Promoting Marketing Effectiveness for a Renowned Healthcare Client through Closed Loop Marketing

Oct 15, 2017

The current healthcare setup is witnessing a radical decline in its market share with the need for robust clinical innovations. Also, with the recent economic uncertainty, leading healthcare providers are relying on promising marketing solutions that can stimulate their growth prospects within a specific time frame. To deliver promising solutions and go on par with the current medical needs, renowned health care providers are advocating the need for closed loop marketing. Closed loop marketing helps businesses collaborate more effectively with the sales team to improve customer knowledge and better promote their marketing activities.

To devise effective marketing campaigns and better craft a winning strategy, renowned healthcare providers are approaching Quantzig. With expertise in offering a plethora of services, the team of closed loop marketing specialists at Quantzig helps businesses robustly invest in their marketing efforts and generate better returns on investment.

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The Business Challenge

The healthcare sector is nearing its saturation with numerous companies offering a diverse range of healthcare service offerings. A renowned healthcare provider with a considerable number of hospitals across the Asia Pacific was facing predicaments understanding the marketing effectiveness and wanted to tailor their marketing strategy to improve their brand awareness. Furthermore, the client wanted to build a closed loop marketing strategy to interact and engage with customers. The primary objective of the engagement was to leverage the use of closed loop marketing to build appropriate solutions to match their needs.

closed loop marketing

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Closed Loop Marketing Solution Benefits

With the help of a robust closed loop marketing strategy, the client was able to effectively track the marketing efforts and leverage insights to refine the prevailing marketing mix. In addition, the healthcare client was further able to identify the challenges in the healthcare space and increase customer satisfaction. The engagement also helped the client better understand the customer communication and determine the efficacy of their marketing strategy. Also, through an effective closed loop marketing strategy, the client was able to assess their marketing campaigns and improve business performance.

Closed Loop Marketing Predictive Insights

  • Leverage the use of social media marketing, referral links, and e-mail marketing to improve marketing activities
  • Accurately track visitors and gain actionable insights on the traffic updates
  • Effectively feed marketing campaigns and increase sales
  • Identify the effective communication channels and improve conversion rates
  • Gain an accurate 360-degree view of the customer and reduce marketing costs
  • Tailor content based on user preferences and improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Identify the failures in the lead management and devise more effective lead management techniques

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