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4 Digital Marketing Hacks That You Aren’t Leveraging

Digital marketing has become an integral element of modern marketing strategies. If you are looking for a big break in digital marketing, there is no better time to do it than now. Building the rights digital marketing strategies and using the best tools will help businesses to successfully grow their online presence, and ultimately foster more conversions and sales. Going digital gives companies greater visibility throughout a much wider audience. This means that unless there is a unique element in your online marketing efforts, the chances of losing customers to competition are really high. Experts at Quantzig have curated these four digital marketing hacks to thrive in today’s extremely competitive landscape:Contact US

Use creative elements

Creativity in campaigns is a great way to keep the audience hooked on to your content. Furthermore, adding elements such as a logo, mascot, font, or color scheme makes your brand more recognizable. It is also vital to refresh your creativity often so that it is relevant, and the users aren’t seeing the same post more than once. Creative elements can be used to tell a cohesive story and it should also align with the company’s branding.


Geo-fencing essentially refers to a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. It allows businesses to target customers based on their physical location, in the hopes of naturally guiding them to their business. This relatively new venture in digital marketing holds immense promise for digital marketers. What makes geo-fencing so powerful is the ability of this digital marketing strategy to target consumers based on their interests and engage them by delivering offers that will eventually induce a purchase. Such digital marketing tools can prove highly useful to grab a cRequest Solution Demo_QZustomer’s attention before their competition does and deliver timely offers that will consequently drive the in-store traffic and revenue.

Integration across marketing channels

Consistent messaging is the key to reach out to the audience effectively. This means ensuring that the company’s ads are integrated across various platforms and give users the same message, regardless of the platform. It is important to keep in mind while formulating the digital marketing strategy that each social media outlet has a different vibe and feel to it. So, digital marketers need to take the time to get the digital efforts to match each site, while maintaining a unique yet consistent voice for the brand. An integrated marketing campaign will garner better results when compared to any single initiative.

Stay updated

Digital marketing trends are highly dynamic and are constantly evolving. So, it becomes essential for companies to keep on top of industry news by following major digital marketing sites and influential people on social media. Moreover, major players such as Google, Facebook and Twitter regularly tweak their paid advertising platforms and algorithms, and if companies don’t keep on top of the latest changes they’re in for a wild ride.

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Content Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Miss out on This Year

Marketers constantly keep experimenting with their strategies and techniques, seeking new and innovative ways to lure customers. Content marketing is one such strategy that has kept digital marketers hooked on to it because of the immense potential it has to engage customers and drive leads. As Bill Gates once said, “Content is king”, this notion remains true even today. As technology and search engines change, so do the strategies marketers use to engage their customers online.  Businesses that are successful in keeping up with the latest content marketing trends and building compelling content are more likely to win the favor of customers. New content marketing trendRequest Solution Demos have introduced us to some top-notch marketing tools that can be used to better interact and engage with customers.

Top content marketing trends 2018 

Video content marketing 

Video is one of the most popular content marketing trends for this season. Marketers have been swearing by this technique for the past of the past couple of years, and the results have been extraordinary. YouTube and Facebook videos are the best platforms for companies to experiment with video content. You no longer need an expensive camera or high-tech editing software to make a professional-looking video. All you need is a smartphone, a phone tripod, and a social media account. Today, there are also tools available which use AI to help you edit and market videos in just a few minutes.


Digital Customers Experience: Top Picks This Season

In this era of digitization, delivering an extraordinary digital customer experience is one of the factors that can take businesses to the pinnacle of success.  Satisfied customers tend to exhibit deeper loyalty to the brand, spend more, and help companies to reduce their costs. However, the developments in digitization and technology have raised the bar for companies that intend to provide a superior digital customer experience. With most companies hopping on to the digitization bandwagon, customers today expect ‘more and different’ engagement experiences from brands. Companies that are up-to-date on the latest digital customer experience trends have an edge over their counterparts in the market. While there are several digital experience trendsRequest Solution Demo that have been faring well in grabbing more eyeballs, here are our top picks from the lot:

Improvising the mobile experience 

Mobile devices and human beings are now inseparable. This makes mobile media the best platform to reach out to their target customers, even when they are on the go. Digital customer experience through mobile is already at the core of digital marketing strategies, but there is still immense scope of improvement in the space. A recent study shows that customers are less likely to engage with a company due to the bad digital customer experience provided. Top brands are now using techniques such as in-app feedback where they collect suggestions from users for improvisation.

Rise of personalization 

Personalization is one of the best marketing investments today. Today’s customers have plenty of options at their disposal and personalization is one of the best tactics to gain an edge in the market and build a connection with the prospects. With personalization, companies can provide a digital customer experience that gives the user the desired experience and promotes the products and/or services that are truly relevant for them. When you bombard customers with content that is irrelevant to them, customers tend to form a negative impression or lose interest in your brand.

Greater automation with artificial intelligence 

The capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) is getting bigger and better with each passing year. AI technology is expected to automate more digital customer experience tasks this year, which would give digital teams more time to concentrate on other core tasks. The technology will also be useful in managing cloud complexity that has the potential to not only reduce costs but also provide better security and performance.

Growth of home devices 

Siri, Alexa, and Google are gradually becoming an integral part of most households. These home devices are making consumers increasingly accustomed to centralized voice usage. Home devices are revamping and greatly enhancing the digital customer experience. With the rising competition among big players like Apple, Amazon, and Google to establish themselves in the home devices market, the functionality of these devices will only improve further.       

Self-service analytics 

Big data is a powerful tool for companies to gain an in-depth knowledge of the customer behavior and ways to improve the digital customer experience. However, not everyone in the organization has access to this data or often have limited technical expertise to convert this data into meaningful insights. Companies are now encouraging the use of self-service analytics which is a form of business intelligence where employees are enabled and encouraged to perform queries and generate reports by themselves with minimal IT support.

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Digital Analytics Trends 2018: Our Top Picks

digital analytics

Web analytics is no longer as simple as it used to be a few years ago. In this digital age, capabilities such as social, cloud, mobile analytics, and associated data technologies have emerged as catalysts for core business disruption. The amount of data available today can easily prove to be overwhelming while formulating a marketing strategy. Moreover, there is a proliferation of devices and channels from which data has to be tracked, making digital analytics an even more daunting task for marketers. However, the developments in digital analytics have grown leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. In this age where companies follow a data-driven marketing strategy, digital analytics is the way ahead for forward-thinking companies. Let’s take a look Request Solution Demoat some of the top digital analytics trends that will dominate in 2018:

Prescriptive analytics

This year, companies will be upgrading from predictive analytics to prescriptive analytics. This means that marketers will now get insights on not only what will happen next but will also be enlightened on what course of action must be taken during a particular event. Automation is the new trend everywhere, and automated data-driven insights and decisions are definitely on the cards for digital analytics this year.

Multi-channel attribution

The number of devices and platforms that customers use online is growing with time. Ergo, it is the context of a particular content that decides which platform and device the users generally prefer. It is also affected by factors including the amount of time a person has, the task they want to achieve, their location, and even their state of mind. For instance, for a quick search for details regarding products, customers may rely on a mobile platform, but the actual purchase might happen on a desktop. So, top companies are undertaking digital analytics for different platforms before they formulate their next marketing strategy.

Data monetization

Modern businesses are blessed with an abundance of data, but the big question here is how to correctly leverage the data and turn them into useful insights for driving future action and cause a direct impact to bottom-line revenues. To undertake data monetization successfully, companies must assess data around customer transactions and interactions across devices and channels. This should be done either in the form of increasing revenue streams or using the data to create efficacies within the organization that would eventually result in reduced costs. E-commerce giants such as Amazon are already routing their efforts in this direction.

Return on analytics investment

Most companies have realized the importance of having an in-house digital analytics team. But since this requires a considerable investment, businesses must keep track of the return on analytics investment. It is the analytics teams that ideally measure the performance of other teams, but now they need to do the same for themselves, it’s a step towards being a cost center to a profit center.

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predictive analytics

Digital Marketing Challenges to Buckle up for This Year

Given the fact that we live in a digital world today, digital marketing has become more of a necessity than an option for brands to reach out to their customers. Modern customers are now exposed to an array of technology trends than ever before. This gives the opportunity for brands to get in touch with them and market their products or services with ease. However, as the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the digital marketing challenges. It includes a change in the way people interact online, the software they use, the devices they use, and more. Companies that fail to keep up with the constant changes in the way customers consume and share digital media will have a tough time becoming successful in their marketing efforts. But that’s not all, here’s a loRequest Solution Demook at some of the key digital marketing challenges that companies need to be prepared for in 2018:

Budget constraints

All businesses work on a budget. And in most cases, securing budget is one of the most prominent digital marketing challenges. The trends in digital media often require marketers to identify new ways to reach out to customers, which obviously comes with a price. But if this overshoots the budget, it becomes difficult to bring new digital marketing trends into practice. It is essential for marketers to identify the right digital media strategies that will help them achieve their goals without going overboard on the costs.


Did you know that almost half the population exposed to digital media do not see most of the display ads that have been released? The major reason for this being bots and adblockers that restricts what is shown to the user. This majorly restricts the reach of the company to the potential customers. Hence, the visibility of the digital media content is one of the major digital marketing challenges faced by companies that market their products and services online.

Driving traffic and creating leads

The main aim of digital marketing is to drive traffic and induce sales. But this often becomes one of the major digital marketing challenges. The crux of the matter might not be the tactics used – such as blogging, content, website, social, or emails, but this could be due to the lack of enough strategy, execution, and optimization of such tactics.

Private marketplaces

Private marketplace is the new buzzword in the world of digital advertising. It is a marketplace where higher caliber publishers offer their ad inventory to a selected few advertisers. It’s a way of “Bidding on Premium”, while ensuring quality placements for the brands, and they also reach out to qualified audiences. Private marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular due to the brand safety, viewability, and transparency that they offer. One of the digital marketing challenges here is that sometimes the ad inventory becomes insufficient for media buyers to place their content.

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Four Cutting-edge Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Win Big

The potential of digital marketing in driving more prospective customers to make a purchase in the modern world is indisputable. In fact, reaching out to customers through any digital medium occupies a key position in the marketing plan of most organizations today. With both competitors and potential customers moving towards online platforms, having a strong digital marketing strategy is one of the best ways to stay ahead. The right type of digital marketing strategy can drive good leads and better sales for your company. As digital technology continues to expand and mature, companies are required to implement these changes into their digital marketing plan. Read on to discover the four types of digital marketing strategy that are becoming highly popular on online platforms:Request Solution Demo

Native advertising 

Native advertising is an important digital marketing strategy that subtly puts across an advertisement to customers in the form of a story. In this case, customers might not even realize that they are reading a native advertisement until they are deep into it. This is because its format and writing style mirrors the content of the website that customers are visiting and therefore creates a less disruptive advertising experience. Many of the major companies have been experimenting with native advertising as a part of their marketing plan. But the catch here is that this type of digital marketing strategy might prove to be more expensive than most others.

Mobile video advertising 

The reason for the rapid growth of mobile video advertising is simple: users can watch and share high-quality videos wherever they are just by pairing a smartphone with 4G service. Since most mobile internet usage takes place in apps, marketers are using video in apps to engage audiences between tasks (or game plays). YouTube users are already acquainted with ads playing before after or during the videos. In most of these cases, the ad can only be skipped after the user watches at least a few seconds, and in some cases, they can’t be skipped at all. Also, users are also offered some incentives for watching an ad fully. Several brands are using video ads on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram to reach their audience. 

Virtual reality 

Virtual reality has already taken off as one of the most popular tech trends in recent times. Companies are increasingly trying to incorporate this technology into their digital marketing plan. Especially, in efforts such as native advertising, this technique will prove highly useful in keeping the audience hooked on to the content. A user might tap into a different app to escape mobile video advertising, but once their VR headset is on, the chances of them skipping the ad are comparatively lower.

Behavioral targeting 

Have you ever planned a trip online—booked a hotel room or scheduled a flight—and then started seeing ads for restaurants and attractions in your destination city? If yes, then it means that you have been exposed to behavioral targeting. This digital marketing strategy uses web browsing and search data to better target ads toward the user’s expressed interests.

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