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data analytics in energy sector

Data Analytics in Energy Sector Helped an Oil and Gas Company Improve Asset Investment Returns by 89%

Engagement Summary

Oil and gas companies operate within complex global and national frameworks. As the world continues to be dependent on organic sources of energy, there are many micro and macro challenges the global oil and gas industry faces, such as lack of visibility into their complex operational and supply chain processes, equipment life cycle management, logistics complexity, meeting stringent environmental regulations, and highly volatile prices. Many of these problems can be solved using actionable, data-driven insights, which would enable the energy sector to more profitable and efficient. Data analytics in energy sector assist in streamlining major operations, such as exploration, drilling, filtration, and delivery. Big data in energy and energy analytics can help in identifying areas that require significant improvement.

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About the Client

Founded in the 1920s, the client is a transnational corporation with American origins and is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. The product lines of this client include oil, fuel, vehicle services, exploration, production, and refining of petroleum and gas.

Business Challenge

The financial outcome of companies in the energy sector largely depends on the performance of their complex set of assets. But in most cases, it has been noted that most of the oil and gas companies do not have the tools and capabilities that are required to operate their assets. The client collaborated with Quantzig for leveraging their data analytics expertise and made use of specially curated solutions for the energy sector.

Problem statement 1

Unlock complete production potential – The client was dealing with complex machineries and assets which are the core to their business. They were not able to utilize the complete potential of their assets, which kept them from attaining the ultimate production potential.

Problem statement 2

Improve Asset Investment returns – The client has several exploration and drilling sites which were yet to reach the ultimate level of production. As a result, they were facing challenges with decreasing asset investment returns.  They approached Quantzig to leverage big data analytics in energy sector to unlock their production potential and enhance their asset investment returns.

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Problem statement 3

Risk Reduction – Geographically, the layers of rocks and soil vary across regions even though they might appear structurally similar. Lessons learnt in one region might not be applicable to the other region. This leads to increased time for exploration and increased risk at work.  The client earlier had data stored in different databases which required huge effort and time. Data analytics in energy sector can easily reduce risk and lessen the time of exploration by helping with increasing accuracy in decision-making and reducing risk at work.

Problem statement 4

Increasing cost of data maintenance – Data volume in the energy sector is growing rapidly. Oil and gas companies are now facing a rising cost of data maintenance. Since huge costs can impact the financial performance of the organization, the client wanted to deploy data analytics in energy sector to improve their data management process.

Wonder how big data in energy can help an oil and gas company reduce the cost of data maintenance? Request for more information to learn.

Solution Offered

Data analytics in energy is just like crude oil – it is valuable only when it is refined. The popularity of big data in energy has recently peaked.

Our data analytics experts started with a complete analysis of the data available with this oil and gas company. Changes in supply and demand for oil and gas have been resulting in fluctuations in price and the client was facing a slight decrease in profit margins. The slowing down of these supply chains was often resulting in lowering efficiency and increasing delay. Not meeting the expectations of their customers was hampering their brand identity in the global market space. On analyzing the data sets, our energy analytics experts identified the blind spots on the oil and gas supply chain that were the main reasons for a decrease in their profit margins. Quantzig’s experts in energy analytics further deployed data analytics in energy to improve the efficiency of the oil and gas supply chain.

Business Outcome

Big data in energy helped the client reduce risk by learning more about each subsystem of operations and supply chain network, thereby increasing the accuracy in their decision-making process.

With the help of data analytics, the client was able to –

  1. Improve their decision-making process
  2. Improve accuracy of exploration and drilling activities
  3. Ensure optimum use of assets
  4. Improve Asset Investment returns by 89 percent
  5. Ensure complete production potential

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customer analytics in banking

Customer Analytics in Banking Helps an American Bank to Improve Customer Acquisition Rate by 17%

Engagement Summary

The shift from product-centricity to customer-centricity in the banking sector is almost tangible, however, the challenge still lies in engaging with the customer effectively and efficiently right when they sign up or even before they decide to. The focus in the banking industry for the last few years has been client life-cycle management. When it comes to having actionable insights into their customers, banks are ahead of the curve as compared with any other industries. The issue lies in the fact that these actionable insights are often not shared across the organization. Customer analytics in banking helps banks gain granular insights on current and upcoming requirements of their customer base.The client, an American financial services provider company, approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise of customer analytics in banking. Quantzig’s customer service analytics experts delivered on the client’s expectations and helped them improve their customer lifecycle management

Our customer service analytics solutions combined with customer profiling and segmentation can help your organization understand your customers’ preferences. Request a FREE proposal to gain in-depth insights.

About the client

The client is a financial and banking services provider headquartered in California with branches across the United States. It is one of the largest banks in the globe by market capitalization and total assets.

Business Challenge

This banking industry giant was facing predicaments with fraud detection. The client, in the year 2018, faced severe fraud. Thus, they approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in customer analytics in banking to understand and analyze the spending pattern and financial history of their customers.

The client’s main challenges included –

Problem statement 1

Fraud detection – The client, in the year 2018, faced fraud activities close to a million US dollars. They approached Quantzig to leverage its customer analytics solutions for the banking industry to identify and stop fraud activities.

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Problem statement 2

Customer segregation – The client wanted to segregate their customers according to their age, gender, behavior, and interest. This would help the client to analyze the spending pattern of their individual customers and offer them personalized services.

Problem statement 3

Customer acquisition – Customer analytics in banking sector helps banks and financial service providers identify high-value customers who are most likely to respond to the services. For the past one year, the client was facing low acquisition rates. Thus they were keen to deploy a customer service analytics solution to improve their customer acquisition rates.

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Solution Offered

The primary objective of the client was to identify fraudulent activities and customers who posed such threats. Massive digitization across the globe has paved the way for fraudulent activities in the banking and financial sector. It is now even more important for banks to have special and intelligent systems to detect and deal with fraudulent activities. By using customer service analytics, banks can easily identify fraudulent activities. Our experts deployed a framework to help the client identify threats and also designed an analytics-driven dashboard to understand patterns that ring alarms before threats even arise.

Business Outcome

With the objective of helping this American banking giant to enhance the value of their customer base, Quantzig’s customer analytics experts captured and analyzed the complete potential of their customer base using customer profiling and segmentation solutions, which helped the client to deliver the perfect mix of solutions to their customers.

The key business outcomes of the engagement were –

  1. Improved customer acquisition rate by 17%
  2. Enhanced customer retention rates by 54%
  3. Reduced financial frauds which further helped in saving US$2.5 million in the FY 2019
  4. Personalized customer interaction and enhance cross-selling opportunities

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machine learning in manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help a Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer Streamline Supply Chain and Logistics, and Increase Equipment Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Manufacturing – what is it all about?

Artificial Intelligence and its subsets, like Machine Learning,  are changing the face of industries across the world. One industry that has particularly benefited from the advent of AI and ML is the manufacturing industry. Major manufacturing industry players are heavily investing in machine learning. Major companies across the globe are leveraging predictive maintenance to improve the life of their assets. Data has now become the most valuable resource although it is cheaper than ever to capture and store. With the use of machine learning and predictive maintenance to use data for bringing a significant change in their production efficiency, product quality, and most importantly employee safety.

Quantzig’s artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions can help you reduce the downtime of repair. Request for more information to know more about specially curated solutions for the manufacturing industry.

The Client

The client is one of the largest recreational vehicle manufacturers in the world. They are based out of the US with their headquarters in California. This manufacturing industry player sells motorized recreational vehicles through its subsidiary brands.

Business Challenge

The client had been trying to tackle the problem of frequent machine breakdowns leading to a higher cost of upkeep and reduced downtime. They approached Quantzig to leverage its predictive maintenance expertise to predict the breakdowns and reduce the downtime. This manufacturing industry giant was also facing predicaments with controlling the quality of their manufactured products. This manufacturing company wanted to leverage machine learning in manufacturing to improve product inspection and quality control. The client was aware of the role of artificial intelligence in manufacturing and thus wanted Quantzig’s expertise to apply artificial intelligence to detect upcoming quality defects.

The manufacturing industry does not only deal with manufacturing products and maintaining them. It also includes a robust supply chain network and logistics system. The client wanted to leverage artificial intelligence in manufacturing to streamline its supply chain network and logistics.

Contact us to know how artificial intelligence in manufacturing can help you to reduce machine failures and maintenance costs.

Our Approach

The machine learning and artificial intelligence experts at Quantzig analyzed the complete scenario and highlighted the need for deploying a machine learning model to help the client deal with their current challenges. Machine learning in manufacturing helped the client improve their general business process. Quantzig’s solutions for artificial intelligence in manufacturing enabled the client to detect all kinds of issues in their routine production. As a result, the client was able to identify the bottlenecks and unprofitable lines in their production.

Business Impact

On collaborating with Quantzig, the client embarked on a journey of deploying machine learning in manufacturing and understood the hidden factors that were contributing to reducing the life of their assets. Quantzig’s solutions based on artificial intelligence in manufacturing helped the client to streamline their supply chain networks and reduce delivery costs.

Quantzig’s machine learning in manufacturing solutions enabled the client to achieve the following during 2019 H2 –

  1. Reduce workflow time by up to 87%
  2. Increase equipment efficiency by 65%
  3. Improve the life of assets by an average of three years
  4. Increase detection rate of issues by 90%
  5. Streamline supply chain and logistics
trade promotion effectiveness analytics

How Trade Promotion Effectiveness Analytics Helped a Food Supplements Manufacturer Achieve a 41% Increase in Net Profits

Engagement Summary

Trade promotion optimization is pivotal to driving sales, building brand equity, and increasing channel partnerships. Businesses that fail to understand the importance of trade promotion effectiveness analytics are missing significant opportunities to enhance their profit margins. The client in this study is a food supplement manufacturer who was struggling to gauge the effectiveness of their trade promotion optimization model. This is when they approached Quantzig looking to leverage its expertise in trade promotion analytics to enhance trade promotions and drive better outcomes. The solutions offered enabled the client to drive significant improvements in profits by optimizing their trade promotion strategies.

About the Client

The client is a food supplements manufacturer headquartered in Ontario, United States. With several manufacturing units across the US, the food supplements brand has a large raw material warehouse that stocks the best high-quality raw materials sourced from all around the world.

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Business Challenge

Identifying the best combination of products to create promotions that are centered around maximizing sales, profit, and a plethora of other important parameters within a given budget constraint, was a major challenge facing the client. Though the food supplements manufacturer recognized the importance of deploying robust trade promotion optimization strategies, lack of domain expertise and technical skills turned out to be a major constraint that prevented them from implementing an effective strategy.

The client chose to collaborate with us to develop and implement a trade promotion optimization strategy that would help them address their challenges and drive better sales outcomes.  The key challenges faced by the client included-

Problem Statement 1

Determine metrics for trade promotion effectiveness analytics- The client was unable to analyze the metrics to gauge the success of their trade promotion model.

Problem Statement 2

Identify the factors driving sales- Without proper analytics-driven sales effectiveness models, the client was unable to identify the factors that were responsible for driving sales.

Problem Statement 3

Measure competitive dynamics– The food supplements manufacturer was unable to understand the various perspectives of different competitors and how a change in their current trade promotion optimization model might impact future sales.

Solution Offered

To help the client tackle their challenges, Quantzig’s experts adopted a comprehensive, three-pronged approach to leveraging trade promotion effectiveness analytics. The initial stage of this engagement revolved around a detailed analysis of the client’s challenges that helped reveal that the food supplements manufacturer was spending almost thirty percent of their annual revenue on trade promotions. Based on our recommendations and advanced trade promotion effectiveness analytics solutions, the client was able to optimize the spend on trade promotional activities.

Embarking on an end-to-end transformation journey by collaborating with Quantzig empowered the client to gain granular insights into factors impacting sales of different SKUs by harnessing the data from past trade promotions. Measuring the effectiveness of trade promotions using advanced analytics methodologies also provided meaningful insights that helped them enhance their strategies and achieve a 41% improvement in profits.

Owing to our expertise in supporting clients from various industries we are best positioned to use our analytics capabilities to serve your interest. Request a free solution demo to access our analytics platform to learn more about our trade promotion effectiveness analytics solutions.

Business Outcome

Quantzig’s trade promotion effectiveness analytics solutions enabled the client to –

  1. Increase the demand for products in retail stores
  2. Improve product visibility and brand awareness
  3. Increase sales
  4. Improve profit margins by 41%
pharmaceutical pricing strategy

Devising a Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategy for an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Manufacturing Company | A Case Study

Quantzig’s Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategy: What is it all about?

Businesses in the pharmaceutical industry can drastically improve their understanding of what drives the customer’s buying decision by leveraging advanced analytics for demand forecasting, combined with a robust pricing strategy, a method used by businesses to aptly price their products/services taking into account expenses such as manufacturing, packaging and shipping, marketing, and adding a profit margin to it. Armed with data-driven insights, our pharmaceutical clients execute value-driven drug price benchmarking to optimize profits.

A pharmaceutical pricing strategy revolves around a solid understanding of the complete decision-making process, which mainly includes understanding the roles of clinicians, payers, and patients.

Types of Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategies:

  1. Value-based
  2. Cost-based
  3. Competition-based
  4. Price skimming-based

Quantzig’s experts have helped leading pharmaceutical organizations to drive better sales and gain a competitive edge. Get in touch with our experts now.

The Client

The client is a European API manufacturing company based out of Germany, well known for manufacturing biologically active pharmaceutical drugs, and is a popular name in the list of API manufacturing companies across the world. Formed just after World War II, the client has 70+ patent APIs under their label.

Continue reading to gain in-depth insights into Quantzig’s pharmaceutical pricing strategy or request a free proposal.

The Business Challenge

The client was looking forward to launching a new line of products in the US and they were facing difficulties with devising a pharmaceutical pricing strategy as they were not completely aware of the competitive landscape in the pharmaceutical industry in the new market.

They approached Quantzig to leverage their value-based pharmaceutical pricing strategy and drug pricing benchmarking solutions which would help the client successfully launch their new line of products in the US.

The client wanted to accomplish the following goals –

  1. Devise a value-based penetration pharmaceutical pricing strategy for launching their product in the US
  2. Derive a drug price benchmarking model for the new markets
  3. Analyze the competitive landscape in the European pharmaceutical industry

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Our Approach

The drug price benchmarking experts at Quantzig conducted holistic research to understand the client’s competition and their pricing strategy (drug price benchmarking), as well as taking into account the hidden factors that could impact the product’s price, such as different pharmaceutical regulations and drug pricing benchmarking in the US. This enabled the client to devise a holistic pricing strategy, allowing them to price their products differently than they do for the European market. As a result, they were not only able to successfully penetrate the US market but saw a steady rise in their profit margins as well.

Business Impact

As a result of embedding pharmaceutical pricing strategy solutions, hidden factors impacting price, and price benchmarking in their decision-making process, the client was able to define the right price of their product.

The drug price benchmarking journey also sparked a rapid change of mindset across the organization, shifting employees from being sales-oriented to value-oriented.

Quantzig’s pricing analytics solutions enabled the client to achieve the following during 2019 Q2 –

  • Saved US$12,00,000 by implementing advanced drug price benchmarking
  • Drove sales and obtained a higher return on investment
  • Improved drug pricing transparency
  • Redefined their pricing strategy across the globe
order fulfillment solutions

Quantzig’s Order Fulfillment Solutions Helped a Sporting Goods Manufacturing Company Lower Operations Costs by 35 Percent

Engagement Summary

Quantzig collaborated with a leading sporting goods manufacturing company based out of the United States to help them reduce their rising operation costs by creating an order fulfillment process strategy for them. The order fulfillment solutions offered not only helped the client devise a real-time, efficient inventory management plan but led to a reduction in operation and shipping costs as well.

About the Client

The client is one of the largest sporting goods manufacturers in the US and mainly designs and manufactures sporting goods, clothing, and accessories.

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The Business Challenge

The client handled their order fulfillment process, that start from receiving, processing, packing, picking, to shipping an order to customers, in-house, which was becoming challenging for them.

The key challenges that the client was facing due to their in-house order fulfillment process were:

Problem Statement 1

Faster Delivery- The client’s warehouse was not centrally located, which led to more shipping time for many items.

Problem Statement 2

Rising Cost of Shipping– The delay in shipping and a non-centralized warehouse location was also resulting in the rising cost of shipping.

Problem Statement 3

Poor Inventory Management- The client was lacking an inventory management plan and was running out of inventory occasionally. The client lacked the integration of order fulfillment solutions, sales channels, and other management tools.

Speak to our experts today to leverage our order fulfillment solutions to reduce shipping costs and improve shipping experience.

Solution Offered

Order fulfillment is the process of receiving, processing, packaging, and delivering orders to customers. The process starts with a customer placing an order and ends once they receive it. In case a customer wants to return a product, order fulfillment manages the return transaction as well.

Quantzig’s order fulfillment solutions enabled the sporting goods manufacturing company to provide efficient customer support and efficient return process which resulted in improved customer service and a revived reverse logistics operation. This led to a steady recovery of their customer service gap. With soaring prices of fuel, the client was also facing an impact on every area of operations, especially transportation. With shipping costs going up, the US sporting goods company was facing fluctuations in shipping costing, with predictive analysis of order fulfiLlment process the client was able to predict the future cost of fuel.

Business Outcome

Order fulfillment solutions enable a business to have a direct impact on their customers’ buying habits. Customers always prefer to have a delivery option that fits perfectly with their needs and preferences. The client, with Quantzig’s order fulfillment solutions, was able to offer their customers a mix of fast and moderate shipping options that allow customers to choose goods and delivery options as per their budget and time. The key business outcomes after implementation of Quantzig’s order fulfillment solutions the outcomes in 2019’s H2 helped the client to:

1. Lowered operations cost by 35 percent

2. Devised an inventory management plan

3. Reduced shipping costs by 14 percent

Wondering how to expand your customer base globally and enhance customer experience by leveraging order fulfillment solutions? Request a free demo now.

multi-channel marketing

Multi-channel Marketing Strategy Enables a Medical Devices Manufacturer to Increase Customer Engagement and Lower Acquisition Costs

Engagement Summary

Quantzig collaborated with a client from the pharmaceutical industry to help increase their return on marketing investment (MROI) as well as gain insights on their customers’ needs and preferences by making use of the multi channel marketing strategy. This led to an improvement in their MROI, reduction in customer acquisition cost, as well as an increase in their customer engagement rate.

About the client

The client is a UK based medical device manufacturer with overseas offices across the US and subsidiaries across Western Europe. Founded before World War II, the client is a pioneer in the field of medical devices. They initially manufactured only thermometers, but with advancements in technology, they have now expanded into manufacturing medical disposables and diabetes care products.

A multi-channel marketing strategy provides your firm with the flexibility to showcase your offerings on the right platform to meet your customer’s needs and preferences. Request a free proposal to know how we can help you to build a multi-channel marketing strategy.

The client’s problem

With the advent of the internet era, the new-age consumer is increasingly engaged on various devices and media channels. With multiple channels at the ready, the client was unable to provide a seamless customer experience to customers across these channels.

The client’s challenges revolved around three core areas, including:

Improve Customer Experience – The client was facing problems with sending out consistent messages across the platforms, making it difficult for the customers to engage with the brand easily.

Increase Conversion Rate – The client was unable to devise a multi channel marketing strategy, leading to a low customer engagement rate, and thus a low conversion rate.

Expand Customer Base – The client was keen on creating a marketing strategy to target specific segments of audiences so as to increase their customer conversion rate.

With a proper pharma multi channel marketing strategy businesses can find the perfect mix that helps in lowering cost per acquisition. Speak to our experts to know more about our multi channel marketing solutions.

Solution offered

Multi-channel marketing is the implementation of a single strategy across multiple channels or platforms of a company, such as a website, mobile application, e-mails, and webinars, maximizing opportunities to interact with prospective customers and giving customers a choice to interact with the company how and when they want to, ultimately improving the company’s overall reach.

Quantzig’s multi channel marketing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry helped the client gain actionable insights into the buying habits and demographics of every customer segment they have. The client was, thus, able to build buyer personas and gained insights into their buyers’ needs, preferences, and journeys, enabling them to create targeted marketing strategies for different customer segments.

Business outcome

In a very short span of time, Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions enabled the client to gain granular insights into their customers’ needs and preferences, helping devise targeted marketing strategies for different segments. This led to a substantial increase in customer engagement and customer conversion rates. They were also able to reduce their cost per acquisition, thus attaining better returns on the marketing investment (MROI).

The key business outcomes of Quantzig’s pharma multi-channel marketing strategy for the client were-

  1. Lowered the customer acquisition rate by 15 percent
  2. Improved the customer conversion rate by 24 percent
  3. Enhance customer’s perception of the company

A data-driven pharma multi-channel marketing strategy enables you to measure the ROI of your marketing platforms. Request a free demo to gain insights on our marketing analytics solutions.

pharmaceutical drug development

Pharmaceutical Drug Development Firm Enhanced Disease Taxonomy & Clinical Trial Outcomes with Real World Evidence Analytics

Engagement Summary

Pharmaceutical drugs have the potential to eliminate diseases and increase the life expectancy of mankind. New drugs provide evidence of effectiveness and perceived value. Mankind is struggling with the rising cost of pharmaceutical products and delays associated with pharmaceutical drug development. The client, a prominent US-based pharmaceutical company, was looking forward to leveraging real-world analytics to design an effective approach to enhance the drug development process. Our real-world data analytics experts helped the client to improve the success rate of clinical trials and redesign the drug development process.

The Client’s Challenge

The client is a prominent player in the US pharmaceutical industry. With more than a hundred patent drugs under their brand, the client wanted to improve the success rate of clinical trials. Most of the major drug development firms today are implementing real-world data analytics in drug discovery and development. Research findings have revealed real-world data has numerous benefits, for example, and early access to medication schemes is an important factor that can help in improving drug development and discovery. Thus, global regulatory bodies are becoming more transparent and flexible.

Request a free proposal to gain customized insights on improving pharmaceutical drug development with the help of real-world data.

The key challenges included-

Problem statement 1

Unstructured and unorganized information: Pharmaceutical drug development and drug discovery is mostly an unorganized part of the drug development branch. Real-world data analytics can help pharma drug development firms to access unstructured information from various sources into a unified source. Thus, the client wanted to deploy artificial intelligence and real-world data analytics to analyze all the unstructured and unorganized data sources into a unified one.

Problem statement 2

Lengthy clinical trials: Currently this client is facing challenges with lengthy clinical trials. They wanted to deploy real-world data analytics to shorten the time span of clinical data.

Problem statement 3

Improve disease taxonomy: This US pharmaceutical industry player was facing problems with disease taxonomy and drug development related to diseases. Real-world data analytics can improve the complete disease taxonomy by incorporating molecular findings to enhance disease classification. 

How we Helped the Client?

Quantzig’s analytics experts combined predictive analytics with real-world data analytics to understand the client’s challenges. A deep dive into the challenges faced by this US pharmaceutical industry player helped our experts to understand the priority of deploying advanced data analytics in their drug development process. Our experts also highlighted the factors that were leading to the wrong selection of patients for clinical trials. Drug development is a complex and costly affair accompanied by a high degree of uncertainty, our real-world data analytics helped pharmaceutical drug development companies to reduce drug discovery and development time. Furthermore, this collaboration helped the drug development firm to decrease the duration of clinical trials.

Our real-world evidence analytics experts help pharmaceutical drug development companies to curtail the complexities related to drug discovery. To know more speak to our analytics experts today.

Business Outcome

Pharmaceutical drug development isn’t an easy process. Medical researchers deal with several ordeals on the way to discover a new drug. It includes risks related to drug discovery and violating regulatory norms. Quantzig’s real-world data analytics solutions helped the client to:

  1. Organize unstructured information into a unified source
  2. Reduce the time of clinical trials and improve outcomes
  3. Improve drug discovery with automated alarms on regulatory norms
  4. Enhance disease taxonomy
  5.  Gain an understanding of the real-world use and effectiveness of current treatments

Quantzig’s real-world data analytics solutions are specifically curated to help organizations evaluate drug treatment efficacy and reduce costs related to pharmaceutical drug development. Request a free demo to know more.

supply chain network optimization

Supply Chain Optimization Helped a Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturer to Mitigate the Bullwhip Effect on Supply Chain Operations

Engagement Summary

The client is an American multinational company well-known for manufacturing personal protective equipment and worker safety equipment. The client produces more than 10,000 products including adhesives, fire protection, window films, and laminates. The client was looking forward to leveraging Quantzig’s expertise in supply chain optimization to optimize their existing supply chain network. Due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the client was facing a sudden surge in demand that they had never witnessed earlier. Thus, they approached Quantzig to address issues using advanced supply chain network optimization solutions and improve their existing supply chain operations.

Business Challenge

Due the COVID-19 outbreak and its widespread impact, the client, a personal protective equipment manufacturer, witnessed an extremely high demand for face masks and other personal protective equipment. The high demand for PPE, in turn, resulted in several challenges induced by supply chain disruptions including, inventory stock-outs, high lead times, and an increase in the number of SKUs to name a few.

Businesses that are affected by the outbreak of coronavirus can now leverage supply chain optimization solutions to monitor warehouse and customer needs. Request a free proposal to know more about our supply chain analytics solutions.

The key challenges faced by the client included:

Problem statement 1

Keeping up with the surge in demand for personal protective equipment– With the outbreak of COVID-19, the client faced a bullwhip effect on their supply chain. The demand suddenly increased tenfold, resulting in a supply and demand gap. The existing predictive model deployed by the personal protective equipment manufacturer failed to predict the reasons behind demand fluctuations. 

Problem statement 2

Lack of real-time market update– The client lacked real-time updates on market demand. The absence of a real-time dashboard was one of the major factors which contributed to the bullwhip effect for this client. Thus, the client was looking forward to deploying a real-time analytics dashboard to get market updates on demand for personal protective equipment that they manufacture.

How We Helped the Client

By collaborating with Quantzig, this personal protective equipment manufacturing giant embarked on a supply chain optimization journey that revolved around catering to the needs of their customers and improving lead time by leveraging advanced supply chain network optimization solutions. To help the client address their challenges, the supply chain optimization experts at Quantzig adopted a comprehensive approach that led to a complete transformation of their supply chain operations. We developed a data-driven dashboard that provided real-time demand updates to the client to facilitate smooth supply chain functions.

Supply chain network optimization solutions can help businesses to predict future risks by spotting irregulaties in the supply network. Speak to our experts to learn how we can help you can spot risk patterns in the supply network.

Business Outcome

The supply chain optimization solution provided by Quantzig’s experts helped the client to predict demand and plan the delivery of products as per the requirement and set priorities. This supply chain optimization engagement also helped the client to –

  1. Streamline supply chain operations
  2. Reduce lead time by 46.3%
  3. Mitigate the bullwhip effect on the supply chain
  4. Revise inventory replenishment plans
  5. Stop further supply chain disruptions

Why Choose Quantzig as Your Next Supply Chain Optimization Solutions Provider?

Businesses are now leveraging advanced analytics to initiate the development of advanced supply chain optimization plans. Advanced analytics can analyze structured and unstructured data to provide valuable and actionable insights. Such actionable insights enable organizations to make decisions on time and minimize risks. Quantzig today stands out as an exclusive supply chain optimization solution provider. By collaborating with us businesses can embark on a complete supply chain network optimization journey.

Request a free solution demo to learn how our analytics experts can help you address your supply chain challenges.

customer success segmentation

Customer Success Segmentation Helps a Sustainable Packaging Firm to Improve Customer Retention Rate by 17%

Customer Success Segmentation: What is it all about?

Customer success segmentation enables you as a brand to understand the patterns that differentiate your customers. Collecting and analyzing data to understand patterns and differences is not useful unless a business utilizes the data. Deploying a customer success framework enables you to customize your business communication. This plays a crucial role in identifying potential customers since different customer segments often have different interests, values, and tastes, and disparate customer segments may not respond to the same marketing strategy. Every company is aware that certain segments of customers are more likely to purchase different products based on past purchases they made, thus it helps in predicting upcoming purchases of customers and potential customers. There are three main approaches-

  1. Need-based
  2. Value-based
  3. Priority-based

Our advanced analytics solutions can help you create meaningful customer success segments based on customer needs and preferences. Request a free proposal to get started. 

Benefits of Customer Success Segmentation

The major benefits of customer success segmentation are:

  1. Customer retention: A personalized connection with the customers always helps in retaining most of the customers.
  2. Establish brand identity: By deploying a customer segmentation, a business can make them aware of the brand’s values and USPs. Creating a unique identity and perception of a brand in the customer’s mind will lead the customers to directly engage with your products and services.
  3. Enhance customer relationship: Customer segmentation will always result in developing better relationships with prospective customers.

Client’s Background

The client is a pioneer in the field of sustainable packaging, with more than 40 manufacturing units spread globally across North America.

Predicaments Faced

This sustainable packaging industry player was looking forward to adopting an integrated approach to customer success segmentation in the global packaging industry. The main challenges faced by this sustainable packaging industry player revolved mainly around developing a customer success strategy to drive maximum results from its campaigns. Thus, the client wanted to develop and deploy a customer segmentation framework to achieve better profit margins. The sustainable packaging industry client wanted to accomplish the following:

  1. Price products differently
  2. Understand the behaviors of potential customers
  3. Optimize marketing strategies
  4. Identify the least profitable customer segment
customer success segmentation

Our Approach

Quantzig’s customer success segmentation solution helped the sustainable packaging industry client to gain a deep understanding of how their best and most valuable customers can be segmented to drive maximum value from each customer group. By deploying the much-needed customer success framework, the client gained several benefits that enabled them to upscale their business and drive measurable outcomes.

Speak to our analytics experts to know-how customer success segmentation can help businesses to drive profitable outcomes.

Business Impact

The devised customer success segmentation framework enabled the client to devise need-based targeted marketing strategies for each customer segment. Our customer analytics experts also helped the client to understand the potential of the customer base by conducting a detailed review of factors responsible for customer motivations and price sensitivity. As a result, the sustainable packaging company was able to effectively price its products and ensure maximum MROI. The customer success framework also empowered the client to-

  1. Devise an effective pricing strategy
  2. Identify the most and least profitable customer segment
  3. Develop targeted marketing strategies
  4. Enhance customer relationship
  5. Improve customer retention rates by 67.5%
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