How to Leverage Social Media Listening to Master Content Marketing

Aug 24, 2017

The era of traditional marketing as we know it is on a steep decline. People are moving from traditional mediums like cable TV, newspaper, and radio to new age media like internet TV, podcasts, video streaming, and apps. Alongside this shift, marketing strategies are also evolving rapidly to acknowledge such changes. Rather than pushing promotional content to the consumers, marketers are developing relevant content to engage the consumers with their brands subtly. The growth of content marketing has been rapid in recent times as brands are increasingly looking to leverage the power of content marketing.

Marketers are now leveraging social media listening to curate relevant content to both the niche and the masses. Here are some of the ways how marketers are using social media listening to create better content for their target audience:

Use Demographics Insights

Many a time brands fail to identify the kind of people for whom they are creating content. It is possible that the people who buy the brand are different from people who are actively talking about the brand. It is important to identify the interests, geography, gender, and other factors of the audience to create highly targeted content.

Identify Relevant Topics

Social media listening allows a brand to find out what the community is talking about and trending topics. Media monitoring tools help to pinpoint the community’s interest and common topics behind the conversation. Therefore, by identifying the keywords with the most mentions in a particular community, brands can develop content that revolves around the same topic.

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Identifying Influencers

Influencer marketing has more credibility than any form of brand communication. By using social media listening, it is possible to identify key influencers based on their engagement rates, total fan base, and frequency of activity. Influencers can be compared by their engagement rates, frequency of activity, impact score, and engagement outreach.

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Identifying Viral-Potential Contents

Identifying the potential of content to go viral is almost impossible. But, it is possible to improve a content’s probability of going viral by analyzing stories most shared on social media and forums. Companies such as Swayy, Scoop, GrowthHackers, Inbound, and Hacker News are exploding into the scene of content analytics.

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