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Alcoholic Beverages Pricing Analytics – A Quantzig Case Study

Alcoholic Beverages Industry Overview

The growth of the global alcoholic beverages market is primarily driven by the increase in the surge in disposable income, young‐adult demographic, and a rise in consumer demand for premium alcoholic beverages. Moreover, the recent developments in alcoholic beverages appear to be a viable alternative to produce innovative alcoholic drinks for the consumers. Furthermore, the Request Proposalincrease in disposable income of consumers along with changes in preferences toward premium products with the attractive assortment and high visibility boost the growth of this segment.

Top Needs for Pricing Analytics

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Today, price analytics and big data analytics are universally accepted and barely a day passes without hearing about them in the news. As a result, we have accredited a few situations where a business needs to implement pricing analytics process and make use of its data :

  • Learning About Customers
  • Identifying Pricing Opportunities
  • Optimizing Pricing
  • Planning Pricing Changes and Promotions
  • Getting Investors to Purchase into the Pricing Strategy

Why Quantzig?

For more than 15 years, Quantzig has worked with 120+ clients, including 55+ Fortune 500 companies and assisted them with end-to-end data and pricing analytics and management services to leverage their data for practical decision making.

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An Alcoholic Beverages Manufacturer devises Marketing Mix Optimization for Improving Brand Appeal and Enhancing ROI

marketing mix optimization

LONDON: Quantzig, a global analytics services provider, has recently completed their latest marketing mix optimization for an alcoholic beverages manufacturer. Growing urban population and increasing disposable income in emerging economies are some of the significant contributors to the inclination towards alcohol. The global alcoholic beverages market includes products such as beer, wine, and spirits. Lager, cider, and beer are significant contributors to the total alcoholic beverages consumed across the globe.

“As e-commerce platforms are rapidly evolving across the globe, the consumer experience is expected to have a significant impact on the alcoholic beverages industry. Marketing mix optimization helps companies to assess the impact of their marketing activity across different channels.” says an industry expert from Quantzig.

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The marketing mix optimization helped the client to efficiently allocate their marketing budget and spend on media platforms to increase customer visibility. Additionally, the company was able to improve their brand appeal and increase ROI for their offerings across various media platforms.

Additional Benefits of Marketing Mix Optimization

  • Measure the impact of advertising campaigns on the overall sales revenue.
  • Track media spend and sales and improve overall business performance
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pricing analytics

Enhancing Sales Performance with the Help of Pricing Analytics for a Wine and Spirits Manufacturer

In a highly fragmented, technologically inclined market driven by digitally empowered customers with wafer-thin brand loyalties, pricing analytics turns out to be ‘the silver bullet’ to gain a competitive advantage. The lack of a good pricing strategy can create unique challenges and curtail business outcomes in the alcoholic beverages industry. At Quantzig, we help you navigate this competitive marketplace through our advanced pricing analytics solutions.

Maximizing business outcomes with the help of advanced pricing analytics solutions and custom dashboards

Analytics is undoubtedly the backbone of all pricing initiatives and strategies for marketing and promotions. An analytics powered pricing strategy not only helps discover the most profitable customer segments and product groups but also helps businesses to appropriately target them in the most cost-effective manner. Without such a data-driven approach, companies run the risk of missing opportunities to improve productivity, profit margins, and market share.

With the aid of analytics techniques, businesses conducting price change impact assessments can gauge how price changes affect their profitability. Using such an approach they will also be able to weigh up the pricing activities of their competitors and identify countermeasures to keep their marketing costs under control.


What are the challenges?

Owing to increasing competitive pressures and the rapidly changing geopolitical environment, pricing teams across industries are constantly pressurized to incorporate an analytics-powered strategy to optimize pricing analyticsthe adverse impacts of price changes and fluctuating demands. Changing market trends and shifts in customer demands are not just posing major challenges for companies but are also bringing about major disruptions on a global scale. To tackle such challenges, players in the wine and spirits market are on the constant lookout for better opportunities and new strategies to cut through the competition. In this pricing analytics success story, we have broken down some of the biggest pricing challenges faced by companies in the alcoholic beverages industry.

A leading wine and spirits manufacturer wanted to analyze the impact of different price points on the sales volumes across various channels. The client’s primary concern revolved around assessing the regulatory norms governing the market landscape. They approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in offering actionable pricing analytics solution to transform their pricing strategy and enhance sales margins.

Key takeaways of this pricing analytics engagement

  • Gain comprehensive insights into the pricing strategies adopted by market leadersWP Cover Image
  • Learn how you can improve sales performance by leveraging pricing analytics
  • Understand the role of pricing analytics and price change impact assessments in simulating scenarios to gauge the impact of price changes on profitability
  • Establish a centralized and consistent approach to effectively monitor price changes
  • Learn how pricing and promotions based on data-driven insights can help you improve MROI

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Our domain knowledge coupled with pricing analytics expertise helps us offer customized solutions to enhance sales performance through a ‘data-driven + analytics powered’ approach.

Along with access to the right sources of data, beverage manufacturers should possess a range of competencies including the right domain knowledge, data mining expertise, and technology for business process excellence. Companies need to ensure that these competencies are in place to fully exploit the power of pricing analytics as a marketing tool.

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