A Leading Pharmaceutical Drugs Manufacturer Leverages Quantzig’s Sales Analytics to Improve Sales Conversion Rates by 15%

A Leading Pharmaceutical Drugs Manufacturer Leverages Quantzig’s Sales Analytics to Improve Sales Conversion Rates by 15%

Pharmaceutical Drugs Industry Overview

The global pharmaceutical drugs industry plays a significant role in developing vaccines and medications to reduce the increasing incidence of diseases, to treat diseases, and improve the quality of life of people. QZ Banner SquareThe pharmaceutical drugs industry’s main contribution is engaging in technological advancements through innovative research to innovate various types of pharmaceutical drugs and meet the complex healthcare demands of populations across the globe. Also, the key benefits of using oral remedies are influencing pharmaceutical drugs companies to develop new and improved oral remedies to support patients who need the accuracy of dose, convenience, and the ease of compliance to the medication regimen. The demand for pharmaceutical drugs is also due to the increase in the prevalence of technological advancements and chronic diseases.

Key Sales Analytics that a Company Should Measure

Sales analytics are a range of several ways to evaluate how a company’s sales process and reps are performing. Thereby, tracking stage conversion and pipeline health analytics have massive potential to boost a company’s sales revenue and accelerate business growth. The three types of sales analytics Quantzig recommend for businesses to increase focus on are:

Pipeline Health Analytics: This type of analytics helps businesses in ensuring that the whole range of leads in the sales pipeline is healthy. Moreover, pipeline health analytics is crucial to maximizing sales as a company’s sales team can only perform well if they have the right quantity and quality of sales opportunities to progress.

Sales Stage Conversion Analytics: This type of analytics helps companies in comprehending how deals are progressing throughout the sales pipeline. As a result, monitoring these metrics help in maximizing the sales performance.

Sales Stage Activity Analytics: This is a type of analytics that helps a company understand the underlying marketing and sales team activities within each stage of the pipeline. This is key to driving sales performance as it helps companies perform core activities like cold calling.

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