Talent Acquisition Management

Identify and acquire the right talent by embedding talent acquisition data analytics into the business culture.

Diligence, innovation, and thoughtfulness are the key drivers of business excellence. Given the ongoing seismic shifts in market forces, finding and recruiting the right talent with these characteristics is no small task. These factors, coupled with the advances in technology and regulatory changes, have further compounded the challenges facing business leaders, C-suite executives, and hiring managers. To successfully acquire and retain a talented workforce in such an environment, businesses must deploy talent acquisition management programs that are in-line with their human resources and workforce requirements.

Being a leader in offering advanced HR analytics solutions, Quantzig’s expertise in talent acquisition management has helped leading businesses become more agile by driving efficiency across the entire talent acquisition process. Our talent acquisition data analytics solutions cover several key areas of the recruitment process helping businesses streamline the recruiting lifecycle, reduce hiring costs, and improve overall performance.

Core Capabilities

Employee Profiling

Advanced technology enables access to integrated systems that close the loop between performance management and recruiting, empowering recruiters to identify the best-fit performer or hire the right talent by leveraging success templates built from success profiles of top performers.

Our talent acquisition management solutions are comprehensive and backed by advanced technologies, providing clients the insights needed to align the workforce with business goals. Embracing a comprehensive approach to profiling also helps drive long-term business success.

Recruitment Profile Selection

To meet the dynamic demands of today’s digital economy, harnessing employee data and insights is crucial.  Quantzig’s talent acquisition management solutions empower talent acquisition teams with the data and reporting tools needed to design and implement recruiting strategies.

But to accurately describe what employment with an organization means, it is also critical that the brand be visible and engaging to potential recruits. Quantzig’s talent acquisition management solutions leverage end-to-end HR analytics and real-time data dashboards to help analyze employee data from various sources offering insights into past performance and behavior traits.

Diversity Compliance Tracking

Being committed to employing a diverse workforce is crucial for organizational success. Tracking and monitoring diversity compliance metrics across all departments is where the challenge lies. Diversity compliance is a metric encompassing workforce composition, compensation levels, and hiring trends. Therefore, tracking diversity compliance metrics is a complex process, but at the same time, essential for productivity.

Quantzig’s talent acquisition management solutions are backed by advanced analytics and impactful reports that help track adherence to diversity goals and evaluate the performance of different groups within an organization. In addition, our talent acquisition management solutions have proven to translate into positive business outcomes by helping clients drive significant improvements in the diversity index.

Quantzig has collaborated with businesses across industries in pursuit of top talent to help them improve time-to-hire, enhance recruitment processes, and reduce the overall cost of the recruiting.

Leveraging our talent acquisition management solutions puts you on the right path to drive business success by delivering a world-class employee experience and eliminating complexity from talent acquisition management.

Learn how a modern recruiting approach can create a strong brand message, deliver a superior experience, and guide a comprehensive and efficient recruitment strategy in today’s changing times.

Request a free proposal to learn how Quantzig’s talent acquisition management solutions can help you improve operational excellence.

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