Transport Network Optimization Helps a Leading Medical Imaging Client Address Concerns Related to Product Transportation

Dec 12, 2017

In recent years, medical imaging has transformed the way medical conditions are being treated; and due to this, there has been a high demand for diagnostic equipment in the healthcare industry. To meet the rising demand for diagnostics and treatment, renowned medical imaging companies are utilizing transport network optimization solutions. With the help of transport network optimization, businesses can determine the most efficient means of transporting products to the customers while maintaining end-to-end visibility.

As the pressure to address healthcare concerns is increasing, solutions such as transport network optimization can assist leading medical imaging companies to shorten lead times, tighten delivery windows, and deal with shortages in the supply of products. Furthermore, with the implementation of stringent regulations in the healthcare industry, leading healthcare companies can leverage transport network optimization solutions to curtail costs and address capacity constraints.

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Quantzig’s transport network optimization solution helps prominent medical devices manufacturers offer flexible and efficient transportation services while compromising on the costs. Moreover, healthcare providers were able to improve visibility and enhance customer service.

The Business Challenge

A leading medical imaging client with a considerable number of manufacturing units spread across the globe wanted to leverage a solution that would help them scale their business needs and offer medical assistance to the hospitals. The client wanted to improve the customer service with on-time delivery of diagnostics equipment and offer better visibility into the transportation services. Moreover, the medical imaging client wanted to curtail the distribution costs and meet the requirements of the end-user segments in the medical imaging space.

Medical imaging

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Benefits of Transport Network Optimization

The transport network optimization solution offered by Quantzig helped the client determine the most efficient means of delivering products to the concerned target audience. The engagement also focused on ensuring accuracy and visibility in the supply chain process. Moreover, the transport network optimization solution also focused on curtailing the time-to-market for the products; thereby, optimizing patient care. With the help of this engagement, the client was able to reduce additional costs pertaining to transportation and enhance their marketing ROI in the medical imaging market.

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Additional Benefits:

  • Effectively reduced the distribution costs and minimized the time taken to deliver the products
  • Identified the key areas of savings and gained end-to-end visibility into the transportation of products
  • Made diagnostics and treatment more reliable and exploited new technologies

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