Digital Analytics to Boost a Broadband Services Providers’ Customer Base and Revenue by 50%

Digital Analytics to Boost a Broadband Services Providers’ Customer Base and Revenue by 50%

What the Client Wanted

Improve the reporting structure to accurately predict customer behavior.

The Outcome

Seamless integration of data from several sources and devise a workflow-based on consumer demands that best fits the organization.

Summary of the Broadband Services Industry

The global broadband services industry seems to be growing exponentially with each passing year. Connectivity has transformed every facet of our lives and, in fact, plays a major role in our day-to-day activities.  Such factors have invigorated change and inspired several organizations within the media and entertainment industry – ranging from TV service providers to leading establishments to online publishers – and several other organizations that constantly transform the media and entertainment industry’s landscape by implementing technological changes.

Also, the ever-increasing consumer demands for improved quality, faster download speeds, and voice quality make it important for broadband service providers to select connectors that have been through vigorous testing and can help prove their efficiency. Moving away from the technical perspective, there as several other factors affecting Request Proposalthe market growth and require immediate rectification to sustain themselves amidst the rising the competition.

Industry Challenges

  • Declining market and increasing competition: The phenomenal growth of the broadband services market is now being tempered due to a rise in competition. Also, a direct consequence is the sharp increase in competition among providers of broadband services in the UK, which is only exacerbated by new market entrants, with innovative and often disruptive business models.
  • Convergence and adoption of new business models: To remain relevant in today’s competitive business scenario, companies in the media and entertainment industry must explore new ways to enhance their customer appeal and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

 About the Client

A leading broadband services provider with an annual revenue of over USD 3 billion.

Client’s Challenge

To improve brand perception, the client – a leading broadband services provider in the United States – approached Quantzig to leverage digital analytics and expand their global customer base. The client wanted to stay abreast of the recent technical advances in the media and entertainment industry and ensure they offer innovative solutions to cater to the dynamic needs of their customers. Furthermore, with the help of digital analytics, the client wanted to develop winning strategies and gain a holistic view of their progress.

Summary of our digital analytics engagement for a broadband services provider

Broadband Services

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Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s digital analytics, the broadband services provider gained a unified view, which helped them build a workflow that best fits their organization. Additionally, the team seamlessly integrated data from several sources and implemented technologies to enhance user experience. This helped them improve conversion rates and increase revenue by up to 50%.

Digital Analytics Solution Insights

Quantzig’s digital analytics solution help firms in the media and entertainment industry, especially the broadband services providers, to improve reporting facilities and accurately predict customer behavior. It also aids consolidate data from several sources to gain an in-depth understanding of the customers; thereby, facilitating the development of better strategies.

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