Top 3 Digital Health Trends That You Must Not Ignore

Nov 28, 2018

Digital health care has become synonymous with disruptive innovation in health care. It has the ability to transform every aspect of health care delivery, from advancing the health status of patients to the process of medical procedure payment. Despite that promise, digital health care has yet to become pervasive in the U.S healthcare system. The U.S healthcare landscape is going through a number of significant changes simultaneously. On one hand higher and deductible health plans have patients turning into cost-conscious consumers, while on the other hand, competition is increasing the number of care delivery channels. Additionally, the ways in which people interact with their healthcare providers are also changing due to the advent of new technologies. Digital health care is not a newbie, but it is evolving constantly to keep pace with the changing needs of everyone involved. Here are the top three digital health trends that are going to influence the digital health care industry significantly in the years to come:

Digital Health

Digital Health Trends

Telemedicine is Becoming a New Normal

The popularity of telemedicine in the healthcare system is growing with time because it is cost-effective, convenient, and proven to produce results on par with in-person care. State legislators and insurers are gradually implementing laws and policies to ensure that the approach of telemedicine is available and practical. Telemedicine is acting as a bridge between patients and doctors. Today not only do patients feel more in control of their health checkups but it has also become easier for doctors to review individual cases by being ably supported by external specialists and physicians. Therefore, telemedicine is one of the most significant digital health trends impacting the healthcare sector.

Big Data and Analytics Impacting Digital Healthcare

Today health care data has huge demand as the healthcare organizations are increasingly probing to harness and interpret the data collected through both internal and external sources. Big data and analytics with its tremendous potential are enabling these organizations to focus on adoption and integration of electronic health records. Today big data is helping physicians and health tech companies to collaboratively develop and improve health care technology solutions. So, it is one of the remarkable digital health trends that healthcare companies cannot ignore.

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Patient-Generated Data is Becoming More Valuable

Although mobile devices and wearables were generating health-related data about users for years,  it was not integrated into the patient’s medical care. This was due to the legitimate concerns about the reliability of such data and the difficulties in collecting and integrating it into the healthcare system. But now with the increasing value of the patient-generated data, this trend is going to change. Today, the data collected from patient-worn devices are both reliable and accessible. This type of data is used extensively for remote patient monitoring and has already started to play a significant role in clinical trials. All signs say that the use of patient-generated data is one of the digital health trends that will continue to accelerate.

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