Physician Journey Analysis Helps a Pharma Company to Identify the Right Targeting and Marketing Strategy

May 26, 2017

Quantzig’s recent physician journey analysis engagement for a multinational pharmaceutical company guarantees around a 30% reduction in marketing costs.

How Physician Journey Analysis is Changing the Healthcare Landscape

The assimilation of the high volume of data about a patient to determine the proper diagnosis and right treatment plan is termed as physician journey analysis. Physician’s performance has a direct impact on the financial success and hospital image; hence physician’s level of engagement is gaining immense importance in the healthcare industry. The increasing pressure to provide high-quality and cost-effective care for patients is encouraging the adoption of physician journey analysis. Through data analytics, hospitals and clinics can improve the patient care systems and meet the current regulatory requirements set by the governments of different countries. The team at Quantzig offers effective insights that help healthcare companies understand the next best marketing action at each stage of physician engagement. The analytical solutions offer key insights that strengthen physician engagement, provides information on the latest research and developments in the industry, and creates awareness about the different trends in the market. The marketing strategies designed help reduce costs based on prescription behavior and measure the impact of each activity.

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The implementation of data analytics tools like Big Data and other technological stacks will help professionals and service providers to collect data from different sources and increase efficiency and quality of service provided. Using technology ensures faster delivery of service through the right channel at the right time. Using various internet platforms like emails, social media, blogs, and campaigns increases interaction among patients and physicians and promotes well-being and disease awareness.

Identifying and Designing Marketing Strategies

Planning the best marketing action at every stage of physician engagement will help boost the brand image and excellence of the organization. These strategies help in mapping the right content to the right target audience, through the right channel, and at the right time. Physician journey analysis helps in examining the data and match the correct branding for the correct physician.

Smart Marketing Across Various Channels

Optimizing reach by adopting digital marketing channels is the new age method of advertising and marketing. Using social media to its advantage will help physicians offer specialty services, which are highly in demand in the global market. Webchats, video conferences, vlog and blog content, and YouTube channels are innovative ways to reach consumers faster. These methods of branding help doctors emotionally connect with prospective patients and promote brand recognition.

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Outcomes, Insights, and Solutions Offered

Quantzig’s analytics team has extensive experience in handling challenges for the pharma industry and offer best marketing actions that will help physicians gain more recognition in the market. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

  • Offer insights on the key responsibilities of the commercial excellence team to strengthen the physician engagement
  • Provide business intelligence solutions by sourcing marketing data such as call planning, e-detailing, email campaigns, CLM data, seminar attendance, and sales data
  • Assure 12% increase in TRx prescriptions from physicians in lower tiers, six months post implementation of targeted marketing approaches designed based on physician journey mapping
  • Business rules were fed into the Content Management Systems (CMS) to serve up right messages in right channels at right time to right physicians
  • Reduce marketing cost by optimizing call planning and sampling distribution processes based on the analysis of physician prescription behavior
  • Identify physicians who are using competitor brands but are willing to switch, given the right content and touch point

The complete case study on physician journey analysis engagement for a leading pharma company is now available.

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