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Digital Customers Experience: Top Picks This Season

In this era of digitization, delivering an extraordinary digital customer experience is one of the factors that can take businesses to the pinnacle of success.  Satisfied customers tend to exhibit deeper loyalty to the brand, spend more, and help companies to reduce their costs. However, the developments in digitization and technology have raised the bar for companies that intend to provide a superior digital customer experience. With most companies hopping on to the digitization bandwagon, customers today expect ‘more and different’ engagement experiences from brands. Companies that are up-to-date on the latest digital customer experience trends have an edge over their counterparts in the market. While there are several digital experience trendsRequest Solution Demo that have been faring well in grabbing more eyeballs, here are our top picks from the lot:

Improvising the mobile experience 

Mobile devices and human beings are now inseparable. This makes mobile media the best platform to reach out to their target customers, even when they are on the go. Digital customer experience through mobile is already at the core of digital marketing strategies, but there is still immense scope of improvement in the space. A recent study shows that customers are less likely to engage with a company due to the bad digital customer experience provided. Top brands are now using techniques such as in-app feedback where they collect suggestions from users for improvisation.

Rise of personalization 

Personalization is one of the best marketing investments today. Today’s customers have plenty of options at their disposal and personalization is one of the best tactics to gain an edge in the market and build a connection with the prospects. With personalization, companies can provide a digital customer experience that gives the user the desired experience and promotes the products and/or services that are truly relevant for them. When you bombard customers with content that is irrelevant to them, customers tend to form a negative impression or lose interest in your brand.

Greater automation with artificial intelligence 

The capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) is getting bigger and better with each passing year. AI technology is expected to automate more digital customer experience tasks this year, which would give digital teams more time to concentrate on other core tasks. The technology will also be useful in managing cloud complexity that has the potential to not only reduce costs but also provide better security and performance.

Growth of home devices 

Siri, Alexa, and Google are gradually becoming an integral part of most households. These home devices are making consumers increasingly accustomed to centralized voice usage. Home devices are revamping and greatly enhancing the digital customer experience. With the rising competition among big players like Apple, Amazon, and Google to establish themselves in the home devices market, the functionality of these devices will only improve further.       

Self-service analytics 

Big data is a powerful tool for companies to gain an in-depth knowledge of the customer behavior and ways to improve the digital customer experience. However, not everyone in the organization has access to this data or often have limited technical expertise to convert this data into meaningful insights. Companies are now encouraging the use of self-service analytics which is a form of business intelligence where employees are enabled and encouraged to perform queries and generate reports by themselves with minimal IT support.

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Digital Marketing Challenges to Buckle up for This Year

Given the fact that we live in a digital world today, digital marketing has become more of a necessity than an option for brands to reach out to their customers. Modern customers are now exposed to an array of technology trends than ever before. This gives the opportunity for brands to get in touch with them and market their products or services with ease. However, as the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the digital marketing challenges. It includes a change in the way people interact online, the software they use, the devices they use, and more. Companies that fail to keep up with the constant changes in the way customers consume and share digital media will have a tough time becoming successful in their marketing efforts. But that’s not all, here’s a loRequest Solution Demook at some of the key digital marketing challenges that companies need to be prepared for in 2018:

Budget constraints

All businesses work on a budget. And in most cases, securing budget is one of the most prominent digital marketing challenges. The trends in digital media often require marketers to identify new ways to reach out to customers, which obviously comes with a price. But if this overshoots the budget, it becomes difficult to bring new digital marketing trends into practice. It is essential for marketers to identify the right digital media strategies that will help them achieve their goals without going overboard on the costs.


Did you know that almost half the population exposed to digital media do not see most of the display ads that have been released? The major reason for this being bots and adblockers that restricts what is shown to the user. This majorly restricts the reach of the company to the potential customers. Hence, the visibility of the digital media content is one of the major digital marketing challenges faced by companies that market their products and services online.

Driving traffic and creating leads

The main aim of digital marketing is to drive traffic and induce sales. But this often becomes one of the major digital marketing challenges. The crux of the matter might not be the tactics used – such as blogging, content, website, social, or emails, but this could be due to the lack of enough strategy, execution, and optimization of such tactics.

Private marketplaces

Private marketplace is the new buzzword in the world of digital advertising. It is a marketplace where higher caliber publishers offer their ad inventory to a selected few advertisers. It’s a way of “Bidding on Premium”, while ensuring quality placements for the brands, and they also reach out to qualified audiences. Private marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular due to the brand safety, viewability, and transparency that they offer. One of the digital marketing challenges here is that sometimes the ad inventory becomes insufficient for media buyers to place their content.

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Digital Marketing Trends That Will Make it Big This Year

To know about the biggest challenges in digital marketing, read our latest blog

Marketing is no longer about the products that you sell, but it is more about the stories that you tell. And with digitization taking the center stage in the modern world, there’s no better way to reach out to your present and potential customers than through digital marketing. But is the process as easy as it sounds? We don’t think so. Modern customers choose what they see. Hence, it is vital for brands to stay up-to-date of the digital marketing trends, which would help them to gain a clear idea of the best way to grab customers’ attention. Furthermore, popular social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and several others continuously update their platforms, which is why it’s critical for marketers to be updated with the latest developments in the digital marketing trends. This would not only help marketers keep a close watch on the changing tastes and preferences of customers but also alter their marketing campaigns on online platforms accordingly. We have put Request Solution Demotogether a list of the top digital marketing trends that you need to look forward to in 2018:


Starting from the previous year, chatbots have been one of the hottest digital marketing trends around the globe. For the uninitiated, chatbots are a tool on the other side of a computer that can respond to your customers’ questions or comments. Chatbots are ideally used for customer engagement, customer service issues, and for other general queries and concerns related to the business. More and more brands are working on using chatbots for customer support and perfecting their marketing strategy. Launch a website or Facebook chatbot to engage with your prospects. However, in this case, it is important for companies to find something fun or engaging to trigger the conversation, as the prospect needs to initiate the chat.

Mobile strategy

Today mobile phones are more than just devices used for communication. Mobile has now become a great way for businesses to reach out to their customers through their digital marketing campaigns. Mobile will continue. Despite this, several companies have still not completely leveraged this platform to their benefit. Modern companies must, however, put a mobile strategy in place to engage with your prospects and customers. Companies must also consider creating an attractive mobile website but, depending on your business, mobile elements might include the ability to send text messages to your customers.

Social media influencers

Social influencer marketing is one of the hottest digital marketing trends this season. Popular brands have been roping in influencers on various social platforms to market their brands. This is one of the main reasons why marketers should expect heated competition if they want to work with top brand influencers on various social media platforms. To avoid the pressure of competing with rival brands, marketers must develop more long-term relationships with key social media influencers in 2018.


Social media “stories” is one of the digital marketing trends that will be impossible for marketers to ignore in the coming year. The “stories” format pioneered by Snapchat has now become a staple of the social media world. Following suit of Snapchat, Instagram created Instagram Stories, and now YouTube has released a stories format of their own called “Reels”. Each offers unique features and presentation, but they all follow the same concept. Stories capture the best moments from a day and most vanish after a set period of time. They’re also just a fun, bite-sized way to present video content.

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Digital Marketing Challenges to Buckle up for This Year


Web Crawling and Text Mining Engagement for A Leading Digital Media Industry Player Helps in Increasing Cross-Selling Opportunities

What the Client Wanted

Stay updated on technological innovations and cater to the requirements of the cost-effective customer base.

The Outcome

Improved product bundles and price modifications based on customer feedback and achieved 11% growth in sales.

Summary of the Digital Media Industry

Presently, media consumption across the globe is increasingly happening in digital formats. The upsurge in the number of devices capable of supporting digital media along with growing internet access speed globally has provided consumers with an option to access digital media services of their choice be it information, entertainment or social activity anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, the increasing in the number of digital media players is challenging the traditionally sustained supremacy of the television as the main entertainment hub. Request ProposalThis increasing popularity of digital media has provided for a paradigm shift in the global advertising spends.

Industry Challenges

  • Altering consumer behaviors and expectations: Today, newer generations are keen to consume content from around the globe. Their prospects are built around instant gratification, specifically the ability to access content instantly. Moreover, customers judge their experience of a digital media service not just against competitors in its own sector, but also against the best service providers from other industries.
  • Real-time content administration and data analytics: Data collection and analytics enable businesses to get consumer insights across many devices and channels, allowing them to deliver relevant and meaningful experiences. Additionally, data analytics is particularly important as digital media organizations no longer just provide content, but also offer experiential services built around the content.

About the Client

A market leader in digital media services.

Client’s Challenge

The digital media industry client collaborated with Quantzig to conduct a web crawling and text mining engagement that would help them devise a solution to optimize their marketing strategies, price points, and enhance product and service features and offers based on customer feedback. The client was facing significant challenges in terms of accomplishing improved sales revenue and market shares owing to the intense level of competition in the media and entertainment industry space.

Summary of our engagement
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Business Impact

Quantzig’s text mining solution helped the client improve the pricing and promotion scenarios across multiple product and service categories. The client also delivered incremental value to customers and created personalized experiences and custom offers. Additionally, text mining solution helped the client identify prospective customers and design targeted campaigns to increase cross-selling opportunities.

Web Crawling and Text Mining Solution Insights

With the help of Quantzig’s text mining solutions, firms across the media and entertainment industry can benchmark the prices of their products against competitor offerings by analyzing product performance based on the sales rank by category and geography. This further helped the client improve the approach of their sales representatives.

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