German Mobile Telecommunications Services Provider Reduces Churn and Improves CX Using Customer Churn Analytics

Jan 28, 2020

Engagement Summary

A leading mobile telecommunications services provider engaged Quantzig to leverage its analytics solutions to identify factors impacting the churn rate. The churn analytics engagement began with a detailed analysis of customer data sets obtained from various sources. The use of a predictive churn analytics model aided the client to gain detailed insights into factors that prompted their customers to switch services while offering new opportunities to retain existing customers and drive revenue.

About the Client

The client is a leading mobile telecommunications services provider based out of Germany. With over a million fixed-line and mobile customers & 8,000+ employees, the company is one of the largest mobile telecommunication services providers in Germany. 

Business Challenge

The growing competition and economic recession have increased the competition between providers of mobile telecommunications services not just in Germany but from various geographies. With leading network operators & mobile telecommunications services providers offering uninterrupted networking services and the effects of the financial crisis still being felt strongly across the country, mobile telecommunications services providers are being pressurized to offer better services to retain customers. This has made customer retention crucial for mobile telecommunications services providers globally.

In this scenario, the mobile telecommunications services provider based out of Germany faced a similar challenge driven by customer churn and was looking for a solution to reduce the business risk of customers switching to its competitors’ networks by analyzing the factors affecting churn. They were looking at collaborating with Quantzig to analyze business risks associated with customer churn through the implementation of a customer churn prediction model.

Solution Offered

As a part of the strategy to leverage analytics to drive down churn, the mobile telecommunications services provider collaborated with Quantzig to implement a solution based on natural language processing and machine learning. Working together with a team of seasoned analytics experts and data scientists, the company devised a four-pronged approach to analyze factors behind customer churn, which in turn, helped shorten it’s time to value dramatically.

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Phase 1: Data Acquisition and Aggregation

The first phase of this customer churn analytics engagement revolved around combining data obtained from disparate sources and customer touch points to identify customers with the highest churn risk.

Phase 2: Data Integration and Analysis 

The second phase focused on integrating and analyzing data using advanced statistical models to generate comprehensive insights that help predict churn & analyze factors leading to customer churn.

Phase 3: Data Interpretation

In the third phase of this customer churn analytics engagement, we focused on interpreting data & developing corrective measures to reduce the business risk of existing customers switching to its competitors’ network by implementing innovative ways to improve the overall customer experience.

Phase 4: Dashboarding & KPI Tracking

In the final phase, our customer churn analytics experts helped the mobile telecommunications services provider to use complex business rules and pattern analysis to identify new opportunities to enhance revenue and reduce churn. The use of interactive analytics dashboards played a key role in real-time tracking and monitoring of KPIs for the new revenue enhancement and churn prevention opportunities.

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  • Reduced the time required to process data through automation and advanced analytics
  • Identified the most effective ways to improve the customer experience while reducing churn on key customer journeys by 70%
  • Enhanced customer experience and reduced churn using advanced churn models

How Quantzig’s Customer Churn Analytics Solutions Help Mobile Telecommunications Services Providers

Quantzig offers advance customer churn analytics solutions that help enterprises to gain a leading edge through better decision-making. Our comprehensive portfolio of customer churn analytics solutions for mobile telecommunications services providers focuses on leveraging predictive modeling and pattern analysis to bring about measurable improvements in key areas including decision management, performance management, and risk management.

Our customized customer churn analytics solutions can help you analyze patterns in data sets and visualize trends in areas that have a profound effect on the overall performance and business outcome. Using our customer churn analytics solutions, businesses can anticipate threats, better plan budgets, balance risks, and meet regulatory requirements while aligning their tactical strategies to business goals.

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