to achieve the desired business outcome. This is when they decided to leverage Quantzig’s marketing mix optimization solutions to devise an innovative way to modernize and diversify their marketing mix to generate revenue.

The Business Challenge

The dynamic market landscape and technological developments have paved the way for food industry players to expand their marketing channels to drive ROI. Though businesses today have access to troves of customer datasets, they lack the expertise and tools to extract meaningful insights from the datasets. Analyzing customer datasets can help businesses to make informed decisions, the ones that help drive sales and ROI. One way to make this happen is by leveraging Quantzig’s advanced analytics solutions that focus on marketing mix optimization.

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The client was looking at developing an innovative cross-channel marketing strategy to optimize their marketing budgets and identify new channels for growth. To help them address this challenge, we adopted a two-tiered approach to marketing mix optimization. The initial phase revolved around the development of a statistical model, whereas the second phase focuses on the analysis of the results to ensure the best possible allocation of resources.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

The food and beverage industry player had the required datasets but lacked the analytics expertise and appropriate tools to integrate and optimize the datasets. Our marketing analytics experts leveraged advanced data fetching and ingestion tools to help them assess the datasets. Our marketing mix optimization solutions also enabled the client to determine and capitalize on cost-effective media vehicles and campaigns that helped them drive significant improvements in revenue. Moreover, evaluating the cost per acquisition rate also empowered them to analyze and categorize marketing efforts based on sales.

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A combination of advanced marketing mix modeling solutions and market data enabled the client to:
• Generate insights from disparate datasets
• Integrate sales and customer data into a single unified machine-learning model
• Map customer journeys across the sales funnel using both top-down and bottom-up approach
• Reduce marketing spend by over 14% while consistently increasing sales across regions
• Quantify the value and impact of new marketing channels

What is marketing mix optimization? (more…)

sales force effectiveness

Sales Force Effectiveness: Maximizing the Return on Sales Force for an Industrial Machinery Manufacturer

Sales force effectiveness has become a major concern for industrial machinery manufacturing companies owing to the declining sales margins and sluggish growth rates. Due to this, players in this sector are now focusing on leveraging technology to revamp their sales force effectiveness strategy, However, despite leveraging technology, very few companies have witnessed sustainable results. This case study describes how we helped the European sales division of a well-known manufacturing company to achieve substantial revenue growth through a comprehensive effort that aimed to drive sales force excellence through improvements in sales processes and technology.

The Business Challenge

The changing market environment has severely impacted sales force roles within the industrial machinery manufacturing sector. Due to this paradigm shift, sales teams within the manufacturing sector are now responsible for delivering the right marketing message and other information to improve customer relationships and drive growth.

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Owing to such factors, the client was prompted to merge its sales teams spread across regions. This decision impacted their existing sales force effectiveness strategy and brought in several changes in the business structure. Moreover, the new organizational structure posed major roadblocks in the form of missed sales and cross-selling opportunities. To tackle this challenge the client decided to leverage Quantzig’s sales analytics expertise to develop the necessary systems, tools, and strategies required to develop a structured sales force effectiveness model.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

To address the client’s challenges, the sales analytics experts at Quantzig focused on launching an initiative that aimed to optimize the client’s local sales processes prior to the implementation of the new customer relationship management (CRM) system. The overarching goal of this engagement was to improve sales by analyzing key factors and sales force effectiveness metrics to bring about measurable improvements.

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The sales force effectiveness solutions offered by our experts enabled organizational restructuring and empowered the client to redesign their sales processes to meet their current requirement. The development of a precise roadmap further helped them to identify the capabilities necessary to maintain sustainable relationships with their customers.

Sales force effectiveness also enabled the client to:
• Analyze alternative sales opportunities and the economic drivers of growth
• Deploy a reward-based system to improve sales force effectiveness
• Increase sales by 15% from the first to the second half of the year
• Identify $1M in EBIT through sales force improvements

What is Sales Force Effectiveness?


patient journey analytics

Revolutionizing Drug Development and Patient Care Using Patient Journey Analytics – A Customer Success Story

A leading Biopharma company based out of Denmark was looking to identify and assess possible ways through which they could leverage patient journey analytics to assess the qualitative and quantitative patient datasets to arrive at a better understanding of patient needs and the perceptions of target physicians in order to drive a more effective outreach towards them.

The Business Challenge

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a major paradigm shift due to which players are swiftly moving away from fact-based decisions to the discovery of insights with an emphasis toward empowering a data-driven healthcare system. Though biopharma companies are continuously challenged to leverage innovative methodologies to demonstrate the value of their offerings, most of them lack the basic capabilities and analytics skills to do so. Patient journeys are generally strategic which signifies that in a competitive and highly regulated environment like biopharma, understanding patient journeys can make a significant difference which can literally make or break the success of their drug launch initiatives. While recognizing that patient journey analytics is often more essential for biopharma companies than for other players, it’s imperative for businesses in this sector to leverage patient journey modeling to transform patient experiences.

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With a keen eye on exploring new drug development opportunities, a multinational biopharma company approached Quanztig to gain a comprehensive view of the patient journeys and their overall experience. Dealing with an unstructured patient database proved to be a major challenge for the client given the inefficient nature of their data management systems. Additionally, with patient data being captured and stored from multiple interactions points the client found it challenging to monitor and track individual patient journeys to arrive at a conclusion.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

An in-depth analysis helped us better understand the complexities of the client’s datasets and the challenges faced by them. Our patient journey analytics experts leveraged natural language processing and advanced algorithms to parse through the troves of unstructured patient datasets in order to extract sentiments and meaningful insights from them. This, in turn, helped the biopharma client to identify the most effective drug and treatment pattern based on patient characteristics. 

The growing challenging of integrating patient data from disparate sources can be daunting owing to privacy concerns, data use rights, infrastructure, and resource constraints. This is where patient journey analytics can help. Contact our experts today!

Quantzig’s patient journey analytics solutions also offered predictive insights on:

  • Communicating the potential benefits of a drug to enhance its value among patients and stakeholders
  • Building action plans to address issues through patient journey mapping
  • Rolling out patient support programs based on real-time patient data and advanced patient journey analytics
  • Categorizing and prioritizing important patient segments

What is the patient journey analytics?


pricing analytics

Pricing Analytics Unearthed New Opportunities to Capture Unrealized Profits for an Automotive Company

The client is an automotive manufacturer with business units spread across North America. They were looking at developing a data-driven pricing strategy to identify new pricing opportunities to drive growth. This success story highlights how the implementation of a data-driven, competitive pricing strategy helped an automotive company to outperform its peers.

The Business Challenge

There is no denying to the fact that the future of the automotive industry is currently at crossroads. In a rapidly growing automotive landscape, the lack of the right tools and expertise in setting the right price may bring in new challenges for players. It’s also crucial to note that businesses must have strong analytics capabilities to develop meaningful insights from their datasets and set the right price for their offerings. Our portfolio of pricing analytics solutions is backed by best-in-class pricing analytics models that aim to address the specific needs of businesses to drive bottom-line results.

Our pricing analytics experts can not only help you leverage data to understand the buying patterns of your customers but can also help you integrate this knowledge to meet your pricing needs.

Since automotive companies face strong competition from international players it’s crucial for them to express the value of their offerings by setting the right price. The client, in this study primarily sold products through distributors and faced several challenges related to pricing, execution, and monitoring. A thorough analysis helped reveal that the client’s challenges were deeply rooted in their pricing strategy and poorly documented processes.

The lack of basic knowledge and pricing analytics expertise proved to be costly and the client soon realized the impact it would have on their organizational performance. Moreover, the growing competitive pressure from low-cost competitors, new entrants, and product commoditization along with the risk of falling into costly ad-hoc pricing habits prompted the client to develop a competitive pricing strategy.

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 The Solution Offered and Value Delivered

To help the client identify the optimal price for their products we focused on developing a competitive pricing strategy that aimed to differentiate the client’s offerings. Our experts also conducted a detailed competitor pricing analysis to identify and analyze the patterns in pricing strategies adopted by their competitors. This helped the automotive client to identify over $2M in new pricing opportunities. The competitive pricing strategy also helped them analyze how price fluctuations impacted the overall profitability of the organization.

Quantzig’s pricing analytics solutions also empowered the client to:
• Improve the efficiency and consistency of their pricing policies
• Automate pricing dataflow and develop KPI dashboards using advanced pricing analytics
• Quantify product demand based on pricing

Quantzig’s pricing analytics solutions leverage advanced pricing analytics models and micro-segmentation techniques to help businesses identify new opportunities for improving profits.

What is Pricing Analytics?


call center analytics

Data-driven Call Center Analytics Helped a Financial Services Provider to Realize $2 M in Savings

A leading financial services provider, based out of the United Kingdom needed to optimize the operations of its credit and debit cards’ division. Having established its presence in the banking sector the client had a loyal customer base across the UK. To cater to the varying needs of its global customer base and address their queries the client had set up 11+ call centers that were spread across Norway Europe, Sweden Europe, and Switzerland. With call center operations spread across regions, the client found it challenging to address customer queries.

The Business Challenge

As financial service providers are increasingly being pressurized to sustain a competitive edge by balancing their revenues and profit margins, call center analytics turns out to be crucial for driving top-line and bottom-line results. Though leading banks and payment service providers have leveraged advanced call center analytics solutions to implement various degrees of customer service transformations, most organizations haven’t really utilized such solutions to their maximum potential. To realize the full potential of customer analytics solutions, financial institutions and other banking service providers will need to possess, acquire, and develop the relevant capabilities and use them to customize and enhance a wide range of customer interactions.

To sustain a competitive edge in today’s complex business environment it’s essential to understand the global customer base. Learn how call center analytics can help you better understand your customer base.

Like the other market players, the client was challenged by its siloed data environment. The client’s decentralized customer database and inefficient processes made it difficult to track and optimize their contact center services. This proved to be a major roadblock to their customer service improvement efforts. Though the client invested a significant amount in state-of-art technology, they lacked the basic analytics expertise and appropriate outcome-focused reporting tools to extract insights from the customer data.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

The client approached Quantzig to leverage its data analytics capabilities to examine its call center data and drive significant improvements in customer service. To help the banking firm tackle this challenge we performed root-cause analysis and leveraged micro-segmenting techniques to identify the factors affecting customer loyalty.

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Our call center analytics experts also developed a best-in-class model to help them track call center metrics, reduce manual efforts, and optimize service efficiency to drive down costs. The optimization of call center operations not only helped them eliminate organizational silos but also enabled them to offer better services, which in turn, improved customer satisfaction rates and helped realize 2M in savings.

The call center analytics solutions offered also enabled the client to:

  • Build a robust feedback mechanism by embedding advanced analytics into their MIS framework
  • Reduce cost per contact due to enhanced proficiency and call elimination
  • Improve satisfaction rates by more than 500 bps
  • Increase first call resolution rate by 15% 

What is Call Center Analytics?


customer analytics

A Canadian Telecom Services Provider Leverages Customer Analytics to Gain In-depth Insights into Factors Affecting Churn

The client is a leading telecom services provider based out of the U.S. To sustain a competitive edge in the global market, the telecom client wanted to gain an accurate read on consumer reviews, assess their consumers’ sentiments, and base their business strategies on reliable and relevant insights. They were also looking at leveraging customer analytics to better understand customer perceptions and improve engagement rates. 

The Business Challenge

Understanding the customer base is crucial for any organization looking to succeed in the long-run and the telecom sector is no exception. Advanced customer analytics solutions play a significant role in offering a holistic view of the global customer base. Analytics can also be successfully leveraged in this space to gain insights on segmentation, churn prediction, geospatial analysis, transaction, and engagement analysis.

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The rapidly growing customer base and the huge volumes of transaction data entering the system precluded any analysis that adopted traditional methods. To alleviate the problem, the client invested a significant sum in proprietary analysis software when they realized they lacked the right strategies and tools to assess the huge troves of customer data at their disposal. However, despite the investment, they were unable to derive accurate insights that were essential for monitoring and decision making.
Subsequently, the client approached Quantzig with specific issues related to their customers, which was to be unraveled based on their customer data. The key issues included:
• What metrics need to be tracked and monitored to measure customer engagement rates?
• Which of my customers are likely to churn?
• What are the specific indicators for customer churn?
• Which customer segment should my sales team target to build a healthy customer base?
• How to provide better value to my customers to boost engagement rates?

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Solution Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s customer analytics experts built a customized solution to meet the client’s requirements by adopting a comprehensive three-pronged approach.

Phase 1:
The initial phase of this customer analytics engagement focused on building a data repository to access the raw customer data in a secure manner and analyze the same, on a periodic basis. The helped the client to draw meaningful insights from their customer datasets by leveraging customer sentiment analysis.

Phase 2:
The second phase of this customer analytics engagement revolved around processing customer data to create multiple features that were specifically engineered for customer analysis. The new features provided a holistic view of the customer throughout the lifecycle of engagement and empowered the client to make smarter customer-centric decisions.

Phase 3:
The third phase of this customer analytics engagement revolved around the creation of customized dashboards. These dashboards enabled the client to analyze customer data and segment customers into homogenous groups based on customer sentiments and their behaviors.

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To achieve the desired results our customer analytics experts leveraged data clustering algorithms to segment the customer base into smaller cohorts in order to gain a better understanding of the segment-wise behavior of their customers. Identifying these segments provided a clear picture of the entire customer base and the similarities between individuals. This, in turn, helped our customer to build robust strategies for improving customer engagement through personalized offers and campaigns.
In addition, our customer analytics solutions helped bring about measurable results that included:
• A 15% reduction in customer churn rate
• 35% improvement in customer engagement rate

What is Customer Analytics?


transportation data analytics

A Multinational Manufacturing Giant Revamped Their Logistics Workflow Using Transportation Data Analytics

Headquartered in Denmark, the client is a leading consumer packaged goods manufacturer whose private label products are distributed to several retail outlets across the globe. To sustain a competitive edge, the client wanted to deploy the right logistics management systems and efficient processes to transport their products to the end-users. Though they had an extensive delivery team spread across geographies to connect their warehouses and partner outlets, they faced major roadblocks in transporting their goods in a timely manner.

The Business Challenge

Data obtained from every source can help you unearth actionable insights if analyzed accurately, and transportation data is no exception. Having said that, it’s crucial to note that transportation data analytics has the potential to improve logistics management, as well as enables businesses to optimize transit routes and services. Leveraging transportation data analytics to develop route maps can help businesses to optimize the logistic workflow, which in turn, will result in a drastic reduction in congestion levels and time spent in transit.

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The manufacturer’s delivery team was complex and comprised of hundreds of employees and partners. The use of outmoded logistics tracking systems made it difficult to track, update, monitor, and deliver products in a timely manner. Also, the outdated legacy systems were difficult to maintain and proved to be of no use in logistics management. Such factors along with the ongoing loss made it crucial for the client to replace the legacy system with a more efficient logistics work flow.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

The CPG manufacturer approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in transportation data analytics and drive significant improvements in the logistics work flow. Our transportation data analytics solutions helped the client to gain in-depth insights into their logistics routes through advanced backend dashboard that provided real-time insights based on transportation data.

Through our transportation data analytics solutions we helped the client to revamp their current logistics workflow and achieve the desired level of efficiency. In addition, it’s essential to note that transportation analytics improved their logistics and route planning capability and helped them achieve huge savings on maintenance and renewal.

Ensure the efficient transportation of people and goods using advanced strategies built from the insights of transportation data analytics.

Benefits of Transportation Data Analytics


marketing mix modeling

Maximizing Drug Launch Sales Through Marketing Mix Modeling for a Leading Pharmaceutical Company

How we helped the client: Empowered a leading pharma company to gauge and optimize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns through advanced marketing mix modeling solutions that helped align their marketing goals with market trends and customer behaviors, thereby supporting their end goal of achieving the ROIC target.

About the Client

The client is a leading US-based medical device and pharma drugs manufacturer. The company wanted to better understand the impact of their marketing tactics on their new drug launch and its sales by linking and analyzing complex datasets using advanced marketing mix and multi touch attribution models.

The Business Challenge

In today’s digitally inclined world where online, influencer-based, and personalized promotions need to work parallelly to impact consumer decisions, businesses must identify channels that help them better connect with their customers in order to drive revenue. To succeed in doing so, businesses need to adopt a comprehensive, commercially-focused approach to marketing mix modeling which can help them gain an accurate read on the ROI of their marketing investments. Leveraging fact-based marketing mix modeling and multi touch attribution solutions to optimize marketing investments can also drive significant improvements in marketing investments.

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The pharma company faced several challenges in transitioning one of its products from the prescription-based category to OTC. To tackle this challenge, they needed to employ a full suite marketing mix modeling solution for their products in the American market. The marketing mix modeling approach had to quantify the impact of their marketing campaigns and promotions on sales, measure ROI for each marketing channel, and provide cross-channel attribution between social and traditional channels for media mix planning.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

We adopted a comprehensive approach to marketing mix modeling that helped the client to accurately predict, optimize, and gauge the impact of their marketing activities, including media, consumer promotions, trade activities, and competitive activities.

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Leveraging advanced multi touch attribution models also helped them quantify the ROI and sales lift of each drug category. Such a nuanced understanding of factors impacting marketing effectiveness enabled the pharma client to invest in marketing tactics that work. As a result, the client’s sales and marketing teams optimized campaigns to maximize revenue from each category.

Our marketing mix modeling solutions also enabled the client to:

  • Implement a unique approach to improve cross-channel attribution
  • Generate $2M in incremental profit
  • Reduce marketing costs by 60% and exceed launch sales goals

marketing mix modeling

Learn to optimize your marketing campaigns to drive revenue and improve MROI using our marketing mix modeling solutions. Request for more information now!

How does Marketing Mix Modeling Work?


Merchandising Analytics

How Merchandising Analytics Helped a Retail Chain to Raise the Bar and Boost Sales by 15%

With several retail outlets spread across Germany, the retailer’s commitment to customer experience played a huge role in contributing to its massive success. However, to sustain a competitive edge in today’s complex retail scenario, businesses have to look beyond customer service and focus on various aspects that help offer better experiences across multiple touchpoints.

The Business Challenge

The recent shift in the retail landscape has been driven by changing customer preferences and rapid technological developments. As a result, retailers across the globe are now focusing on eliminating human biases in merchandising decisions by adopting an analytics-based approach to decision making. Our client in this success story is one such retailer who realized the importance of a sophisticated merchandising analytics platform to excel in today’s customer-centric era. They were also looking at developing customized merchandising plans and assortment optimization strategies to improve sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize store layouts.

We offer end-to-end merchandising solutions for data-driven decision making and high performing execution.

With an international reach, the client has been successful in building a unique brand portfolio in each segment within retail. But the intensifying competition made it difficult for them to improve market share and maintain brand visibility across various segments. This is when they decided to leverage Quantzig’s merchandising analytics solutions to improve both in-store and online visibility in order to drive revenue.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s merchandising analytics solutions helped the client to track and capture data from 20+ outlets across Germany. By thoroughly analyzing the client’s issues and business goals we helped them generate brand audit reports in real-time which further helped them gauge brand visibility across regions. Our omnichannel merchandising analytics solutions also helped them devise better strategies that helped them enhance brand visibility and boost sales by 15%.

Quantzig’s customer-centric merchandising analytics solutions cover various aspects including pricing, promotions, markdowns, and assortment optimization that help businesses to develop better plans to improve MROI.

Quantzig’s merchandising analytics solutions also helped the client to:
• Better understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns
• Generate real-time reports based on their global sales performance to monitor marketing collaterals
• Identify and categorize outlets based on their performance

What is Merchandising Analytics?