Customer Engagement Win – Improved Loyalty with AI Aided Personalization

May 17, 2017

Have you ever had that feeling that someone ‘above’ was watching out for you? No sooner have you expressed a whim, and the powers that be have materialized it. That’s personalization at the cosmic level- yet, moving away from spirituality and existentialism, Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled personalization is aiming to do just that in the real world. And businesses are counting on this emerging customer engagement trick to bring in the big bucks.

A key feature of any customer retention solution is the element of familiarity that a business can generate with its customer. Customized solutions, different from the broader package of services, help the individual stand out of the crowd, feel special, cared for and part of the service provider’s A-Plan. This translates to staunch customer loyalty, upselling and other such wonderful things for the vendor.

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Implementing an AI Roadmap – What does it take?

AI enabled personalization is here to stay. However, is your corporate setup ready to integrate and gain advantage from this pathbreaking technology? AI systems are hyper intelligent machines that have the ability to make human-like decisions under non-programmed conditions. In order for these systems to work, there are a defined set of prerequisites-

Historical Data:  And lots of it. These complex machines learn from prior data that are a study in customer interaction and behavior. How was the process handled? Was the customer satisfied at the end of it? What promotional campaign worked on what type of target demographic? With machine learning, the AI will eventually build a profile of the individual customers that hinges on their likes, dislikes, pain points and how the business can productively reach out to them.

Integration Across the Board: A typical company is defined by a number of specific departments and operational systems. Since the implementation of an AI regimen involves a prodigious input of customer analytics and the associated machinery, all these independent systems must be integrated and mapped onto the AI’s learning curve. The data thus sourced will help the AI understand a typical customer’s journey and his/her various points of interaction with the parent company.

Helping the AI Grow: Consistent feedback pertaining to the AI system’s operation and decision making capacity will ensure that the program is pointed in the right direction. An intelligence that doesn’t grow and execute decisions on its own isn’t truly intelligent, right? Hence, resources, information (both historical and real-time) and human intervention must be proactively supplied and monitored to ensure that the AI attains its smartness and proves itself useful in the grander scheme of things.

Building a system of this calibre may seem daunting but the final outcome is a piece of near sentient machinery that will help your business identify, woo and retain the most productive customers. Customer loyalty will attain an all-time high and your business can mitigate the preposterous costs that are currently spent in the name of customer engagement.

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