Online Retailing Firm Leverages AB Testing to Identify a Winning Combination of Elements for Successful Product Sales

Online Retailing Firm Leverages AB Testing to Identify a Winning Combination of Elements for Successful Product Sales

What the Client Wanted

Create better value for customers.

The Outcome

Increased ROI in terms of both short and long-term conversions.

Summary of the Online Retailing Industry

The global online retailing industry has been a billion-dollar market for many years now. Growing penetration of internet services coupled with the easy availability and access to unlimited products on the internet is expected to keep the growth prospects upbeat in the coming years. Additionally, investing extensively in R&D to meet the rising demands of the consumers – Request Proposala trend that is expected to increase revenues and value in the future for online retailing firms – will help online retailers to sustain themselves in the market.

Industry Challenges

Targeted advertising: Today, online retailing firms have started opting for targeted advertising strategies to maximize ROI by targeting the potential customer segments. Targeted advertising helps companies to gain a better understanding of their target market and achieve better results. Therefore, it is decisive for companies in this industry to adopt targeted advertising. 

Retaining customers: Due to the presence of numerous competitors, online retailing companies have started offering a considerable number of choices to the customers. Customers of today are more demanding and are looking for products that meet their cost and quality expectations. Therefore, it is essential for the organizations to maintain consistency in their product offerings.

About the Client

A leading online retailing company headquartered in California, United States with an annual revenue of over 20 billion USD.

Client’s Challenge

The online retailing firm wanted to create better value for their customers by comparing variations of their offline and online campaigns such as ad texts, call-to-actions, headlines, and landing pages. The client was facing challenges in measuring the value of their marketing and advertising campaigns. As a result, they wanted to eliminate guesswork and find a perfect advertising combination.

Summary of our AB testing engagement
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Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s AB testing engagement, the online retailing client identified a suitable advertising combination that helped them reduce cart abandonment and encouraged more visitors to complete the checkout process. Additionally, the client identified the version (A or B) that their visitors and customers would find most engaging. This, in turn, helped them increase ROI in terms of both short and long-term conversions.

AB testing Solution Insights

Quantzig’s AB testing engagement helps firms in the entertainment industry to avoid unnecessary risks by allowing them to target their resources for maximum effect and efficiency. AB testing also aids companies in identifying a winning combination of elements that keeps visitors on the site long enough and provides them with a better value of content which would ultimately lead to a sale.

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