Data Management for a Leading Emergency Care Center

Data Management for a Leading Emergency Care Center

What the Client Wanted

Gain a holistic view of patient data, customize treatments, improve communication, and enhance health outcomes.

The Outcome

The emergency care provider approached Quantzig to help them understand the key components necessary for implementing effective data management procedures. Our analytics experts helped the emergency care provider to identify and implement the requisite improvements in their data management approaches with a quick turnaround time of about three weeks.Request Proposal

Overview of the Emergency Care Services Segment

The emergency care services segment includes healthcare service providers who offer out of hospital treatments and emergency transport services to patients. However, the healthcare industry is on the verge of a major transformation with new innovations in healthcare technology. This has resulted in the generation of huge volumes of healthcare data and hence healthcare firms are increasingly the best practices to keep abreast with the data management trends in the healthcare market.

Quantzig offers solutions that enable organizations to identify and implement data management best practices. Our solutions are a combination of subject matter expertise and technology skills based on world-class methodologies that help ensure timely completion of such initiatives.

Emergency Care Industry Challenges

  • Capacity: One of the greatest challenges for emergency care providers revolves around the capacity of their emergency department. With a rise in the aging population, the need for emergency care centers that can treat chronic diseases is increasing gradually. But most of the emergency care providers do not possess the required data to treat patients, which, in turn, is prompting them to adopt data management best practices to gain detailed insights into patient data.
  • Competition: The competition from peersin the emergency care sector has increased drastically over the past few years. This has resulted in a decline in the profit margins for new market players as well as for well-established emergency care service providers.

Data Management Best Practices Engagement Summary

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