Pricing Analytics Helps a Financial Services Client Reduce Total Marketing Investment by 15%

Oct 10, 2017

Over the past few years, firms providing financial services have implemented various strategies to maximize profits. Effective price analysis plays a major role in determining the future of firms in the financial sector.

To optimize the ROI, adopting efficient price analysis strategies would be a good strategy for the providers of financial services. Advanced pricing analytics aimed at business outcomes and customers forms the core of financial services management. It also includes price leveraging and profitability management.

To efficiently achieve their targets regarding cutting down on market investments, companies providing financial services approach experts in price analysis. Price analysis plays the main role in designing a better data analytic methodology for the financial sector. Hence, it is better to implement intelligent market investment strategies.

Price visibility leads to significant value creation opportunities and helps drive the success of your offerings. Contact us to gain detailed pricing insights.

The Business Challenge

A renowned financial services provider failed to cut down their total market investments in spite of rigorous efforts. The client had implemented various cost optimization techniques, but it did not help them achieve their goal of cutting down on market investments. Cost optimization is a significant challenge for companies providing financial services to its clients. Thus, the client wanted to optimize their investments and devise appropriate measures to keep track of the same. The client also wanted to assess their investment patterns and identify loopholes in market investments. In addition, the client wanted to provide financial services that were customer-centric and devise appropriate strategies to obtain better market value.

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Price Analysis Solution Benefits for the Financial Services Sector

Quantzig’s price analysis solutions helped the client achieve a 15% reduction in the overall market investment. Price analysis also helped them obtain a detailed insight into their investment patterns and ways to improve their ROI. It also assisted the client in gaining a better idea of the market shares over a period. The reduction in the financial services client’s market investment was the primary deciding factor in determining their future benefits as well.

Price Analysis Predictive Insights

  • Facilitates meaningful comparison by quantifying net benefits
  • Advanced scenario modeling helps to avoid costly mistakes
  • Effective business decisions on high priority issues
  • Helps to plan pricing changes and promotions
  • Provides a better clarity on goals
  • Builds business intelligence
  • Maximizes profitability by making efficient tradeoffs
  • Provides a detailed cost structure analysis
  • Assists in achieving long-term profitability

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