Real World Evidence Analytics

Solutions that help analyze, integrate, and utilize real world data to provide critical insights on treatment patterns and ways to improve patient care.

How our RWE analytics services help clients

The dynamic market landscape of the healthcare and pharma industry is enhancing the need to understand the changing regulations and medical reimbursement policies in this sector. Healthcare organizations are looking for analytical solutions to interpret data from patient records, clinical trials and drug discovery, and treatment outcomes to get a better understanding of disease progression patterns, resource use, costs associated with the treatment, and the factors that determine outcome.

Quantzig’s RWE based solutions provide comprehensive insights on treatment pathways, patient adherence, disease progression, pricing levels and market access, drug safety, and patient engagement. Our detailed analysis can help healthcare companies evaluate their ROI and develop new strategies to market products in niche markets.

Our services are specifically designed to help healthcare organizations evaluate the drug treatment efficacy and cost-effectiveness of therapies to complement clinical trial outcomes using data sources such as claims history, electronic medical records, patient demographics, social media information etc.

Key benefits we provide

Reduce costs of selecting patient groups for clinical trials by 30%
Improve efficiency of clinical trials by 25%
Improve time to market for medicines by 15%
Real-time feedback and identify potential development areas
Personalization of drug therapy and therapeutics
Recognize new markets and treatment patterns

What do we offer?

We help pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to optimize patient care systems and drug delivery methods through patient engagement solutions. Our team of experts offers effective strategies to improve healthcare decision-making and design initiatives to promote superior services. Quantzig helps businesses bridge the gap between technology and end-users to optimize patient empowerment and initiate proper engagement services.

Solutions we provide

Optimizing two-way communication
Improve patient satisfaction
Access patient data
Optimize patient

Our patient journey analysis helps examine the clinical and non-clinical procedures associated with patient care and delivers strategic insights to improve diagnostic and treatment processes. We also design strategies that help commercialize new drug applications and upgrade post-launch sales and marketing tactics.

Solutions we provide

Diagnostic and treatment overview
Improve client conversion rates
Strategies to increase patient outreach
Visualize patient
treatment pathway

Quantzig’s team of experts analyze data collected from physicians’ records to improve drug development and initiate preventive measures. We analyze information collected from treatment history, referrals, and lab tests to provide insights on the range of therapeutics and drugs available in the market. Our solutions help companies assess the touch points and needs of patients and physicians to improve patient care and offer high-quality disease management solutions.

Solutions we provide

Market analysis of product offerings
Assess diagnostic/treatment behaviors
Evaluate the efficacy of drug discovery
Analyze product portfolio
of competitors

Introduction to our case studies

Health care services

Patient Engagement Analytics for a Leading Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Business Challenge:  A leading pharmacy benefits manager approached Quantzig to perform a patient engagement analysis to improve patient journey, satisfaction, and outcomes

Situation: The client needed innovative solutions to reduce cost and improve healthcare outcomes in the area of pharmacy dispensation. They also wanted to improve patient engagement in a cost-effective manner.

Impact: The strategies offered by Quantzig helped the client improve their effectiveness and efficacy of patient outreach, patient satisfaction and outcomes, cost savings on campaigns, and overall conversion rates by almost 60%. 

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