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Customer Segmentation Engagement Helped a Pharmaceutical Products Supplier to Bridge the Price Gaps and Improve Customer Retention by 4x- Quantzig’s Latest Success Story

Quantzig’s multi-dimensional approach to customer segmentation analytics helped us better target our customers by understanding customer’s behaviors, needs, and values.

About the Client

The client is a leading pharmaceutical products supplier based out of the United States. The company sells its products in more than 12 countries all around  North America.

The Business Challenge

The rising skepticism over the ever-escalating prices on pharmaceutical products is compelling organizations to innovate by increasing their investments in R&D. As people are gaining more access to healthcare, prominent businesses are planning to manage healthcare funding and tender effective measures to narrow the price gaps between local and international brands. Along with urbanization, the rise of the aging population, changing lifestyles, and increasing incidences of chronic diseases will drive the growth of the pharmaceutical product space.

The client, a prominent pharmaceutical products supplier, wanted to stay ahead of the competitors and identify new products to meet customer expectations. The pharmaceutical industry client wanted to segment their customers based on their needs, behaviors, and demographics. Moreover, through an effective customer segmentation engagement, the supplier of the pharmaceutical product wanted to develop value-based segmentation to understand the revenue they generate. The primary concern of the client was to create and communicate targeted marketing messages to resonate with a specific group of customers.

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Based on the business requirements, the client collaborated with Quantzig  to leverage its expertise in offering customer segmentation analytics solutions to help them develop value-based segmentation to understand the revenue they generate.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s dedicated team of customer segmentation analytics designed a three-step approach to help the client tackle the core business challenge.

Talk to our analytics experts to know how we can help you develop more focused marketing messages to best fit each customer segment  in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our analytics experts adopted a three-step approach to help the client tackle their core business challenges.

Phase 1

The first phase of customer segmentation engagement focused on analyzing business objectives by collecting customer data from disparate sources and developing a detailed roadmap to help the client identify unique customer personas.

Phase 2

In the second phase of customer segmentation engagement, our analytics experts integrated and harmonized data to identify high-performing, profitable product categories, and understand the degree of alignment between the needs of the customers and their  offerings.

Phase 3

The third and final phase of the customer segmentation engagement focused on creating customer profiles based on the demographic consumption patterns. Also, our analytics experts leveraged predictive modeling techniques to help the client devise suitable marketing strategies and cater to the needs of different customer segments.

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Business Outcome

The customer segmentation solution offered by Quantzig helped the pharmaceutical products supplier to identify ways to improve product and service opportunities and establish a better relationship with the customers. The solution also sought ways for the client to differentiate customers based on their economic value. Moreover, the client was able to predict and anticipate the most profitable customers and allocate their capital resources efficiently. The client was able to differentiate their products with that of the competitors’ offerings and improve the overall market share.

Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytics solution also empowered the client to:

  • Successfully bridge the price gaps
  • Improve customer retention by 4X
  • Enhance relationships with potential customer groups
  • Target niche customer segments

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Customer Segmentation Analytics for an Online Payment Services Provider

“Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytics solutions helped us build advanced models to identify customers with high churn risks and reach out to them as part of a focused retention program leading to churn reduction.”


The client is a leading online payment services provider based out of North America with a large customer base. While the company had rapidly grown, based on an aggressive sales strategy, it had lost connection with its customers and was reeling with a high churn rate.

The Business Challenge

Identifying the right target customers is of utmost importance for companies in the financial services sector. But with dynamic customer preferences and the ever-growing competition, it is indeed quite challenging for companies to identify and target potential customers. In such a scenario, customer segmentation analytics solutions can help organizations to target the right customers and drive greater profits by segmenting the customers into homogenous groups with similar characteristics.

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Our client had a rapidly growing customer base and the volume of transaction data entering the system precluded any analysis using manual spreadsheets. When they realized that they did not have the tools to scrutinize data, they invested in proprietary analysis software to alleviate the problem. However, despite the investment, they were unable to derive the insights that were essential for monitoring and decision making. Subsequently, the client approached us with specific issues related to their customers, which was to be unraveled based on their transaction data.

By leveraging Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytic solutions the client was looking to answer the following questions: 

  • What metrics need to be monitored to gauge customer engagement
  • Which of my customers are likely to churn and what are the specific indicators for churn? 
  • Which customer segment should my sales team target to build a healthy customer base? 
  • How should I monetize my customer base to increase revenue? 
  • How to provide better value to my customers that will increase customer engagement? 


Harness the power of customer segmentation analytics to turn data into insights. Contact our analytics experts to learn how we can help you.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s dedicated ‘Customer Analytics Centre of Excellence’ with a team of 20+ data scientists, domain experts, and analysts designed an innovative three-pronged approach that leveraged various customer segmentation analytics techniques to tackle the challenges faced by the client. The crux of this engagement revolved around the use of advanced customer segmentation analytics techniques such as- clustering algorithms and time-series analysis.

The use of clustering algorithms and time series analysis helped the client to segment their customers into smaller segments and model the behavior of churned customers across different cohorts while offering a better understanding of the segment-wise behavior. The feature set built for this purpose included demographic information collected at the time of registration as well as engagement information derived from transaction data sets.

Identifying these segments provided a clear picture of the entire customer base and the variation in behavior of each segment. This helped our client to build the strategy for better customer engagement in terms of offers, customer reach out programs and so on.

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Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytics experts built a customized solution to meet the client’s requirements which included the following three-phases:


Phase 1

The first phase of this customer segmentation analytics engagement focused on developing a data pipeline to access and process the raw data in a secure manner. The pipeline required that the raw data undergo a cleansing and quality check process before any further action. 

Phase 2

In the second phase, the raw data was processed to create multiple new features that were specifically engineered for customer analysis. The new features provided a holistic view of the customer journey throughout the lifecycle of engagement and enabled further analysis. 

Phase 3

In the third phase of this customer segmentation analytics engagement our experts devised customized dashboards to help the client flexibly analyze data. The processed data was used to build a separate machine learning pipeline for carrying out customer segmentation and churn prediction. 


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Business Outcome

Based on the insights provided, the client was able to monetize customer data by designing services based on customer needs and preferences. The deployment of advanced analytics dashboards also benefitted the client tremendously by offering a real time view of the global customer base.

The customized analytics solution was deployed in a production environment for the client and has had the following impact:

  • The customer churn reduced by over 9% post engagement
  • Revised offers being provided the client was able to increase customer engagement by 10%
customer segmentation

Accelerating Pharma Growth Through Geographic Customer Segmentation – A Case Study by Quantzig

The client is a leading pharma industry player based out of the US. The pharma company wanted to segment their customers into different clusters based on consumption patterns, demographics, and other economic indicators, to develop specific growth strategies for each segment.

The Business Challenge

To grow and achieve their business objectives, every company irrespective of the region in which it operates has to find a way to tackle the inevitable challenge of making sense of large customer data sets. By doing so, businesses can better understand market needs and cater to the specific needs of their customers. The pharma company wanted to find suitable ways to accelerate growth and gain a winning edge in the global marketplace. They wanted to leverage Quantzig’s customer segmentation solutions to develop homogenous clusters and analyze the needs of their customers.

Using geographic customer segmentation solutions, they wanted to-

  • Improve customer acquisition strategies with targeted customer segmentation
  • Achieve better results by narrowing your customer focus and targeting distinct segments

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Solution Offered and Value Delivered

We adopted a four-step approach to help the client address their challenges. The initial phase focused on data discovery followed by data cleansing and the creation of customer profiles and finally the validation of those profiles using advanced predictive analytics techniques.

Phase 1

In the first phase of this geographical customer segmentation engagement, we analyzed the objectives of the project, collected available data, and developed a detailed roadmap to address the core challenges faced by the client.

Phase 2

In the second phase of this geographical customer segmentation engagement, our analytics experts integrated, cleansed, and harmonized data obtained from disparate sources and then finalized the input metrics for the predictive model. We worked with the client to choose the specific variables which could be included in the segmentation algorithm. The objectives of our study and the output of the analysis determined the choice of variables.

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Phase 3

We created customer profiles based on consumption patterns, demographics, geography, and customer lifestyle. Hierarchical clustering analysis also helped us segment the customers into different homogenous groups based on their location and needs.

Phase 4

In the fourth and final phase of this geographic customer segmentation assessment, we leveraged predictive techniques to validate the clusters and devised suitable strategies to cater to the needs of different customer groups.

The geographic customer segmentation solutions offered also empowered the client to develop growth strategies, according to the geo-economic clusters that we had identified.

Why Choose Quantzig as Your Geographic Customer Segmentation Solution Provider?

Our portfolio of advanced customer segmentation analytics solutions empowers companies to devise suitable customer segmentation strategies to address the growing needs of their customers. Leveraging analytics to segment the customers into homogenous groups based on the geographic location puts you in a better position to make crucial decisions related to product development, marketing, and delivery of services.

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What are the Types of Customer Segmentation?


customer segmentation analytics

Boosting Sales and Profitability for a German Pharmaceutical Company with the help of Customer Segmentation Analytics – A Quantzig Success Story

The client is a German pharmaceutical company that majorly focuses its efforts on oncology, metabolism, immunology, respiratory disease and central nervous system diseases. The company has a strong market presence in 12 countries across the globe.

With the pharmaceutical environment becoming extremely competitive and dynamic, companies in the pharmaceutical industry have also shifted their approach towards consumerism. To stay ahead of the curve in today’s business landscape, pharma companies need to effectively target promotional activities toward consumers who are most likely to respond to their marketing efforts. Pharma companies need to get away with traditional marketing approaches to reach consumers in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Quantzig’s customer segmentation models employ sophisticated data clustering techniques to classify customers into diverse groups. Request a FREE proposal now to gain in-depth insights into our portfolio of customer analytics solutions.

Business Challenge

The client was facing serious challenges while expanding their business overseas.  This was mainly due to their inability to classify customers in the new market based on their needs and specific behavioral and demographic patterns. The pharma company was not able to achieve the desired results through their existing promotional campaigns. So, they approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in offering customer segmentation analytics to better understand and segment their customers based on their value. Also, by leveraging customer segmentation analytics, the client wanted to tap hidden business opportunities within untapped customer segments in the new market.

Our customer segmentation analytics experts help companies achieve far more accurate insights regarding customer preferences and help develop forward-looking perspectives. Get in touch with them right away.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

To help the client tackle their challenges Quantzig developed a holistic customer segmentation analytics framework to improve their customer segmentation strategies and target new consumers through personalized marketing campaigns. The analytics experts at Quantzig also leveraged robust statistical tools and response modeling techniques to glean actionable insights into various customer segments. Consequently, the client witnessed a significant improvement in the response for their personalized campaigns and achieved an increase of 23% in sales and profitability.

By using Quantzig’s multi-dimensional approach to customer segmentation analytics you can better target your customers by understanding their behaviors, needs, and value. Request a FREE demo to know more.

Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytics solutions also helped the client to:

  • Identify high-performing, profitable product categories, and understand the degree of alignment between the needs of the customers and their offerings
  • Better target their customers by understanding their behavior, needs, and value
  • Achieve an unparalleled degree of customer-centricity and unique value propositions

To learn how our customer analytics solutions can help you get end to end visibility into your customer’s journey, request for more information below.

Global Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges


response modeling

A European Fashion Retailer Improved Campaign Effectiveness and Sales by 3X Using a Retail Customer Segmentation Strategy

Owned by a Swedish retail giant, our client is one of the leading fashion retailers in Europe. The client has over 200 stores spread globally with over 50+ stores located in Europe.

The Business Challenge

Most retailers today categorize their customers into different groups based on demographic data and behavioral patterns. However, a major concern revolves around the use of top-level demographic data as it often offers inaccurate insights that fail to capture deeper insights required to analyze customer demand.

What does your average customer prefer? Though it’s a simple question that every retail industry player must address, the growing customer needs and preferences have made it difficult to pin down a comprehensive answer. In reality, it is a major challenge as your customers are unique and trying to find the common elements which unite them to define your ‘average customer’ inevitably leads a vague picture of the customer base.

Owing to the competitive retail scenario there exists a growing need to address customer demands and cut down costs by better understanding the focus groups. Facing similar challenges, our client was looking at leveraging custom-built retail customer segmentation models to enhance the efficiency of its in-house segmentation solutions and increase customer engagement by implementing a truly one-to-one retail customer segmentation strategy. 

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

To help the retailer automate the marketing messages and boost conversion rates we put together a team of customer analytics experts who designed and implemented an effective retail customer segmentation strategy by integrating in-store data with customer data sets. Adapting to the new retail customer segmentation strategy not only helped them automate personalized communications but also helped them improve marketing campaigns and increase sales.

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Retail Customer Segmentation Engagement- Business Outcome


customer segmentation analytics

Customer Segmentation Analytics Helped a Major Telco to Tap into Distinctive Customer Segments to Boost Loyalty and Sales

A European telecom giant which offers a full range of telecom services wanted to boost ROI and drive sales across regions by improving its visibility among loyal customers. To do so, the telecom giant decided to target the most profitable customer segments through promotional campaigns. Having failed to achieve the desired results through promotional campaigns, they approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in customer segmentation analytics to better understand and prioritize customers based on their value.

The Business Challenge

With rapid advancements in technology changing the telecom landscape, players in this sector are poised to witness increasingly tough times. In fact, the telecom industry is set to face major digital disruptions over the next few years, making it crucial for businesses to reimagine their business models, rebuild a market position, and offer innovative solutions to its customers. Though several opportunities can be unearthed using customer segmentation analytics businesses are not well equipped to identify and capitalize on such opportunities.

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With the growing competition, the telecom major was seeking to improve its churn rate and customer loyalty. To achieve this they decided to examine the customer segments in order to identify and target the high-potential customer groups. By challenging the existing customer segmentation structure, the telecom major wanted to sharpen its customer segmentation analytics capabilities by raising the following questions regarding the benefits of leveraging customer segmentation analytics:

• Do the existing customer segmentation strategies need to be revamped?
• Do the existing customer segments need restructuring?
• Are there hidden business opportunities within untapped customer segments?

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Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

To help the client address their challenges Quantzig developed a comprehensive customer segmentation analytics framework to help them improvise their customer segmentation strategies and target new users through personalized marketing campaigns. We also leveraged propensity modeling techniques and robust statistical tools to glean comprehensive insights into various customer segments. As a result, there was a major improvement in the response for the personalized campaigns and the client achieved a 60% increase in customer loyalty when compared to the previous year.

The customer segmentation analytics solutions also helped the client to:

  • Redesign their customer segmentation approach from demographic segmentation to customer needs-based segmentation
  • Tighten characteristics of the existing customer segments
  • Recognize new, distinctive customer groups

What is customer segmentation analytics?


behavioral segmentation

Behavioral Segmentation: A Five-Minute Guide to go from Novice to An Expert

What is behavioral segmentation?

Behavioral segmentation is defined as the process of dividing the total market into smaller homogeneous groups based on customer buying behavior. This approach of market segmentation focuses more on the distinct actions of customers with regard to the product or service and less on the identity of customers. Behavioral segmentation allows you to categorize your existing and potential customers into smaller segments based on their purchase behavior. The main objective of behavioral segmentation is to identify niches and address their needs that are believed to be similar. This helps marketers to develop marketing strategies for every individual segment and create products to cater to their needs.

Market segmentation can help you analyze various customer groups and gain a competitive edge. Get in touch with our experts to know more.

Why is behavioral segmentation important?

With the competition getting fierce every day, companies are striving to win dynamic markets by designing and producing personalized products to serve the needs of their customers. Every consumer is unique, and this uniqueness is somehow based on their backgrounds and needs. This is the reason why they develop different habits in terms of buying specific products. Therefore, it becomes important for companies to aim at serving their customers based on their buying behaviors. This is where behavioral segmentation comes into the picture. One of the most important reasons why behavioral segmentation is important is because different individuals have different preferences and with this approach, businesses can yield higher profits than approaching different groups with the same marketing strategy.


Behavioral segmentation methods

Purchasing Behavior

This is one of the best behavioral segmentation methods that help to identify trends in customers behavior during the process of purchase decision-making. Analyzing the purchasing behavior of the customers can help in understanding how different individual approach the purchase decision, the barriers they face in the purchasing process. Also, by analyzing these entities and the relation between them, businesses can determine the moments in which customers are most likely to make a purchase.

Our analytics solutions help companies gain accurate insights into the behavior of their customers and marketing efforts. Request a FREE proposal to know more.

Occasion or Timing

Based on timings and occasions, the propensity of consumers to make purchases fluctuates. There are many customers who buy on specific occasions while there are others who buy on regular personal occasions and then there are a few who buy on rare personal occasions. Understanding when a group of similar customers is highly likely to make a purchase can help companies tailor their offers and maximize their profits. Also, it is considered to be one of the most beneficial behavioral segmentation strategies for businesses in terms of gaining customer loyalty.

Usage Rate

It is very important for businesses to know how often a customer uses your product or service. This can help companies in tailoring marketing initiatives and offer every individual a personalized customer experience. With the help of this behavioral segmentation method, businesses can easily identify their most reliable customers who provide them with a bulk of consumer-generated revenue. Also, it can help in targeting such customers who make purchases regularly but not at frequent intervals. This component of behavioral segmentation also helps in identifying customers who don’t make purchases unless some discounts are offered by the company.

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customer profiling

Customer Churn Analysis: The Key to Boost Customer Retention Rates for Businesses

customer churn analysis

Companies across industries spend most of their resources, time, and efforts on customer acquisition, despite knowing the fact that the cost of retaining an existing customer is much lower than acquiring a new one. Therefore, customer retention should be the top priority for companies. Also, for companies analyzing factors responsible for customer churn and estimating the risk associated with individual customers are both important components that help in devising a data-driven customer retention strategy. Customer churn analysis acts as a key to bring these elements together and offers insights that drive smart decision making across an organization. 

Banks, telecom companies, insurance firms, and energy services companies, are some of the businesses that often use customer churn analysis as one of their key business strategies. With the rise of businesses based on recurring revenue models, customer churn has become an important business metric for almost all companies.

Are you finding it difficult to build a predictive customer churn model? Churn analytics solutions may hold the key to success. Get in touch with our experts to know more.

Here are a few important reasons that make customer churn analysis important:

  • Customer churn analysis prevents revenue loss by saving extra costs in marketing and re-acquisition
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is a lot higher than to a new prospect
  • Measuring the customer churn rate helps in calculating the customer lifetime value
  • Customer churn analysis helps in measuring the company’s health and long-term prospects
  • Customer churn analysis examines the rate of improvement in customer retention
  • Helps to identify customers segments that are best suited for your products or services

Steps to Enhance Your Approach To Customer Churn Analysis

Step #1: Calculate basic churn rate

The first step in customer churn analysis is to calculate the customer churn rate. There are several ways to calculate the churn rate. Customer analytics tools can help in calculating churn rate directly in real-time. This calculation not only helps in getting the quantitative metric of churn rate but can actually visualize it through the customer journey, understanding precisely the factors that lead to customer churn. Churn rate can be analyzed properly by understanding churn, which is of three types short-term, mid-term, and long-term. This duration is nothing, but the time period customers have been active before they decide to discontinue and cancel the service. To keep your customers engaged for the long-term, you need to reinforce the core value of your product or service consistently.

Customer acquisition management is a daunting task for companies. But our customer analytics solutions can help. Request a FREE proposal to know more about our portfolio of services.

 Step #2: Identify at-risk customers to reduce churn

Prevention is always better than cure, don’t you agree? Some customer segments, and more importantly, some customer behaviours predict churn more clearly than others. Customer churn analysis helps to identify these behaviours efficiently in real-time. This further helps in adopting measures to make these at-risk customers stay. Companies are leveraging customer analytics solutions like customer churn analysis that helps them enhance their ability to identify at-risk customers and thereby reduce customer churn rate. Additionally, customer churn analysis offers a data-driven understanding of customer preferences and helps to find the best way to reduce friction in specific situations. Furthermore, this can help companies to easily prioritize opportunities for improvement.

 Step #3: Focus on the entire customer journey

Customer churn analysis can provide optimum results only when the complete customer journey and experience have been analyzed well. Different customers have different experiences and customer analytics solutions can help you visualize each of them, the various touchpoints encountered, and the actions that are taken from there. If you do not analyze the entire customer journey and only focus on the last interaction, it can result in deriving inaccurate and misleading conclusions which will do nothing to stem the tide of leaving customers. Customer churn analysis can pinpoint the drivers of customer satisfaction in a way that traditional analytics solutions cannot. By analyzing and quantifying what matters most to customers, companies can consistently provide better customer experience and measure their impact on customer churn rate.

Our customized analytics dashboards help companies to devise better customer acquisition strategies. Request a FREE demo below to gain better insights.

Step #4: Discover your most profitable customers and focus on retaining  them

All customers are not equal, and while you may want to retain all, resources are not unlimited. So, you need to shift your focus on the most profitable ones first. Customer analytics solution plays a big role in this endeavour by providing a quantitative and detailed picture of the entire customer journey. It helps in customer churn analysis by interpreting how customers interacted with the product and the problems they faced at every step along the journey. Using customer churn models, companies can group their customers into segments defined by a readiness to leave, profitability, and their response to offers. This can further help in reducing customer churn rate significantly.

 Step #5: Engage with your customers at optimal times

Companies have the tendency to communicate with customers when they either want to upsell or when the customer is breathing fire. But for better customer churn analysis, companies can use several other techniques as suggested below to proactively and consistently interact with their customers:

  • Satisfaction survey – Companies can conduct short, open-ended customer surveys which let customers voice their opinions in a convenient and easy manner.
  • Social media – Customers spend most of their time on social channels. So, companies can use different social media channels to analyze their opinion and response to their product and brands.
  • Feedback bar – Companies can incorporate a feedback bar into products and mobile apps, so that it becomes easy for customers to ask questions, comment on product’s features and give their feedback.
customer segmentation analytics

Designing a New Product Launch Strategy with the Help Customer Segmentation Analysis – A Case Study by Quantzig

The client is a tech giant based out of Canada. With years of expertise and specialization in the smartphone segment, the client wished to assess customer perceptions through a customer segmentation strategy, prior to the launch of their new product.

The Business Challenge

It’s no secret that for businesses today, a few customers are more valuable than the others. But to truly understand the customer and succeed in the long run, it’s essential to distinguish these differences and devise customized approaches that satisfy the needs of different customer groups. Today, as tech giants all over the world compete to drive customer loyalty and improve profitability, what differs is how well each of them comprehends their customers buying preferences and how they leverage this information to influence their behavior.

Customer segmentation analysis turns out to be the key to building that understanding. Through customer segmentation analysis businesses can not only gain detailed insights into various customer groups but can leverage such insights to improve customer loyalty and retention. Also, with the proliferation of marketing platforms available today, customer segmentation is more of a necessity for those who wish to grow sales, reduce attrition, and increase profitability.

Contact our customer analytics experts to know how we can help your business grow using targeted customer segmentation analysis solutions.

The client, a leading tech giant was planning a new product launch strategy with respect to the 5G spectrum and its related opportunities in Canada. Prior to this launch, the client methodically wanted to understand their brand’s perception and how they could leverage new technologies to understand customer sweet spots that are specific to 5G and the foldable screen technology.

Top Challenges Faced by the Client

The three-fold challenges faced by the client included:

Problem Statement 1

The client needed to adopt a sophisticated approach to understand the behaviors of their existing and potential customer base.

Problem Statement 2

Though the new product launch strategy looked promising, the client had to gain in-depth insights into customer needs and preferences. Also, they wanted to develop a customer segmentation strategy to maximize the performance of all customer segments.

Problem Statement 3

The client also needed to optimize marketing strategies and engage customers through the right channel. This was a major predicament as it required the client to devise a long-term, holistic approach encompassing enterprise-level capabilities, technology, analytics, and customer data management skills.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

To gain the desired insights and to support the information needs of the client, our customer segmentation analysis experts at Quantzig adopted a comprehensive three-pronged approach.

Phase 1: Understanding customers

The initial phase of this customer segmentation analysis engagement focused on analyzing the different customer behavior in order to divide them into different groups based on their behavior and preferences.

Phase 2: Analyzing brand perception

The second phase of this customer segmentation analysis engagement revolved around analyzing the customer’ brand perception and their

Phase 3: Aligning marketing communications with a new customer segmentation strategy

The primary objective of this customer segmentation analysis engagement was to develop a new customer segmentation strategy to analyze different customer groups and offer tailored solutions to meet their needs. The customer segmentation analysis solutions not only offered a snapshot of the current value of their customers but also helped them predict the future value of a customer.

Customer Segmentation Analysis Steps 

customer segmentation analysis

Customer Segmentation Made Easy with Quantzig's Customer Segmentation Analysis Solutions

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By acquiring deeper insights around their customers, the client was better positioned to develop tailored marketing strategies that aligned to their customer behaviors and preferences. Also, by leveraging customer segmentation analysis solutions in conjunction with behavioral models the client successfully gauged the impact of segmentation over a longer horizon, along with the time it took to influence customer behaviors and drive meaningful results.

The customer segmentation analysis solution also enabled the client to:

  • Effectively deploy marketing dollars to maximize ROI from the most profitable customer segments.
  • Leverage a more cost-effective marketing approach through tailored strategies, aimed at increasing sales, improving cross-shopping, and driving profits.
  • Gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by determining which offers and channels drive the best performance for each customer segment.

What is customer segmentation analysis?


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