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Weekly Round-up: A Storyboard on the Benefits of Analytics in Marketing

LONDON: Quantzig, a leading pricing analytics services provider, has announced the release of their new storyboard on analytics in marketing and how it can help companies optimize marketing campaigns and make better business decisions that improve ROI. In today’s competitive market landscape, companies are facing a plethora of challenges such as increasing sales, retaining customers, and maximizing profitability. Without improving marketing outcomes, it has become very difficult for companies to sustain profitability. Therefore, companies need to integrate data across all marketing channels and consolidate it into a common marketing view that provides invaluable guidance in driving marketing efforts forward. This is where making use of analytics in marketing can help.

Marketing without analytics is like driving with your eyes closed.

By employing analytics in marketing, companies can measure the effectiveness of various marketing channels and understand the impact of the change in their marketing strategies. They can also gain accurate insights into the ROI of their marketing efforts. Quantzig’s analytics solutions have helped more than 55 Fortune 500 companies to make data-driven decisions and amplify revenues. Below, we have rounded up some of Quantzig’s recent success stories for this week and have also highlighted ways in which taking the help of analytics in marketing has helped businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

#1: Analytics in marketing optimized marketing spend: Are increasing complexities in operational support services worrying you? Don’t get worked-up, you are not alone! One of Quantzig’s clients faced the same business problem. To deal with the problem, they approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in offering solutions for analytics in marketing to analyze the market data and effectively manage their marketing investments, optimize marketing spend, and improve ROI. Also, our marketing analytics proved very helpful in managing the service categories and address potential threats in the market.

Quantzig’s Marketing Analytics Solutions Helped a Telecom Industry Firm to Refine their Marketing Campaigns and Optimize Marketing Spend

#2: Leveraging marketing analytics solutions to re-prioritize product offerings: Are you struggling to access or integrate customer data and preferences? If so, you must go through our latest success story, where Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions enhanced the client’s product offerings by penetrating new market segments. With the help of analytics in marketing, it is easy to devise robust business models and stay relevant in the entertainment industry space.

Marketing Analytics for a Smart TV Manufacturer Helps Re-Prioritize Product Offerings

#3: What do you need to keep in mind while dealing with marketing analytics?Businesses can no longer rely on intuition for making marketing decisions and are, therefore, leveraging marketing analytics solutions. However, they need to follow a few steps while leveraging marketing analytics solutions like data collection and segregation, choosing the right analytics visualization techniques, utilizing marketing analytics tools featuring machine learning and AI, and personalizing campaigns.

Things to Keep in Mind While Dealing with Marketing Analytics

#4: Analytics in marketing paved way for unique customer experiences: Personalized customer experiences form a very important part of marketing. Don’t you agree? With the changing consumers’ behavior, organizations have felt the need to embrace technologies to meet the ever-growing array of demands over the past few years. But delivering maximum value at each customer touch point is the challenge that every business faces. Quantzig’s client was facing the same issue  and tackled it by leveraging our marketing analytics solutions. The use of analytics in marketing proved beneficial in devising predictive models using a blend of variables.

Creating Unique Customer Experiences with Marketing Analytics for a CPG Industry Client

#5: Analytics in marketing personalized customer engagements: Are you wondering how to improve customer engagements? Using analytics in marketing can help! By leveraging our marketing analytics solutions, one a company was able to deliver maximum value at each customer touch point by mapping analytics to specific stages in the customer’s journey. Furthermore, this enhanced resilience, operational efficiency, and performance resulting in better ROI.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Dealing with Marketing Analytics

What is marketing analytics? 

Marketing analytics involves various processes and technologies that are used to evaluate the success and value of the marketing efforts as well as the act of identifying opportunities for improvement. Marketing analytics tools contain various metrics to measure the performance of marketing initiatives. In short, it helps evaluate which initiatives are actually bearing fruit and which are not. It gathers data from across all marketing channels and consolidates it into a common marketing view. From this analytical results can be extracted, which provide invaluable assistance in driving the marketing efforts forward.Request Proposal

Why is marketing analytics important? 

Diverse technologies are often implemented across several platforms for companies to advertise, market, and create brand awareness. The data generated from them was siloed. It is illogical for marketers to rely on intuition alone to get their initiatives and campaigns right, especially given the role of marketing in retaining customers and driving revenue. The top management would want to see the value of the marketing initiatives, and analytics is the best way to show them. Also, it is important to have a way to measure and monitor your campaigns and then demonstrate their value clearly to executives and stakeholders. Furthermore, marketing analytics tools help establish your value and how your work relates to revenue.

Things to know when applying marketing analytics

Devise a smart marketing strategy

One of the primary steps for any organization to undertake before delving into marketing analytics tools is to devise an effective marketing strategy. There are many tools available in the digital marketplace that allows companies to construct tailor-made campaigns which revolve around their product and help brands speak highly about themselves. These tools are primarily based on the search engine audience sentiment about popular keywords, popular hashtags, and trends among many others. Marketing analytics tools will allow marketers to evaluate various aspects that encapsulate the digital marketing spectrum like incoming leads, conversions, and website traffic. Contact USIf marketers incorporate this workflow, key insights can be easily derived at the end of the campaign. These valuable insights can be applied to the next campaign or can be used adaptively if the campaign is long-term or recurring.

Data collection and segregation

Large amount of data gets generated during the campaigning. This data can later be converted into meaningful insights. Marketers must ensure that they have covered and collated data elements getting generated from all the sources which were involved in a marketing campaign. Data from social media, emails, POS machines, call centers, beacons, and Wi-Fi needs to be collated and safeguarded. These data would often prove to be unstructured. This data can later be structured to get a clear understanding of how customers are shopping today. 

Choosing the right analytics visualization

The data generated must prove useful for the marketing teams and stakeholders if you are to gain meaningful insights from it. The key to getting this right is to choose the most appropriate data visualizations, which can help identify patterns and interpret the data. Thus, it is important to choose marketing analytics tools that allow you to choose or customize your visualizations instead of using default charts for displaying data.

Marketing analytics tools featuring machine learning and AI

In order to be effective, marketing must be real-time and predictive today. You must be able to analyze theGet More Info data, make accurate predictions, and take data-driven decisions to enhance each step of the customer journey. Using marketing analytics tools with machine learning and AI capabilities make these tasks easier to do and with minimal errors.

Personalizing campaigns

Global enterprises pay extensive attention to providing superior client experiences. Due to the advent of several modern enterprises that have absorbed phenomenal technical capability and a fresh approach to client servicing in entirety, client experience has become a highly important factor today. Marketing analytics tools can help companies know about product expectations from a segregated customer list. This enables an organization to just sell an already desired product via targeted marketing rather than hard-selling a product offering.

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5 New Trends in Marketing That Smart Companies Swear By

Today, there is more to marketing than mere communications and advertising. For most companies, marketing has now assumed a strategic role that drives above-market growth based on a deep knowledge of the customer. All thanks to new trends in marketing, businesses now have unprecedented access to customer data. Such data can be converted into useful insights to better target customers for the company’s marketing campaigns. Marketing based on Request Solution Democustomer insights is highly relevant in today’s market scenario where customers have the option to ‘scroll’ ahead and ignore the content that is of least importance to them. Smart marketers are agile in quickly adapting to the new trends in marketing. From pilot-testing artificial intelligence in campaigns to refining how big data is used to connect with customers and build brand loyalty with authentic storytelling, there are several trends revamping the marketing landscape. Here are some of the new trends in marketing that are a sure bet to get the audience hooked on to your content:

Five new trends in marketing

Interactive content

Interactive content is one of the new trends in marketing that has taken the audience by storm. You can now expect interactive web experiences to take the lead in engaging visitors – experiences that display thought leadership content in more compelling, animated and visual ways. The use of interactive content is a great way for companies to engage with their audience and keep their interest hooked on to the contents in their marketing campaign.

Today, there is more to marketing than mere communications and advertising. Click To Tweet


Content Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Miss out on This Year

Marketers constantly keep experimenting with their strategies and techniques, seeking new and innovative ways to lure customers. Content marketing is one such strategy that has kept digital marketers hooked on to it because of the immense potential it has to engage customers and drive leads. As Bill Gates once said, “Content is king”, this notion remains true even today. As technology and search engines change, so do the strategies marketers use to engage their customers online.  Businesses that are successful in keeping up with the latest content marketing trends and building compelling content are more likely to win the favor of customers. New content marketing trendRequest Solution Demos have introduced us to some top-notch marketing tools that can be used to better interact and engage with customers.

Top content marketing trends 2018 

Video content marketing 

Video is one of the most popular content marketing trends for this season. Marketers have been swearing by this technique for the past of the past couple of years, and the results have been extraordinary. YouTube and Facebook videos are the best platforms for companies to experiment with video content. You no longer need an expensive camera or high-tech editing software to make a professional-looking video. All you need is a smartphone, a phone tripod, and a social media account. Today, there are also tools available which use AI to help you edit and market videos in just a few minutes.


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Consumer Electronics Manufacturer leverages Marketing Analytics Solution to Optimize their Sales Performance

consumer electronics

LONDON: Quantzig, a global analytics services provider, has recently completed their latest marketing analytics solution for a consumer electronics manufacturer. factors such as falling prices and relentless innovations have increased the demand for consumer electronics among the end-user segments over the last couple of years. The recent innovations in consumer electronics have also prompted consumers to spend a considerable part of their disposable income on mobile gadgets, which, in turn, is compelling retailers to offer products at reasonable prices.

“With the help of marketing analytics solution, businesses can measure and optimize their marketing activities to improve their overall performance. Marketing analytics solution also focuses on understanding how the marketing efforts of a business are performing and reallocate their resources to gain better ROI. “says an industry expert from Quantzig.

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The marketing analytics solution helped the consumer electronics client analyze how marketing initiatives are performing and create a successful marketing strategy to improve business efficiency.  The solution also helped the client compare the marketing activities with that of the competitors and prioritize their investments for the financial year.

Additional Benefits of the Marketing Analytics Solution

  • Evaluate and optimize marketing campaigns to predict outcomes and systematically allocate resources
  • Monitor campaigns and their respective outcomes.
  • Apply analytical tools and techniques to real-world marketing problems to understand the sales performance
  • To know more, request a proposal

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Top Trends in Marketing Analytics

Analytics has touched upon and influenced all possible industries and business functions. Great importance has been placed on marketing analytics in the recent times as it allows marketers to optimize all aspects of their marketing strategy. Today, digital marketing generates a lot of data unlike traditional marketing, including transaction data, online data, social media data, customer feedback, and customer data. The data collected can be used for further analysis to understand the customers and deliver favorable customer experiences. Marketing analytics can help decision makers, right from the start by assisting in market segmentation, target marketing, and product positioning. Free demoSo where is marketing analytics heading along with the coming digital revolution?

IoT and customer data analytics

A few years ago, it would have been impossible to imagine a life where each and every device and appliance would be connected. Today, it’s a reality, and tomorrow it will be part and parcel of life. With such a connection across all devices and household appliances, it becomes easier to know the customer. Marketers can easily identify what the customer wants, how often they purchase, how they dispose products, and such intelligence. As a result, marketing analytics can be used to understand the customer as growing number of information channels will continue to be the trend. Such new data sources will make the forecasts much more accurate and reduce wastages of marketing resources.

Social media analytics and social marketplace

Today, social media is more of a branding tool, where brands engage with customers and create a positive experience. However, looking at the current technological progress, it might not be so far that someday, people can place an order and pay via social media channels. Today, the affiliates will direct you to a different link to make a purchase. But in the future, customers may be able to buy it directly from the Facebook app itself. Facebook has enabled payment methods and launched marketplace in a bid to compete with e-commerce platforms. One advantage social media players will have over their e-commerce counterparts is that they can leverage social media analytics to understand the customers and push relevant products towards them. Selling takes place not only via marketplace and groups but also through Facebook stories and Facebook stores. For instance, brands like Starbucks and Urban Outfitters have Facebook stories which redirect audiences towards their site.

AI in marketing analytics

AI has been revolutionizing every business unit from finance and operations to marketing. The application area of AI is just limitless. By analyzing sample data from customer preferences, it can suggest what food they like and what product feature customers like or dislike. AI techniques can help businesses find patterns in customer data and elicit recommendations for optimizing performance. For instance, Datorama offers ‘AI-powered marketing intelligence’ which helps marketers to unify data across systems and access powerful analytics using natural language processing. The technology is also integrated with Amazon Alexa.

Focus on real-time analytics

The market is getting fast-paced and dynamic. Customer queries and wants should be addressed quickly. As a result, companies can’t wait for analytics reports to be completed before taking a decision. Real-time analytics can allow for an instant product recommendation, geo-targeted promotions, and dynamic pricing. It ensures the survival of the company even in the time of cut-throat competition.

To know more about marketing analytics trends, marketing automation, pricing analytics, and artificial intelligence:

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Quantzig’s Marketing Analytics Solution Helps an Insurance Company Develop a Predictive Model Based on a Combination of Variables

The Business Challenge

The client, a leading player in the insurance industry, approached our team of experts to help them devise effective marketing analytic strategies. They also wanted to leverage marketing analytics solutions to gain a full view of their customers across channels. The insurance company was also looking at implementing marketing analytics to anticipate customer and market behavior and respond proactively to their needs. Additionally, they wanted to gain valuable insights to implement better strategies to address and serve their target audience.

Solution Delivered

Our solutions helped the insurance company in combining speed with intelligence to gain a stronger foothold in the insurance sector. It also assisted them in predicting their customer’s response to various offers and develop targeted marketing strategies. Moreover, our marketing analytics solution allowed the insurance company to tailor the content, timing, and delivery channel of offers to meet the preferences of customers. Also, it helped them build better products based on market expectations and brought about business growth.


Marketing Analytics Solution Predictive Insights

Deciding whether or not your company needs to implement an effective marketing analytics platform calls for the same evaluation steps involved in software adoption. It includes a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s management capabilities, business needs, and financial resources. Marketing analytics helps in measuring, analyzing, and managing market performance to optimize return on investment (ROI) and maximize business efficiency. Also, beyond the apparent sales and lead generation applications, marketing analytics can offer profound insights into customer preferences and trends.

It also helps insurance companies in identifying the target customers and accordingly design the right marketing campaigns to suit different customer segments. Also, our insurance industry clients partner with us to optimize customer experience across channels, with a goal of refining their wallet share, customer loyalty, and lifetime value.

Insurance Industry Overview

Over the past few decades, the insurance industry has gone through a tremendous change as a result of deregulation, globalization, and terrorist attacks. However, the improved economic outlook is expected to fuel the growth of the global insurance industry in the coming years.

As technology brings about rapid innovations, higher end-user expectations, and other such disruptions in the insurance industry, the insurers have to focus on improving their bottom-line profitability, top-line sales, and effectively address challenges to sustain themselves in a dynamic marketplace. Several factors have to be considered when it comes to insurance, and both the investors and consumers should concern themselves with the insurer’s ability and financial capability to meet ongoing obligations to policyholders. 

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Food service market analysis – How marketing analytics can help firms in the food service sector determine actual ROI of their activities

Marketing Analytics

LONDON: Quantzig, a global analytics services provider, has recently completed their latest marketing analytics solutions for a leading food service sector firm. Increasing economic volatility, changing consumer preferences, and market dynamism have affected players in the food service sector. This is urging companies in the food service business to look out for ways to meet the relentless demands of their customers.

With supply chain management and inflation factor affecting sales in the food service sector, many companies have resorted to using marketing analytics to improve their marketing initiatives, devise strategies, and boost profitability across business units. Such analytics solutions also help companies enhance ROI and marketing attribution rates. – An industry expert from Quantzig.

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The marketing analytics solution helped the client judge the actual ROI of their social media and email marketing activities. The client was also able to optimize their marketing activities and streamline their efforts to improve sales performance.

Additional Benefits of the Marketing Analytics Solution

  • Diagnose deficits in their specific channels
  • Adjust strategies to enhance their overall yield
  • Understand customer behavior across multiple locations
  • To know more, request a free proposal

To know more about how our marketing analytics solution helped the food service sector client

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4 Unknown Benefits of Market Basket Analysis

Recent advancements in data analytics technology have opened up a world of possibility for players in the food and beverages sector to increase their operational efficiency and delight their customers. The advancements have increased to such a level that data scientists have been able to create algorithms that accurately predict the next group of items you are about to buy based on a certain group of items that were previously purchased. For instance, people who buy beer and plastic mugs are more likely to buy chips as their next item. Similarly, retailers can create relationships between specific items and accurately predict which items will be purchased next by assigning a cerDemotain level of probability. Market basket analysis can be used effectively to increase the overall spending from the customer by placing complimentary items close together or bundling such items at a discounted price.

Helps in setting prices

Market basket analysis helps a retailer to identify which SKU’s are more preferred amongst certain customers. For instance, milk powder and coffee are frequently bought together, so analysts assign a high probability of association compared to cookies. Without market basket analysis retailers would usually mark down on coffee on certain days, assuming coffee will be sold at certain times. However, market basket analysis can point out that whenever a customer buys milk, they end up purchasing coffee as well. So whenever the sale of milk and coffee is expected to rise, retailers can mark down the price of cookies to increase the sales volume.

Arranging SKU display

A common display format adopted across the supermarket chains is the department system, where goods are categorized as per department and sorted. For instance, groceries, dairy products, snacks, breakfast items, cosmetics, and body care products are properly classified and displayed in different sections. Market basket analysis helps identify items that have a close affinity to each other even if they fall into different categories. With the help of this knowledge, retailers can place the items with higher affinity close to each other to increase the sale. For instance, if chips are placed relatively close to a beer bottle, customers may almost always end up buying both. In contrast, if they were placed in two extremes, then the customer would just walk in the store buy beer and leave the store causing lost sales of chips.Request Proposal

Customizing promotions

Marketers can study the purchase behavior of individual customers to estimate with relative certainty what items they are more likely to purchase next. Today, many online retailers use market basket analysis to analyze purchase behavior of each individual. Such retailers can estimate with certainty what items the individual may purchase at a specific time. For instance, a customer fond of barbecues would likely purchase meat and barbecue sauce on some weekends. So retailers can customize offers to create a combo of 2lbs of meat with one pack of barbecue sauce at a discounted price every weekend to increase his purchase frequency.

Identifying sales influencers

All items in a retail store have some relationship with each other – be it strong or weak. In most cases, the sale of one item is driven by the increase or decrease in the sale of other items. Market basket analysis can be used to study the purchasing trend of a certain SKU. For instance, two SKUs can exhibit a strong affinity for a period of time and suddenly decrease because of various factors ranging from an increase in the price of one SKU, new brand introduction, or unavailability of a certain brand in the SKU. For instance, if Corona is the favorite beer among the consumers, and the brand is suddenly removed from the beer SKU, the sales of chips will go down as well, even though the sales of other beer brands is steady. This way marketers can understand the influence of such activities in the sales figure.

For more information on the benefits of market basket analysis, retail industry, food and beverage sector, data analytics, and predictive analytics:

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