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Customer Segmentation Analytics

Customer Segmentation Analytics for an Online Payment Services Provider

“Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytics solutions helped us build advanced models to identify customers with high churn risks and reach out to them as part of a focused retention program leading to churn reduction.”


The client is a leading online payment services provider based out of North America with a large customer base. While the company had rapidly grown, based on an aggressive sales strategy, it had lost connection with its customers and was reeling with a high churn rate.

The Business Challenge

Identifying the right target customers is of utmost importance for companies in the financial services sector. But with dynamic customer preferences and the ever-growing competition, it is indeed quite challenging for companies to identify and target potential customers. In such a scenario, customer segmentation analytics solutions can help organizations to target the right customers and drive greater profits by segmenting the customers into homogenous groups with similar characteristics.

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Our client had a rapidly growing customer base and the volume of transaction data entering the system precluded any analysis using manual spreadsheets. When they realized that they did not have the tools to scrutinize data, they invested in proprietary analysis software to alleviate the problem. However, despite the investment, they were unable to derive the insights that were essential for monitoring and decision making. Subsequently, the client approached us with specific issues related to their customers, which was to be unraveled based on their transaction data.

By leveraging Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytic solutions the client was looking to answer the following questions: 

  • What metrics need to be monitored to gauge customer engagement
  • Which of my customers are likely to churn and what are the specific indicators for churn? 
  • Which customer segment should my sales team target to build a healthy customer base? 
  • How should I monetize my customer base to increase revenue? 
  • How to provide better value to my customers that will increase customer engagement? 


Harness the power of customer segmentation analytics to turn data into insights. Contact our analytics experts to learn how we can help you.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s dedicated ‘Customer Analytics Centre of Excellence’ with a team of 20+ data scientists, domain experts, and analysts designed an innovative three-pronged approach that leveraged various customer segmentation analytics techniques to tackle the challenges faced by the client. The crux of this engagement revolved around the use of advanced customer segmentation analytics techniques such as- clustering algorithms and time-series analysis.

The use of clustering algorithms and time series analysis helped the client to segment their customers into smaller segments and model the behavior of churned customers across different cohorts while offering a better understanding of the segment-wise behavior. The feature set built for this purpose included demographic information collected at the time of registration as well as engagement information derived from transaction data sets.

Identifying these segments provided a clear picture of the entire customer base and the variation in behavior of each segment. This helped our client to build the strategy for better customer engagement in terms of offers, customer reach out programs and so on.

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Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytics experts built a customized solution to meet the client’s requirements which included the following three-phases:


Phase 1

The first phase of this customer segmentation analytics engagement focused on developing a data pipeline to access and process the raw data in a secure manner. The pipeline required that the raw data undergo a cleansing and quality check process before any further action. 

Phase 2

In the second phase, the raw data was processed to create multiple new features that were specifically engineered for customer analysis. The new features provided a holistic view of the customer journey throughout the lifecycle of engagement and enabled further analysis. 

Phase 3

In the third phase of this customer segmentation analytics engagement our experts devised customized dashboards to help the client flexibly analyze data. The processed data was used to build a separate machine learning pipeline for carrying out customer segmentation and churn prediction. 


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Business Outcome

Based on the insights provided, the client was able to monetize customer data by designing services based on customer needs and preferences. The deployment of advanced analytics dashboards also benefitted the client tremendously by offering a real time view of the global customer base.

The customized analytics solution was deployed in a production environment for the client and has had the following impact:

  • The customer churn reduced by over 9% post engagement
  • Revised offers being provided the client was able to increase customer engagement by 10%
Customer segmentation analytics

Customer Segmentation Analytics Opened up New Growth Avenues for a Banking and Insurance Company to Improve Customer Acquisition by 2X – Quantzig’s Latest Success Story

The client is a multinational banking and insurance services provider headquartered in Wexford, Ireland. The client is well-known for offering a wide range of services that include deposits, loans, financial planning services, investments, pension cash management, online banking, foreign exchange, interest rate risk management, and mobile and tablet banking services. The banking and insurance company was looking for customer segmentation analytics solutions to connect with multi-channel customer segments and more precisely identify potential customer segments. Hence, they approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in offering customer segmentation analytics solutions to drive revenue generation by growing their wallet share from existing as well as new customer groups.

Companies in the banking and insurance sector face several predicaments in developing a customer segmentation strategy to target the most profitable customer segments. The challenges these companies face can be attributed to several factors such as the growing need to develop customized marketing programs, design products and services to effectively address customer needs, and reduce customer churn rates. Today customers are digitally empowered, and therefore, traditional customer segmentation strategies used by banking and insurance players will no longer help. To gain strategic advantage, banking and insurance companies need to enhance their organizational capabilities and customer acquisition strategies.

Customer segmentation in banking can help you gain a 360-degree view of customer behaviors and devise suitable strategies to categorize them into homogenous segments. Request a FREE proposal to gain in-depth insights into our customer segmentation analytics solutions.

Business Challenge

As one of the leading banking and insurance companies in Ireland, the client was successfully able to incorporate actionable insights from their customer behavioral patterns into their upstream and downstream business operations. However, with the increasing developments in the field of e-banking services, the banking and insurance company was not able to bring about improvements in their customer satisfaction and service levels. Also, owing to their huge customer base across Europe, they were facing challenges in identifying opportunities for revenue growth.

Additionally, the client found it challenging to differentiate the customer servicing experience and design product bundles to more effectively address customer preferences. The banking and insurance company was looking for customer analytics solutions to connect with multi-channel customer segments and more precisely identify potential customer segments along with ways to market and serve them. Hence, they approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in offering customer segmentation analytics solutions to drive revenue generation by growing their wallet share from existing as well as new customer groups.

Get in touch with our experts to learn how you can allocate resources and extract maximum value from various customer segments with the help of customer segmentation analytics.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

To help the banking and insurance company tackle the above-mentioned challenges, our customer segmentation analytics experts adopted a comprehensive approach that comprised three phases. The first phase focused on a detailed analysis of the competitive forces and different customer groups across Europe. In the second phase, Quantzig’s experts focused on establishing meaningful customer segments by assessing demographic datasets available with the client. The third and the final phase revolved around developing a unique customer segmentation strategy that helped the client to create effective marketing strategies and unique communication strategy for each target audience.

Quantzig’s advanced customer segmentation analytics solutions can help you unveil meaningful and measurable segments based on customer needs and interests. Request a FREE demo below.

The solution offered helped the client to gain several benefits by establishing customer analytics as a true business discipline. Also, by leveraging Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytics solutions, the client was able to capture the full potential of their customer base by catering to their customers’ needs in a consistent, professional manner at every touchpoint. Additionally, they were able to gauge the profitability based on parameters such as customer lifetime value, customer churn rate, and customer loyalty.

The streamlined approach to customer segmentation analytics also helped the client to witness:

  • 2X improvement in customer acquisition rates
  • Significant decrease in customer churn rates
  • 42% increase in customer satisfaction levels

Benefits of Customer Segmentation Analytics


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customer profitability analysis

Driving Sustainable Business Value with Customer Profitability Analysis – Quantzig’s New Success Story

The client is a leading European electronics goods retailer who was looking at revamping its product pricing and promotion strategy by leveraging customer profitability analysis. Using detailed customer profitability analysis reports, they wanted to drive profitability by attracting and retaining profitable customers.

The Business Challenge

A European electronics company was looking to identify new cost-saving opportunities by making better CapEx allocation decisions by leveraging customer profitability analysis. The client spent more than 10% of their sales on acquiring assets and close to 8% was non-performing with poor inventory movement. Their main aim was to tackle this challenge by reducing mismatches in asset levels by increasing POS throughput. This is when they approached Quantzig to help them identify activities and customers behaviors that drive business outcomes by employing customer profitability analysis.

Employing customer profitability analysis can help companies to identify and capitalize on new opportunities to drive growth. Request a FREE proposal to gain in-depth insights into our portfolio of  customer analytics solutions.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

With insights obtained from customer profitability analysis reports, the client was in a better position to identify the two customer groups that generated the highest net profit for the company. Our product profitability analysis solution also empowered them to identify five product categories that helped them drive profitable growth.

Our analytics experts adopted a comprehensive approach to product profitability analysis which revolved around decomposing costs down to the product code to better analyze the cost distribution pattern. The insights obtained from our customer profitability analysis solutions enabled them to see where the costs associated with each product arose and how they could identify the lowest acceptable price for each product the company sells. Furthermore, the client was also able to model the effect on product profitability by changing the cost of processes associated with manufacturing, sourcing, and selling those products.

Customer profitability analysis can help you identify profitable product categories and imrpove sales. Request a FREE Demo to know how we can help you.

Based on insights such as these, the electronics retailer:

  • Changed the pricing structure and configuration of its product portfolio
  • Identified five profitable product categories worth promoting, with the goal of ensuring that ‘cash cow’ products were promoted to all customers
  • Redesigned its cross-sell and up-sell strategies
  • Identified potentially important customer segments

The tipping point in this product profitability analysis engagement occurred when the client was well-prepared to develop a sales strategy based on the products their customers purchased. The devised strategy also played a key role in helping them achieve their business goals by ensuring their customers purchased ‘cash cow’ products as well as other complementary products.

Contact our customer analytics experts to know more about our capabilities and the benefits of customer profitability analysis.

Steps to Gauge Profitability Using Customer Profitability Analysis


customer acquisition

Four Pillars of a Robust Customer Acquisition Strategy

What is Customer Acquisition? 

Customer acquisition is a process to bring new customers down the marketing funnel from brand awareness to purchase decision. It encompasses the entire journey of a buyer, from the time they become a lead until they become a loyal customer. Businesses need to track and measure their customer acquisition efforts to stay ahead of their competitors. Businesses can do so by using metrics such as conversion rate, customer acquisition rate, rate of new customer acquisition and rate of visits to specific product pages. Keeping track of customer acquisition efforts can further help companies to understand the customer’s journey and identify how different touchpoints are impacting the customer’s purchase behavior. As a result, businesses can determine and capitalize on the right opportunities to improve profitability.

Quantzig’s data integration capabilities offers get end to end visibility into customer’s journey and devise effective acquisition strategies. Request a FREE proposal to gain in-depth insights into our portfolio of customer analytics services.

Four Pillars of a Robust Customer Acquisition Strategy

Pillar #1: Sustainability

Sustainability is very important for a acquisition strategy to be effective. Sustainable customer acquisition strategy can help establish your thought-leadership. Also, it can help businesses to succeed in the long-run and have an edge over the competitors.

Pillar #2: Flexibility

Today’s customers are digitally empowered and that is why their response to any brand changes frequently. Therefore, the acquisition strategy should be flexible to respond to market trends effectively and efficiently. Also, flexible customer acquisition strategy can help in offering better customer experience, improving brand image and driving customer loyalty.

Get in touch with our experts to know how they can guide you with advanced customer acquisition techniques to boost sales and profitability.

Pillar #3: Targeted Marketing

If your acquisition strategy doesn’t focus on targeting the right people, it can result in wastage of resources. Therefore, before investing in acquisition efforts, it is important to define who you’re targeting. A targeted customer acquisition strategy requires taking a step back and figuring out what’s best for your business and audience. This can further help in weeding out any unnecessary or wasted acquisition efforts and can channelize your investment in a way to derive a positive outcome.

Pillar #4: Diversification

Diversifying your acquisition strategy and using various acquisition methods can help you reach new audiences and generating new leads. Also, diversifying your customer acquisition strategy helps in striking the balance between risk and reward. This means if one channel begins to fail, it’s easier to reallocate funds to better-performing methods.

Our customer analytics solutions help businesses achieve far more accurate insights on customer preferences and help develop forward-looking perspectives. Request a FREE demo to know more.

Customer data management

3 Effective Tips to Improve Customer Data Management for Millennial B2B marketers

Today customer data is considered to be the most valuable resource for businesses across industries. By gaining insights from customer data, businesses can easily predict future customer behavior patterns, devise sales strategies, and estimate the success of their marketing campaigns. Therefore, customer data management can cement the success of any business that decides to dig deeper into customer behavior insights. Customer data management can further help businesses to analyze customer buying behaviors and any additional information that customers might have shared with any business across various touchpoints. With a better understanding of customers’ personalities and pain points, companies can cater to their needs on a far more personal level which is very essential in today’s highly competitive business landscape.

Wonder how to keep track of multiple facets of a single customer data? Customer data management solutions can help. Request a FREE proposal now to gain detailed insights.

Tips to Manage Customer Data Effectively

Tip #1: Monitor integrity and relevance of customer data

Data cleansing is one of the most important aspects of customer data management. For effective customer data management, it is important to keep up-to-date information about customers as customer behavior is dynamic, and the customer data reflects the movement of their actions. Cleansing processes can help to weed out contacts that aren’t engaging, or whose information is no longer correct. Also, monitoring the integrity and relevance of customer data can help you to devise more effective  marketing campaigns and customer segmentation strategies. A flow of incorrect data can lead to bad customer experience that can negatively impact the reputation of your brand.

Quantzig’s analytics experts help companies to deal with customer data privacy concerns. Get in touch with them now!

Tip #2: Gather all available customer data into a unified profile

Using multiple tools to collect data can result in the collection of disconnected data leading to fragmented customer experience. Also, creating a unified customer profile is difficult by using multiple channel-specific tools for data collection. For effective customer data management, businesses need to have a unified customer view that comprises all of the customer interactions with the business including email clicks, website browsing history, mobile interactions and so on. A 360-degree view of the customer is critical to offer seamless omnichannel and connected customer experience.

Our customer analytics dashboards can help you monitor  customer journeys and analyze the data at every touchpoint in real-time. Request a FREE demo below to know more.

Tip #3: Keep customer data secure

Data security is a crucial component of any customer data management system. So, businesses need to have data backed protocols in place to encrypt and protect their most valuable business asset- “customer data”. Therefore, businesses need to be very careful when it comes to safeguarding the confidential and private information such as credit card information, social security numbers and other financial information.

To gain  more tips for effective customer data management, request for more information below.

customer analytics in retail

Customer Analytics Engagement: How a leading banking and insurance company witnessed a 2x increase in customer loyalty

The client is a leading banking and insurance company based out of Denmark with a strong presence in more than 15 countries. With the rise in its global customer base, the company was looking at deploying an innovative approach to analyze attributes, journeys and behavior of its customers. Their existing approach failed to successfully engage customers in ways that would help them boost customer loyalty. Therefore, they approached Quantzig to leverage its customer analytics solutions to gain in-depth insights into end-user behaviors.

By leveraging Quantzig’s customer analytics solutions, companies can effectively track and monitor customer journeys and reduce churn. Request a FREE proposal to gain in-depth insights into our advanced analytics solutions.

Business Challenge

A host of different factors such as speed, agility, and access to reliable information are intersecting to subtly change the way the banking and insurance sector will operate in the years to come. Companies in the banking and insurance sector have traditional business models that aim at implementing secure systems. These models are unable to track and analyze customer journeys. This is where customer analytics solutions can help.

Our analytics experts help companies in the banking and insurance sector to reap maximum benefits from a well-segmented and thoroughly analyzed customer database. Get in touch with them right away!

The client, a leading company in the banking and insurance sector in Denmark, found it challenging to identify profitable customer segments, improve customer relationships and win back former customers. The declining customer trust and increasing risks prompted the client to take proper measures to deal with these challenges by leveraging advanced customer analytics solutions and approached Quantzig to help them effectively improve customer loyalty by reducing churn.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

To help the client tackle their core business challenges, customer analytics experts at Quantzig adopted a comprehensive approach that aimed at gaining a 360-degree view of their customers in the first step. By leveraging Quantzig’s advanced customer analytics solutions, the client was able to identify higher-value customers which, in turn, helped them spend more time building customer loyalty programs to drive bottom-line results. Also, the banking and insurance company was able to identify flight risk customers and factors affecting their decisions.

Quantzig’s customer analytics solutions use powerful predictive models to determine which actions typically precede a lost customer or sale and allow businesses to leverage data discovery to identify factors that affect churn. Request a FREE demo to know more.

Customer analytics solutions also helped the client to:

  • Increase customer loyalty by 2X
  • Identify potential customer segment
  • Better understand customer behaviors

Why choose Quantzig as your next analytics partner?

Quantzig is a leading analytics solutions provider that is well-known for assisting clients across the globe with its advanced analytics solutions. We help organizations across industries to gain data-driven insights and transform themselves into an analytics-driven organization. Our highly skilled team of data scientists, consultants, and analysts can help you analyze datasets in real-time so that you can take appropriate actions and solve critical business issues before it becomes a major crisis. Also, we work in collaboration with our clients to help them identify new opportunities, define robust solutions, and develop cutting-edge visual dashboards.

Customer Experience Analytics

A Leading European Air Transport Services Provider Leverages Customer Experience Analytics to Improve Customer Experience by 2X | Customer Success Story

The client is a leading European airline company that provides air transportation services for both passengers and freight.

The Business Challenge

We live in a fast-changing world where the evolution of industries continues to accelerate owing to innumerable factors, the airline industry is no exception. With growing competitive pressures, airline industry players have now started facing the brunt in the form of declining profits and shrinking customer base. Though businesses in this sector have adopted several new strategies to bolster their bottom line, we believe its high-time they adopt a data-driven, strategic approach.

Focusing on improving customer experience through customer experience analytics can not only help airline companies build customer loyalty but will eventually witness a direct impact on profit margins. Also, with advanced technologies paving their way into the business world, businesses must consider leveraging advanced customer experience analytics to deliver personalized services and experiences to their customers.

Our client, an airline service provider faced similar challenges that curtailed their efforts to drive customer experiences and boost profitability. Though the client had deployed an in-house customer data warehouse which served as the foundation of their CRM program, they lacked the required analytics capabilities to sift through the datasets to extract meaningful insights. This is when they turned to Quantzig to leverage its customer experience analytics expertise to power their digital transformation efforts.

Customer experience analytics is crucial for businesses to succeed in today’s competitive business scenario.

Request a FREE proposal to learn how analytics is shaping customer experiences across industries. 

To tackle their challenges the client needed to-

  • Identify siloed customer data sets
  • Conduct a deep customer analytics maturity assessment
  • Formulate an analytics-powered strategy to improve customer experience & loyalty
  • Deploy and scale new customer analytics capabilities

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s customer experience analytics experts adopted a comprehensive approach to helping the client resolve challenges surrounding customer experience management. The three-pronged approach revolved around conducting a process maturity assessment, building a new analytics platform, and scaling up delivery of new analytics capabilities across the CRM system. By helping them connect the customer data warehouse to personalized solutions, we also helped them interact with their customers at every digital touchpoint. Also, turning data to insights helped them optimize customer data and take customer support to the next level with advanced customer experience analytics.

Our portfolio of customer analytics solutions can help you tackle challenges surrounding customer experience management. Get in touch with our customer experience analytics experts today!

Quantzig’s customer experience analytics solutions helped the client to:

  • Develop a blueprint for deploying a customer experience analytics platform
  • Offer better customer experiences and improve operational efficiency
  • Improve customer experience by 2X

What is Customer Experience Analytics?


customer profile analysis

5 Key Steps to Create an Ideal Customer Profile to Boost Marketing Strategies

To succeed in the extremely competitive business landscape, companies need to know exactly who their customers are and how to target them. Companies cannot afford to waste time and resources on irrelevant leads. This is where an ideal customer profile can help. Customer profile analysis can help businesses to know who their customers are, what they do and what do they expect. Consequently, businesses can improve customer engagement and offer them a better experience. Creating the target customers’ profile also enables a business to offer tailored messages and improve marketing efforts. Today companies across industries are competing for market share, customer acquisition, and customer retention.  Therefore, for businesses to find potential customers and enhance their loyalty, targeting the right prospects with the right offering at the right time has become very crucial. Building an effective customer profile can help businesses to make their customers feel valued, cared and engaged. In this article, our customer analytics experts have highlighted a few crucial steps to create an effective customer profile that can help companies in improving market penetration, enhance response rates, and boost customer acquisition.

By creating customer profiles our customer analytics experts help leading businesses to gain a better understanding of customers’ buying habits and improve customer experience. Request a FREE proposal now to gain better insights into our portfolio of analytics solutions.

How to create an Ideal Customer ProfileHow to create an Ideal Customer Profile?

Step #1: Define your customers

To develop a target customer profile, it is important that companies define their customers first. They must gain an understanding of the target markets and customer personas based on demographics, personality, and behavior. Also, players across industries need to assess their current target market and potential markets to improve business expansion.

Step #2: Locate your customers online

Today most businesses have started exploiting online channels to drive business growth. This makes it important for companies to analyze which websites and pages their customers have visited in search of information about their business, product, or services. Also, companies need to focus on keywords and keyword phrases customers use during their search process. This can help them to improve their content marketing strategy. Furthermore, by analyzing the type of articles customers read businesses can gain in-depth insights into the kind of purchases customers make.

Get in touch with our customer analytics experts for more tips on creating an ideal customer profile.

Step #3: Define your customers’ purchasing process

The purchasing process for every customer is different. This includes expensive and complicated purchases that require more research, quotes and time before the contract is made. Companies to make an ideal customer profile, need to put themselves in the shoes of a typical customer and record the steps they would take to make an informed decision.

Step #4: Prioritize your target markets

Next step into developing a target customer profile is selecting target markets to develop customer personas. Customer personas are the foundation for all tactical marketing and sales strategies and plans. Buyer’s personas can help companies to understand their customers and their pain points. Also, this can aid in analyzing the factors that motivate customers to make purchase decisions. Such assessments can help businesses to develop core messages for each target market and can improve their marketing strategies to enhance the target customer experience.

Quantzig’s customized analytics solutions help businesses to identify factors for customer churn and develop efficient strategies that will increase customer retention. Request a FREE demo now!

Step #5: Identify risks your customers can face

Identifying risks that customers might encounter while investing in your services is as important as identifying the benefits. These risks can be both positive and negative. Positive risks have a positive outcome and aid in inventory and warehouse optimization that can help in improving service. On the other hand, negative risks have negative outcomes because of which you might miss out an opportunity in the new market. By identifying and categorizing positive and negative risks, companies can improve their call-to-action strategies and segment their audiences to offer better customer experience.

Want to learn more about how customer profile analysis can help you nurture a stronger relationship with your customers? Request for more information right away.

Customer data management

3 Ways to Boost Business Expansion Strategies Using Customer Behavior Data

By using customer behavior data, companies across industries can analyze how their customers respond to their products and services, followed by their marketing and selling. Businesses that truly understand their customers, can come up with Can improve their products and services to cater to the unique needs of their customers to promote them more effectively. Analyzing consumer behavior is crucial for all companies, especially before the launch of a product or service. Analyzing customer behavior helps in marketing products and services successfully. Marketing strategies are driven by customer behavior that serves as a tool for marketers to meet their sales objectives. If any company does not understand its customer’s demand, it might end up experiencing a significant loss in terms of customer loyalty and retention. However, understanding customer behavior is a daunting task because each customer has a different purchasing behavior and interest.  This is where customer behavior data can help. In this article, our customer analytics experts have highlighted a few ways in which customer behavior data can help in improving business expansion strategies and driving significant growth.

Our customer analytics solutions help businesses to gain a better understanding of customers’ buying habits and lifestyle preferences. Request a FREE proposal to gain better insights into our portfolio of services.

How to boost business expansion using customer behavior data?

#1: By increasing customer retention

By leveraging customer behavior analytics, companies can successfully segment their customers based on their buying behavior and interests. This can, further, help them identify at-risk customers and devise marketing strategies to tackle the challenge. Using such insights, companies can find more ways to improve customer engagement and launch new initiatives to offer personalized products and services based on customer behavior.

Learn how our customized customer analytics solutions can help you achieve the desired business outcomes. Request for more information below.

#2: By improving customer acquisition

The journey of modern customers is very complex. The path to purchase typically involves different touchpoints across multiple channels. Most companies tend to struggle when it comes to effectively aligning their marketing strategy with the customer journey. Organizations face issues due to budgetary constraints and fragmented data sources. This is the reason many marketers are leveraging data-driven approaches such as customer behavior analytics to gain better insights into customer behavior. Customer analytics solutions help companies to optimize the path to purchase through personalization, helping them acquire more customers that exhibit similar behavior and manage their acquisition budget.

Quantzig offers advanced analytics solutions that help companies to identify factors impacting churn and develop efficient strategies that will increase customer retention. Request a FREE demo to gain better insights.

#3: By driving customer growth and expansion

Individual customers may have a higher likelihood of converting on particular cross-sell, up-sell or repeat purchase offers at certain times. By leveraging customer behavior data and analytics, companies can identify a customer who has encountered negative experiences which prompted them to discontinue the services. Consequently, such customers can be targeted with other retention-focused initiatives to win back their loyalty and increase their satisfaction. 

Finding it difficult to quantify and forecast the value of individual customers across dimensions? Our customer analytics experts can help. Get in touch with them right away.

churn model

3 Major Challenges Enterprises Face in Building an Effective Churn Model

To succeed in today’s complex business scenario, companies need to build and deploy an effective customer churn analysis model in order to monitor churn rate and maximize customer retention. Acquiring new customers always costs heavily and this makes predictive churn model appealing for businesses that aim at retaining customers and maximizing profits. Although predicting customer churn seems to be easy initially it involves several challenges. We have listed some of these challenges in order to help companies adopt preventive measures before moving ahead in the process.

Our customer churn analysis helps companies to measure churn risk and enhance the effectiveness of retention campaigns. Want to know how? Get in touch with our experts right away.

Challenges of Building a Predictive Churn Model

Challenge #1: Lack of “silver bullet” methodology

One of the major challenges that companies face in building a predictive churn model revolves around the selection of a suitable churn modeling approach. But there is no single methodology to build a predictive churn model that can work in most situations. Machine learning techniques are mostly used by businesses due to their efficiency and ability to categorize and manipulate complex data sets. The approach of survival analysis, on the other hand, uses survival and hazard functions to predict which customer will churn during a particular period. So, the best solution to deal with this challenge is to compare the performance of several models and identify the most effective method for your business.

Quantzig helps its clients by offering accurate churn prediction models to design a data-driven customer retention strategy. Request a FREE proposal to gain better insights.

Challenge #2: Features and exploratory analysis

Businesses face several roadblocks and churn risk at this stage of building predictive churn models such as lack of information, target leakage and the need for optimal feature transformations. Along with the domain knowledge, businesses must also have the required skills and creativity to build robust predictive churn models. .  Therefore, it is important that companies execute careful exploratory analysis and build auxiliary models before embarking on building an overall churn prediction model. Exploratory analysis can also help in revealing reciprocity, irregularities, outliers, and, relationships between different functions, which wouldn’t be possible with domain knowledge alone. 

Our customer analytics solutions help businesses precisely predict future buying behaviors of customers and deliver relevant offers. Request a FREE demo to know more.

Challenge #3: Validating churn model performance

For accurate customer churn analysis, it’s essential to choose the correct metric to optimize and validate datasets. The precision of a churn model not only impacts performance but also affects decision-making. As such, businesses need to employ different strategies to validate the performance of a churn model prior to its implementation. Also, businesses need to monitor several versions of churn model to identify problems.

Still, want to know more about the critical roadblocks in building a precise customer churn model? Request for more information below.

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