Patient Engagement Analysis Improves Patient Journey, Satisfaction, and Outcomes

Patient Engagement Analysis

Patient Engagement Analysis Improves Patient Journey, Satisfaction, and Outcomes

Quantzig’s recent study on patient engagement helps a leading pharmacy benefit manager improve their healthcare services and assures 60% conversion rates from patient outreach programs.

Patient engagement analytics – market at a glance

Patient engagement analytics is crucial in preventing and managing chronic disease. The implementation of these business solutions results in greater satisfaction and improves the patient experience. Physicians, suppliers, pharmacy benefit managers, and care teams benefit the most from this analytics as it helps them reduce healthcare costs. These analytics help stakeholders sort through patient data to estimate costs, identify key clinical opportunities, and improve ways to offer superior patient care services. Furthermore, government organizations and regulatory bodies use this information to implement reimbursement plans that will make healthcare affordable for the masses. The latest patient engagement analytics by Quantzig provides solutions to improve patient journey, satisfaction, and outcomes. The analytics solutions also define future strategy to further scale the analysis to additional channels such as email, web, and direct mail.

The adoption of advanced care management models will help improve healthcare services in the future years. Medical professionals are using data through stratification, aggregation, and visualization to implement better engagement tools to increase patient interactions. The growing popularity of smart interactive care plans will help doctors and physicians to stay connected with patients and improve the quality of services they provide.

Emergence of mHealth

The increasing adoption of mhealth is improving patient’s adherence to medication and improving the condition of patients suffering from chronic diseases. These wireless technologies use mobile devices to track the health and other conditions of the patient. These are best for preventive healthcare services and are used for treatment, support, epidemic outbreak tracking, disease surveillance, and chronic disease management. The vendors in the market are developing innovative technology to reach a wider group of end-users.

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Healthcare big data

Big data analytics examines the patient data and provides personalized care for individual patients. These data points help doctors to personalize therapeutics that will increase patient satisfaction and experience. Physicians are using data analytics to prevent relapse or readmission of diseases for patients by follow-up and long-term care. Moreover, this analytics is used to track medical adherence and symptoms to enhance monitoring and care.

Outcomes and solutions offered

Quantzig’s patient engagement analytics for a leading pharmacy benefit manager assess the patient data and historical sales data to improve patient engagement cost-effectively. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

  • Developed a patient engagement strategy based on conversion likelihood scoring to reach out to patients who would be most likely to respond to the campaign
  • Provided solutions that helped the client improve conversion rates for the selected patients by 35% as compared to the control group
  • Designed a propensity-based profile and scored patients based on their likelihood of conversion from the patient claims data
  • Improved the patient satisfaction and outcomes, cost savings on campaigns, effectiveness, and efficacy of patient outreach, and achieved overall conversion rates by almost 60%

The complete case study on patient engagement analytics for a leading pharmacy benefits manager is now available.


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