Patient Engagement Analytics Helps a Leading Healthcare Industry Client to Identify Individual Patient Needs

Sep 28, 2017

Managing the vast population of patients has become an indispensable task for the healthcare industry players in today’s patient-centric environment. As a result, leading healthcare industry players are leveraging the use of patient engagement analytics to deliver superior patient satisfaction while maximizing ROI. Patient engagement analytics helps firms evaluate the enormous array of patient data to calculate self-pay costs and generate timely and precise billing efficiently. Additionally, firms in the healthcare industry landscape can maximize the use of patient engagement analytics to track patient registration and payment clearance processes in real-time. Moreover, patient engagement analytics helps healthcare industry players to precisely evaluate costs and increase employee retention.

Quantzig’s team of patient engagement analytics specialists helps healthcare industry clients devise robust strategies to identify real-world opportunities in the market space. Furthermore, the engagement also helps the client to understand the compliance issues in the healthcare industry and implement effective strategies to identify individual patient needs and facilitate cost savings.

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The Business Challenge

A leading healthcare industry client with offices spread across the globe was facing predicaments in identifying individual patient needs and achieving shared saving as the healthcare industry is nearing its saturation due to the increase in competition levels. The client also saw a dip in their market shares due to the entry of many new players in the market space. As a result, the client wanted to leverage the use of patient engagement analytics to gain an in-depth understanding of individual patient needs and gain information on patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Industry

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Patient Engagement Analytics Benefits Solution

The patient engagement analytics helped the healthcare sector client stratify patient populations and gain better insights into patient needs and accordingly target resources. The client was also able to accurately estimate the patient cost and other costs associated with patient engagement. Additionally, this engagement helped them effectively improve care and reduce per capita costs.

Patient Engagement Analytics Predictive Insights

  • Collect patient data and identify their need efficiently
  • Improve customer engagement and reduce risks associated with the non-compliance of treatment plans
  • Devise effective tools to reduce the risk for patients
  • Deliver personalized messages to patients
  • Assess individual patient journey
  • Provide insights to patients about good health

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