Improving Customer Engagement in Telecom Using Social Listening Solutions

Jun 19, 2017

Quantzig’s recent study on social listening for a leading European telecommunications company identifies the topic of interest, influencers, and improves customer engagement.

Social Media Analytics in the Telecom Industry

Bridging the gap between the customers and the organizations is becoming pertinent to survive the competition in the market. Telecom companies are creating a strong social media presence on the varied digital platforms to sustain the competition in the market and promote product differentiation. Social listening helps companies in this industry to understand their customers’ perspectives about their products, brand, or services on social media channels. These tools also help them track competitors’ product announcements, industry trends, and marketing strategies. The implementation of sentiment analysis through social listening will help companies analyze and monitor consumer interests, preferences, and requirements. This tool in a way helps companies offer superior consumer experience and satisfaction. The social listening assessment by Quantzig offers detailed analytics of telecom and media companies’ social media efforts to identify the influencers, topics of interest, and improve customer engagement. The study also analyzes various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and customer feedback to determine consumer buying patterns.

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Developing an effective social media pattern allows companies to interact with consumers and proactively resolve their issues. Effective social listening will ensure higher consumer satisfaction levels, reduce operating costs, increase IT efficiency, generate more leads, and increase the rate of return on media spending. Moreover, these tools will help consumers to launch loyalty and reward programs and offer higher customer retention.

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots

Creating interactive platforms are a unique way of engaging consumers and attracting potential end-users. Social media platforms like Snapchat have introduced face filters that boosted the number of users on app drastically. Chatbots are created to provide 24/7 customer service to provide assistance and communicate with consumers. These services increase communication and reduce response times, creating a positive image for the brand. Proactive responses help companies build better customer relationships and increase brand loyalty.

360° Degree Videos and Virtual Reality

The emergence of 360° degree videos and virtual reality is revolutionizing the social media platforms. The best way to increase customer connections is by offering them a life-like experience through video advertising. Tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Lenovo are launching video apps that support this functionality and help companies gain dominance on social media platforms. Social listening is utilized to analyze customer preferences and design advertising campaigns that meet their requirements.

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Outcomes and Solutions Offered

The latest social listening assessment by Quantzig for a leading European telecommunications company helps identify the topic of interest, influencers, and improve customer engagement. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

  • Identified influencers and developed marketing strategies to reach out to top negative influencers whose articles and comments were widely read
  • Provided dashboards for network graphs and topics of interest for real-time insights on customer engagement, influencers, sentiment analysis, and products and services
  • Recognized topics of interest for users based on volume and frequency of comments to determine next steps and resolve issues with respect to services
  • Offered insights into positive and negative sentiments, and how well users were regarded within the company community and other social networks

The complete case study on social listening assessment for a leading telecom company is now available.

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