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Consumer goods manufacturer improves marketing ROI through customer behavior analytics

Business Challenge: Lacking clarity on customer behavior and buying preferences

A leading consumer products manufacturer wanted us to analyze customer behavior and buying preferences specific to its categories.

Situation: Reduction in sales volumes

The client was facing issues with dropping sales and was not able to ascertain how they can influence customers. They wanted us to analyze and predict the future buying patterns and identify consumers that can be targeted and influenced.

Solution/Approach: Correlation and regression modeling of customer data to predict future customer behavior

We used highly structured surveys and questionnaires to gather customer data and analyzed the collected data to evaluate purchase patterns and preferences. We conducted an ethnographic study for environments in which participants live, work or spend their spare time. Correlation and regression modeling was done on the qualitative and quantitative data along with CRM data to predict future behavior and buying patterns.

Impact: Improved ROI from spend on marketing activities

Client gained visibility on the factors that influenced consumer buying behavior for their brand. A statistical model was built which enabled the client to analyze and predict the customer behavior and future buying patterns of various customer segments and target the right customer segments for immediate impact on sales.


Apparel manufacturer improves social media marketing ROI through multiple regression analytics

Business Challenge: Quantifying the effects of social media marketing spend

A leading apparel manufacturer wanted to assess the impact of its efforts on social media activities and improve effectiveness.

Situation: Rising need for evaluation of performance parameters

The client wanted to improve its advertisement investment in social media by assessing and evaluating parameters such as impressions, click ratio, user reachability, and conversion rate.

Solution/Approach: Multiple regression analytics for development of robust statistical models

We used multiple regressions to assess relative weightage of each of the significant factors and developed and deployed robust statistical models to derive a mathematical representation of the set of correlated variables.

Impact: Improved social media marketing ROI

The client was able to increase revenue through designing efficient advertising strategy for targeting the right social media sites and restructuring its advertisement spend strategies.


Telecom company achieves improved marketing ROI through channel optimization

Business Challenge: Optimization of omni-channel initiatives

A prominent telecom company with operations across multiple countries wanted to achieve visibility on channels and optimize its omni-channel initiatives.

Situation: Increasing cost of marketing through multiple physical and digital channels, and lack of visibility on the performance and efficiency of marketing initiatives

Client was experiencing a drop in sales and was incurring huge costs due to marketing through multiple physical and digital channels, with low visibility on their performance.

Solution/Approach: Channel optimization to derive actionable insights from customer data

We integrated the digital channels with CRM, which was followed by creation of consolidated metrics with data visualization. We also implemented Lead Analysis which provided insights on cost per lead, and helped to analyze which media campaigns are effective to increase revenue, profits, and market share.

Impact: Improved marketing ROI through channel optimization

Client achieved improved targeting of customers via the integrated digital framework with integration to CRM database. We helped the client achieve improved re-use of digital assets and cost per lead metrics. Our solution also helped them improve the ability to quantify marketing effectiveness of channels and events in terms of profits, sales, and consumer growth to achieve improved marketing ROI.