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Marketing Spend Analysis for a Fortune 500 Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturer Based Out of Belgium

The client is one of the largest Fortune 500 companies and a well-known alcoholic beverage manufacturer based out of Belgium.

The Business Challenge

The ever-changing consumer behavior has prompted leading businesses to redesign and relook their marketing budget allocation strategies. To skilfully address such issues leading players in the alcoholic beverage manufacturing space have started leveraging marketing spend analysis to better analyze their marketing processes and its associated spend. Facing similar challenges, an alcoholic beverage manufacturer approached Quantzig to leverage marketing spend analysis to assess their marketing spend which was distributed equally across different business units. Given a huge network and market reach, the ability to gauge the ROI of their marketing spend to ensure spend optimization of different media vehicles was a critical business requirement.

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The Solution Offered and Value Delivered

The alcoholic beverage manufacturer collaborated with Quanztig to leverage its expertise in marketing spend analysis to identify the optimal marketing mix and the marketing budget to suit their needs. To help them, we adopted a comprehensive three-phased approach that focused on analyzing factors affecting their marketing spend.

With the help of our marketing spend analysis solutions, the client was able to gain in-depth insights and near-real-time recommendations on marketing spend optimization which empowered them to make the best decision to support the changing business dynamics. Leveraging marketing spend analysis also enabled them to achieve an annual incremental revenue gain of $2M and a 15% improvement in the ROI of their marketing spend while keeping their overall marketing spend under control.

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Marketing spend analysis also enabled the client to:

  • Redesign their marketing plan to make the best use of the marketing budget
  • Improve MROI and drive better results from their marketing campaigns
  • Identify and quantify the most profitable marketing and sales activities

Marketing Spend Analysis

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Why choose Quantzig?

Our portfolio of advanced marketing spend analysis solutions leverages data analysis techniques and cognitive technologies to help companies drive ROI from their marketing campaigns. We adopt a comprehensive approach to marketing spend analysis, one that deconstructs data to identify the factors that impact budget allocation, resource allocation, and marketing effectiveness. What sets us apart is that we go a step ahead to help our clients address their issues at a more granular level and devise customized marketing spend optimization strategies to rectify issues and drive incremental business value across all marketing channels.

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spend analytics

A Beginner’s Guide to Spend Analytics

What is Spend Analytics?

Minimizing cost is the major cause of concern for many companies and this is the reason they spend more time in the process of spend management. Spend analytics can make this easier by optimizing the supply-side performance and consolidating the data from the supply chain. Spend analytics help companies to make data-driven decisions and identify better opportunities for savings by analyzing their spending patterns. Also, spend analytics can assist in examining the expenditure of an organization and offers significant visibility into the procurement spending of an organization. This can further help the organization to improve the supply chain operations and result in better returns.

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Benefits of Spend Analytics Solutions

spend analytics

Better visibility on suppliers and spending

By leveraging spend analytics solutions, any organization can yield valuable insights into its expenditure in real-time. This detailed information can be handy in improving the overall procurement process. Consequently,  organizations can adopt better practices for procurement that will be more helpful and efficient in managing the relationship with suppliers, improving supplier base and category management.

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Helps in the category level analysis

Spend analytics solution can help companies to analyze spend at the individual category level. This can assist in gaining visibility into the overall spending of the organization to control the cost-effectiveness. According to recent research results, organizations that leverage spend analytics develop a better relationship with preferred suppliers. Furthermore, spend analytics can help organizations to achieve bigger business objectives by making sourcing efficient and optimizing the supply base.

Assists in managing the risks

Working with the same suppliers for years can incur potential risks for organizations. A robust spend analytics solution can help organizations to innovate their supply chain and deliver new products and services to the customers. Also, by gaining actionable insights from analytics dashboards, companies can make capital improvements and deal with unforeseen challenges such as supply chain disruptions, cash-flow issues, and labour shortages. Spend analytics also provides an opportunity for procurement teams to contribute to wider business objectives and deliver unit cost savings and reduced maverick spend across buying centres.

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Quantzig’s Advantage

The fragmented, inaccurate, and unstructured data can lead to undesired outcomes for businesses and can charge heavily on their pockets. Quantzig’s spend analytics solution offers comprehensive category wise spend analysis based on commodities, suppliers, supplier locations, buying locations, business units, and cost centres. This helps businesses to enhance visibility into spending patterns for all indirect spend categories across an organization’s supply base. Our customized analytics dashboards deliver accurate results that instil confidence in sourcing and category teams regarding the spend data that can help them deliver value.

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