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Popular Entertainment Industry Trends to Tune into in 2018

Technology is one of the key entertainment industry trends for this year, opening up new opportunities, media trends, and creating new revenue models for the players in the media & entertainment industry. Click To Tweet

Technology is one of the key entertainment industry trends that has massively disrupted this sector, opening up new opportunities, media trends, and creating new revenue models for the players in the entertainment industry. The way people consume media and entertainment has drastically changed over the past decade. Gone are the days when the audience was forced to watch what the entertainment channels decided to broadcast. Thanks to the advent of such entertainment industry trends, today’s customers have the power to choose what they want on demand, anytime, and anywhere at their convenience. 

This trend is highly prevalent among millennials, who spend the majority of their time streaming videos online or downloading them rather than watching it on the television. Netflix and Amazon prime have typically become a mini-home theatre for the audience. Interestingly, technology isn’t the only factor that is driving the entertainment industry trends today, here are some of the other factors that are driving the growth and changes in the entertainment industry:

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4 Trends in The Music Industry That Everybody is Going “Gaga” Over

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From Walkman to iPods and to now streaming music online, the music industry and technology have together witnessed an evolving and fruitful relationship over the years. Many of us might remember spending considerable time at a music store, in search of a favorite music CD or browsing through the store’s music library and shelling out a considerable amount of money collecting the most popular music CD’s. Little did we know back then that music would be as accessible at the click of a button in the years to come. And what is even better? It doesn’t even go heavy on your pocket! That’s not all, are you ready to discover what is trending in the music industry? So tune in as we take you through the most popular music trends:Free demo

Shift from Record Labels to Independent Formats

Record labels are popular for faithfully clinging on to poster children, and ignoring new talent. But is this going to stop budding artists from showcasing their talent? Thanks to technology, the fresh blood in the music industry are taking to platforms such as social media and music streaming platforms. With a vast number of audience exposed to online platforms, the opportunity for new artists to gain popularity has increased. This has eased the barriers to entry and exposure in the music industry.

Growing Popularity of Live Music

The advent of walkman and iPods in the late 90’s and early 2000’s proved to be a wrecking ball for popular music trends such as live music and concerts. However, recent trends show the rise of music festivals, promoting live performances not only by big names in the music industry but also providing scope for new artists to showcase their talent. This trend is expected to grow in the coming years as well.

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Cryptocurrency in Music?

With the price of bitcoins soaring up, cryptocurrencies have become the new buzz word in the market. Bitcoin in music, you wonder? Players in the music industry are looking at ways to integrate bitcoins as a medium of payment to download or stream music albums by customers. This will help artists, record labels, producers or performers involved with a music track to assign the music usage rights to customers in real time, and the cryptocurrencies ensure safe mode of payment.

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The Dawn of AR and VR in the Music industry

VR and AR have made the impossible possible. Many music industry players have recently started to experiment with AR and VR technologies to give the audience a more lively experience, making their dream to see their favorite artist up close a reality. A popular example of this technology being commercialized is a few years back, when 2pac came to life at Coachella 2012. Therefore, you can surely expect AR and VR to become one of the viral music trends in the near future.

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4 Media Trends That Will Make You the Steve Jobs of Film Industry

Filmmakers are story-tellers who are constantly looking for new ways to captivate their audiences.  Today, the players in the film industry are leaving no stone unturned to create a superior visual experience for their audience that would be etched in their memory for a long time. So, grab some popcorn while we take you through the top 4 media trends that are trending in the film industry:Free demo

Lord of The Films: Virtual Reality

Movies take you to a totally different world, but with the help of virtual reality – quite literally! This is one of popular media trends in the film industry today, which aims at creating an immersive and interactive audience experience. How cool would it be to feel that you are inside the movie right? But the use of VR technology in the film industry is still at its nascent stage as the movie makes are gradually figuring out ways to pull off a good balance of artistic talents and technical skills using virtual reality. Once this technology is perfectly put into place in the film industry, it will pave the way for an ‘out of the world’ movie viewing experience.’

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Mobile Film-making Rises

With mobiles dominating our lives, it is not surprising that players in the film industry are venturing into mainstream mobile filmmaking. By venturing into mobile filmmaking, filmmakers get the opportunity to cut down on costs associated with the use of traditional cameras and will be able to create content on the move. Since the popularity of mobile filmmaking is growing, mobile manufacturers are rapidly developing smartphones with higher camera quality and apps that support HD video recording.

Era of “Netflix and Chill”

Media trends like electronic home video or on-demand streaming services have experienced sky-rocketing popularity in the past few years. On-demand streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have become so successful that they are not just broadcasting the best films and TV shows anymore, but have also started producing content themselves.

Drone is in the Air

Filmmakers have been relying on drones to shoot aerial footage for years, but earlier they had some major limitations such as short battery life and inconsistent film quality due to which they took a backseat in the film industry. However, the drone technology has evolved in the recent times, making them an easier,  cheaper, and faster technology for exceptional shots from various angles.


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Why Media and Entertainment Industry Needs Audience Analysis to Create Content that People Love?

As the world of marketing is moving towards customization and personalization, so is the media and entertainment industry. This industry is discarding the traditional method of creating content for the masses. The advent of network TV, DTH, and online streaming has revolutionized the media and entertainment industry as the content creators can figure out how many people and what kind of people are watching their content. Audience analytics is the prime reason why companies are eager to shift their media delivery platforms to gain audience insights and provide personalized content.Free demo

Importance of audience analytics in media and entertainment industry to gain audience insights

Understand Content Performance

Companies are using audience analytics to evaluate their content performance and create content that will be loved by the audience – and there is no better example of companies using audience insights than Netflix. Netflix performed audience analysis by processing massive data sets to determine whether their audience preferred the work of the director David Fincher. Additionally, it was also evident that movies featuring Kevin Spacey had always done well along with the British version of ‘House of Cards.’ Combining these three data sets, Netflix came up with the American version of ‘House of Cards’ directed by David Fincher, starring Kevin Spacey, which is already the most streamed content in the US and 40 other countries.

Content Personalization

The companies in the media and entertainment industry can identify consumption patterns of the audience to gain valuable audience insight regarding viewership, preferences, social media platforms used, and watching habits. Extensive knowledge on which audience is watching the content in what device along with the factors that motivate them to click or watch can prove to be valuable in marketing and programming strategies. Consequently, such data can be used to enhance and personalize their experience.

Advertising and Marketing Efficiency

The revenue model of the media and entertainment industry is largely dependent on highly targeted ads. The further the customer moves along the sales funnel, the higher the revenues from advertisements. Audience insights help companies to pinpoint customer preferences on what content people prefer during specific a time and duration. Such data dramatically improves the efficiency of advertising and marketing programs, resulting in higher conversion rates.

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What Are the Trends Transforming The Media Industry?

According to Tom Goodwin, the vice president of innovation, Zenith USA, “Things are never going to be as simple, slow, and straightforward as they are today.” Every industry is transforming with the change in demand and technological advancements; the faster one gets adapted to these changes, the better are their chances of surviving in the industry. The shift to digitization in the media industry has been a gradual process. HowFree demoever, media companies have realized its importance and digitization is slowly acting as a critical driver of the media industry today. Wonder what are the currents trends in the media industry?

There is an abundance of content available in the media industry. When media companies design advertisements, they assume that the audience would have time to spare to go through their ads. However, with a large number of competitors who are focused on grabbing the attention of the customers, it becomes essential for media companies to create interesting and precise content.

VR Technology

 Virtual reality is rapidly becoming one of the highly popular media trends due to the life-like experience it provides to the user. Many media companies in the media industry have started exploiting this technology to promote advertisements and grab customer attention.

Predictive Web

Gone are the days when we went to the internet to do something, today the internet has become a pervasive interface that tells us where we want to go and what we want to do. The predictive web is becoming popular in the media industry as it helps to understand the customer behavior and prompt them to undertake specific actions. This could be one of the media trends that would greatly benefit the media industry.

Personalization of Content

Thanks to digitization, a significant amount of customer data is readily available for media companies today. This makes it easier for them to customize media and target customers who are most likely to be influenced by the campaign. It reduces resources and time spent on irrelevant campaigns for customers.

Chatbots and Personal Interactions

The rising use of chatbots is one of the major media trends that is expected to influence the industry over the next couple of years. Chatbots are widely used today mainly because of their usefulness in understanding customers and maintaining a personal relationship with them. Chatbots help media companies to figure out the exact need of their customers from their feedback and interaction and create campaigns to target them effectively.

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