Cross Channel Synergies Engagement for a CPG Industry Client Helped Enhance Customer Satisfaction Levels and Improve Customer Retention Levels by 12%

Cross Channel Synergies Engagement for a CPG Industry Client Helped Enhance Customer Satisfaction Levels and Improve Customer Retention Levels by 12%

What the Client Wanted

To better understand their competitors and their product strategies.

The Outcome

Enhanced customer satisfaction and improved customer retention levels by 12%.

Summary of the CPG Industry

Over the past few years, businesses in the CPG industry have started migrating from offline to online channels to reinvent themselves in the market despite the slowing GDP growth and currency weaknesses. Players in the global CPG industry are thinking above and beyond the conventional shopping avenues to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers with the recent digital advances. Request ProposalAdditionally, as retailers consolidate and e-commerce platforms increase, firms in the CPG industry are devising robust go-to-market strategies to retain their position in the retail and CPG market.

Industry Challenges

Fluctuating consumer demands: Today, CPG industry firms need to be consumer-oriented and more dynamic as the demand from the consumers is fluctuating constantly. Additionally, consumer preferences have transformed and moved toward sustainable options. As a result, the success and profitability of CPG industry players are dependent on how they address the changing needs and reduce risks.

Decreasing Operating Margins: Firms in the CPG industry space need to take into consideration the instabilities in the pricing of oil and gas and their effect on transportation costs. This is because there is an upsurge in the need to distribute high-quality products while focusing on cost and innovation.

About the Client

A global CPG industry player in the US with business units spread across multiple geographies.

Client’s Challenge

The company was facing predicaments in understanding customers’ preferences.

Summary of our cross channel synergies engagement
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Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s cross channel synergies engagement, the CPG industry client was able to identify innovative ways to offer tailored offerings based on customers’ preferences and subsequently improve customer retention and satisfaction levels. Additionally, the client strengthened their social media presence and better interacted with their customers to gain a deeper understanding of their behavior. This helped them improve customer retention levels by 12%.

Cross Channel Synergies Solution Insights

Quantzig’s cross channel synergies engagement help companies in the retail industry space to augment their in-site performance and identify the potential opportunities. Additionally, firms in the retail and CPG industry space can better manage campaign performance and simplify communication channels between the businesses and the customers.

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