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Online Entertainment Industry: Unlocking Million Dollar Business Opportunities Using Advanced Analytics

Downloading a movie or song has never been so fast, but at times it can become cumbersome to store these downloaded files and access them on the go. Online media service providers bring it right into your device in a fraction of a moment. What made it change so drastically?

The online entertainment industry has made it possible for us to consume content without downloading a file. Such methods involve the exchange of millions of bits of data at a given moment so that one can enjoy their favorite movie on the go. Hence it wouldn’t be wrong to say the traditional entertainment industry is shifting towards an online streaming model. With the growing popularity of the internet of things, overall data volumes have increased to a hundredfold, and engineering advancements in this field have also given rise to newer and better ways of collecting, processing, and analyzing data.

online entertainment industry

As in other industries, advanced data analytics has bought in waves of transformations in the online entertainment industry. Advanced analytics also plays a pivotal role in enabling online media service providers to analyze customer preferences by tracking usage patterns. This helps online media service providers to target users with customized offers and discounts for specific product offerings. These collective benefits of advanced data analytics have been very important in helping the online entertainment industry make a successful transition from renting DVDs and downloading files to delivering digital content at the click of a button.

The value of advanced data analytics and algorithms is immense and the use of advanced data science in the online entertainment industry has become an art.  Request a free demo to discover the true potential of data in transforming the online media and entertainment industry.

Advantages of Advanced Data Analytics for Online Entertainment Industry

  1. Provides comprehensive insights through data visualization: Visualization of data can help online media providers to manage their key performance indicators on a daily basis. Using data dashboards key performance indicators can be analyzed in real-time at any given point of time. Data can help in reducing costs, improving sales, and identifying errors to mitigate upcoming risks. Offers insights into consumer behavior: Advanced data analytics allows online media providers to gain access to real-time customer preferences. Leveraging these insights, the online entertainment industry can rapidly respond to customer needs and increase profit margins by cross-selling of their services.
  2. Helps to stay ahead of competitors: Online media service providers can easily identify trends and performance benchmarks with the help of advanced data analytics which enables the online entertainment industry player to reduce the external threats and keep up with industry trends which in a way helps them to stay ahead of their competitors.

Top use cases of advanced data analytics in the online entertainment industry

  • Personalized marketing
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Real-time analytics
  • Recommendation engines
  • Media content usage analysis and interpretation
  • Customer insights analysis

Advanced data analytics enables your company to coordinate data initiatives across every vertical of your business and helps you stay ahead of your competitors. Request a free proposal to understand how you can transform your business by leveraging advanced data analytics.

Online entertainment industry players are now adopting advanced data analytics for various benefits. Rather than just assuming the customer behavior, businesses should leverage advanced data analytics to better understand their customers and devise suitable strategies to target potential customers.

Advanced data analytics helps in analyzing and tracking real-time events. Speak to our analytics experts for more insights.

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Checklist for Selecting the Right Data Analytics Solutions Provider | Quantzig

The ongoing developments and technological shifts in the data analytics marketplace have made it crucial for businesses to analyze various factors before engaging with companies that offer advanced data analytics solutions. Despite the ongoing advancements, challenges continue to proliferate with the growing data sets making data analysis and data visualization an uphill task. Part of this challenge may be attributed to the impressive power of data analytics solutions and technological developments. However, the impact of data analytics solutions are so powerful that companies today focus on investing in analytics by collaborating with the top data analytics solution providers.

Investing in analytics tools without possessing the basic capabilities is like building a house without a solid foundation, though you possess the materials you cannot put them to good use. Our analytics experts have listed the top five criteria that will help you choose the right data analytics solutions provider.

Request a FREE proposal to learn how our advanced data analytics solutions can help you tackle the challenges in today’s business world.

#1 Data Security

Data irrespective of its source must be stored securely on-premises or in the cloud to avoid cyber-attacks and data breaches. Time stamping and source-proofing data generated from the web and mobile sessions will help retain its authenticity and integrity. Businesses that offer data analytics solutions to devise data management systems with enhanced security layers can help you store and maintain data securely by avoiding tampering and data breaches.

#2 Universal Accessibility

Ease of use and accessibility is another key factor to be considering while engaging with companies that offer data analytics solutions. Ideally, data analytics solutions must allow fast and easy setup and grant access to all the departments of a company that use data to make crucial business decisions. A complex data management platform will make it challenging for members of other departments to access data sets and draw insights. Data analytics solution providers that offer data management platforms that are easy to use and interpret will empower companies to analyze data to reap maximum benefits.

Talk to our analytics experts to find out how our data analytics solutions can help you drive profitability.

#3 PII Accessibility

PII stands for personally identifiable information that empowers companies to identify the users it relates to. With stringent data protection regulations coming into effect, businesses have to ensure they adhere to the rules listed under the General Data Protection Regulation act. While companies will still have access to the data extracted from each session, putting control of the data into the hands of the data analytics solutions provider will help them tackle challenges associated with data management.

#4 Data Compression

With the proliferation of data sets, businesses now have access to huge volumes of valuable information that must be stored and maintained on-premise to ensure it’s accessible as well as secure. In such a scenario, it’s crucial to select data analytics solutions that can help you cost-effectively maintain such data sets. This way you will be investing less in the technology needed to compress and store data. Data analytics solutions that leverage data compression techniques to compress data can help you shrink the original data footprint to as little as 5%, resulting in a huge reduction in TCO.

Gain limited-time complimentary access to our analytics platform to gain deeper insights into the benefits of advanced data analytics solutions.

data analytics solutions#5 Insight Automation

The use of traditional BI tools to analyze the massive troves of datasets generated by today’s digital businesses requires a lot of time and expertise. Data analytics solutions that leverage advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to mine such data sets will be able to isolate issues in real-time to support your agile business processes. This signifies that data analytics solutions providers who adopt advanced analytics tools and cognitive technologies can detect anomalies in your current data management system in a way that adapts to changes efficiently and effectively.

Would you like to learn more about our data analytics solutions?

Today, there are innumerable companies that offer advanced data analytics solutions and making big claims about the difference they can make to your business. However, it’s crucial to note that no two data analytics solutions would possess the same expertise and skill when it comes to addressing challenges in real-time. Which is why companies must dig deeper and analyze their ability to add value to your business. A data analytics solution provider should be capable of helping you define the overall solution architecture as well as the process flow to address your business challenges. So, regardless of who you collaborate with, it’s essential to first define your needs and design a robust foundation early in the journey.

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Retail Data Analytics: How Data Analytics Will Transform the US Retail Industry

Players in the US retail industry are forced to cut costs to stay afloat during the recession period. Though a pain point, cost-cutting offers a good head start towards achieving the desired sales and profit margins. The recent advances in data analytics and technology have made data analysis much simpler, helping retailers to identify and capitalize on new opportunities in the US retail industry. With retailers across geographies offering a diverse range of offerings use similar promotional campaigns, retail data analytics has turned out to be a key differentiator in the US retail industry, helping players make important business decisions with ease. This has made it crucial for retailers to not only integrate and analyze data obtained from different sources but to also leverage retail data analytics to improve their overall decision-making ability.

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Top Data Analytics Applications That Can Help Players in the US Retail Industry


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How Can Analytics Solutions Empower Businesses in 2019?

With the changing business environment, data analytics solutions have become the key to outshine all competition. Leveraging analytics solutions effectively is the major difference between companies that fail and succeed in the competitive business landscape of today. Companies that are highly successful in the B2B marketplace are using analytics solutions to devise effective and highly specific campaigns to reach out to targeted prospects with a curated message. Data analytics solutions help business organizations to make data-driven decisions and pave the way for businesses to identify inefficient processes, spot new opportunities, and cut costs significantly. With the help of algorithms, data analytics solutions assist companies to extract actionable insights from the data and make data visualization simpler. There are various analytics solutions such as web crawling, text mining, predictive analytics, and market mix modeling that act as a silver bullet for companies operating in various sectors.

Here is a brief summary of common business challenges that can be mitigated with the aid of analytics solutions:

Challenges e-commerce businesses face and how web crawling and text mining solutions can help?

Competitor research, dynamic pricing, new product research, assessing the required data, and managing proxies to reliably scrape the web without disruption are some of the major challenges that e-commerce businesses face. Therefore, it becomes important for such businesses to consider the reliability of their data feed. Web crawling and text mining solutions can help e-commerce businesses to do so. Web crawling and data mining solutions can also assist marketers to fine-tune product portfolios, optimize price points, and customize it down to the individual level to boost profitability. 

How can analytics in healthcare help companies deal with challenges in the industry?   

Despite its promising growth prospects, companies in the healthcare sector are hard pressed when it comes to finding solutions to several complicated issues such as shooting costs, medicinal and technological advancements, changes in policy and regulations, maintaining efficient operations, and providing the best care. But this is where leveraging analytics in healthcare can help. The use of data analytics solutions in healthcare can help healthcare service providers in minimizing healthcare waste, reducing hospitals readmissions, and providing cost-effective treatments to patients.

How can B2B companies tackle growing business challenges by utilizing market mix modeling?

Today, it has become really difficult for businesses to measure marketing effectiveness. Analyzing the future impact of a change in marketing metrics and optimizing investments to drive profits is a daunting task for B2B companies. Also, the influence of operational factors and several external factors can lead to an increase in the market spend for B2B businesses. This is where market mix modeling can be taken into account to set the correct foundation for their marketing strategies and branding solutions.

Here is the list of that Quantzig Conducted on the above topics that you can watch for free:

#1: Importance of web crawling and text mining solutions to improve e-commerce business strategy: Customized web crawling and text mining based analytics solutions can help e-commerce businesses to tackle critical challenges created by the recent explosion of data. Web crawling and text mining solutions assist businesses to explore innovative techniques to collect vast volumes of online data and organize it in a structured manner. Furthermore, it helps gain better business insights, improves business planning, and optimizes decision management. Watch out the full webinar here:

#2: How can analytics bring in commercial excellence in the healthcare industry? Healthcare regulations and advancements in medicines have resulted in the restructuring of healthcare provisioning as well as diversification and specialization in life sciences. Organizations in healthcare need to develop commercial strategies that include all stakeholders. Leveraging analytics in healthcare can help organizations to gain real-world insights and maintain a single source of accurate information of customers for segmentation, targeting, and call planning. Check out the full webinar here:

#3: Is market mix modeling a cornerstone for B2B companies?  Marketers across industries are hard pressed to prove the value of their marketing investment decisions based on the performance of their business and identify opportunities for optimizing investment. Market mix modeling helps companies to develop a multi-channel strategy to execute and measure campaigns across digital channels and boost conversions. Watch out the full webinar to know more:

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Weekly Round-up: A Storyboard on the Importance of Data and Analytics for Businesses

LONDON: Quantzig, a leading analytics services provider, has announced the release of their new storyboard on the importance of data and analytics for businesses. Each of these downloadable articles explains how data and analytics solutions can help companies to make smart decisions, improve customer satisfaction, decrease e operational expenditure, reduce risks, and enhance fraud management.

Business leaders across industries are increasingly adopting big data analytics and data visualization techniques to improve their business operations. However, many organizations still seem to think of analytics as a quick fix for their business needs and investing in data and analytics is just the beginning of their journey. But to achieve business goals, it is high time for businesses to leverage data and analytics solutions that can help them boost transparency and enhance their approach towards data-driven decision making.

Quantzig’s data and analytics solutions have helped companies with the right data visualization techniques, capabilities, and frameworks to handle the volume, variety, and velocity of data to make informed business decisions while ensuring information privacy and security. Below, we have summarized some of Quantzig’s free resources and have also highlighted ways in which data and analytics solutions have helped businesses to gain a leading edge in today’s competitive business scenario.

Our data and analytics solutions help companies to make proactive business decisions and pre-emptive planning. Request a free proposal to gain better insights.

#1: How can analytics solutions transform business models? A successful business model is not just about completing a business plan or determining which product or service to pursue. It is about mapping out the strategy to create ongoing value for customers. But you must be wondering where to start. This free resource by Quantzig can be your key to success. It gives a detailed overview of how companies can reshape their business models by leveraging data and analytics solutions. Also, it unveils five secrets that can help companies identify and capitalize on new business opportunities.










Gain a holistic view of your datasets with our customized data and analytics solutions. Request a FREE demo now!

#2: What are the top AI and analytics trends in 2019? Analyzing and optimizing the customer experience is the bedrock of successful digital transformation in 2019. Data and analytics capabilities with minimal manual efforts have become the hallmark of all business intelligence solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are transforming businesses and organizations have become highly dependent on automated data-analysis capabilities. This free resource by Quantzig uncovers some of the top AI and analytics trends that took off within corporate boardrooms but will continue to proliferate across different layers of business operations in 2019 and beyond.






To know more about our portfolio of services, get in touch with our experts right away.

#3: What are the key steps to build an analytics-driven organization? Companies across industries agree that the capacity for data and analytics is becoming very crucial to their basic viability. Therefore, they need to be prepared for the future when data and analytics are going to be both important and integrated at all levels of organizational decision-making. It has become imperative for businesses to exploit available data in order to maximize profits. However, when it comes to extracting business value from data, most of the companies fail miserably. Quantzig’s free resource uncovers a few important steps that can help organizations to improve transparency, enhance business efficiency, and boost overall business performance. Download the free resource now to know more.







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Evaluating the Importance of Data Analytics and Visualization for Businesses

When it comes to successfully positioning your organization in the competitive market, data analytics and visualization act a key ingredient. Data visualization using appropriate data analysis methods can provide valuable insights into business operations. Such insights can be incorporated by businesses in the decision-making pipeline to make data-driven decisions. Leveraging such data analytics and visualization solutions can help companies to analyze their data irrespective of the size, scale, type, and domain and improve their decision-making capabilities.

Data analytics and visualization have become a necessity for companies to manage risks and comply with the changing regulatory landscape.

Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to realize the importance of data analytics and visualization as visuals are immensely capable of predicting all possible outcomes and make complex decisions to yield favorable outcomes. In this article, our team of experts has highlighted how data analytics and visualization techniques can be utilized to make the most of the statistical data, old experiences/learnings, and fresh ideas to launch new products.

Extracting insights from disparate datasets can be a difficult task for companies. But data analytics and visualization techniques can help. Request a FREE demo today!

How can data analytics and visualization help businesses?


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3 Ways Predictive Analytics Solutions Can Help Businesses Derive Successful Outcomes

With the shifting key values of every industry from customer-focused to customer-centric, there is an immense growth in data and information. This has changed customer dynamics and as a result, every business is facing numerous challenges such as market uncertainties, driving efficiency, and effectiveness in their marketing productivity, immense competition, customer demands, fraud detection, and risk management.

Many businesses across all industries, in order to cater customer demands, are trying to utilize the data that their customers leave behind while interacting with the company. Harnessing this pool of data can offer several benefits to organizations. However, many companies still have not realized the importance of data mining and have not gone beyond gathering and storing their data. Although it is difficult to deal with an unstructured set of data by leveraging predictive analytics solutions businesses can fetch optimum results from such data. 

At Quantzig, we understand the impact that predictive analytics solutions can have on your business. And to help companies derive actionable insights from large and complex data sets, our team of experts has highlighted three important ways in which predictive analytics solutions can help in managing large volumes of data and setting up analytical frameworks to derive real-time insights that facilitate more informed and wise decisions.


5 Ways Big Data and Analytics is Revolutionizing the Food Industry

The food industry is one of the most profitable sectors across the globe. However, with the increase in global competition, companies in the food industry have started facing numerous challenges such as reducing supply chain waste, optimizing supply chain efficiency, boosting sustainable growth, implementing green policies, and finding a competitive advantage. To deal with such challenges, businesses in the food industry need to focus on leveraging big data and analytics to keep close tabs on new supply chain trends and competitors’ market progress.

Inefficient supply chain leads to low-profit margins and more wastage. Furthermore, if the supply chain is not optimized, it can result in the inability to adapt quickly to a problem and can increase operational costs. Therefore, players in the food industry must leverage the benefits of technology like big data and analytics to gain better insights into the ability to track and monitor supply chain activities in real time.

At Quantzig, we understand that to ensure the efficiency and performance of your supply chains, from sourcing to manufacturing to delivery, optimization is required. And to help companies in food industry thrive in the competitive landscape, our team of experts has highlighted five ways in which big data and analytics can help companies in the food industry to become market leaders. 


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