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Financial Service Sector market analysis – How sales forecasting solutions helped a financial service firm to better manage their inventory and stock

QZ PR templateLONDON: Quantzig, a global analytics services provider, has recently completed their latest sales forecasting study for a financial service client. The financial services industry consists of several organizations including consumer finance firms, hedge funds, insurance companies, commercial and investment banks, and consumer finance firms. These firms help in managing money and another asset for corporations as well as individuals. Their services are primarily related to asset management, investments, accounting, and foreign exchange.

“The sales forecasting solution offered by Quantzig helped the financial service firm to bring about noticeable changes in accuracy by enhancing product development timing to improve sales.” says an industry expert from Quantzig.

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The sales forecasting solution offered by Quantzig helped the client to bridge the service delivery gaps. Furthermore, the solution also helped the company in better managing its inventory and avoid stock-outs and overstock situations. It also assisted the company to anticipate future sales and develop strategies to improve revenue.

Additional Benefits of the Sales Forecasting Solution

  • Enhance product development timing to improve sales
  • Gain relevant market knowledge to devise strategies that would improve the overall accuracy of operations
  • Explore possibilities to increase net income and revenue
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Marketing Spend Analysis Helps a CPG Client Improve Offline Sales

For the sustenance of any organization, market spend analysis plays a prominent part in keeping track of the total expenditure. It delivers better visibility on the spend-related data to ensure that suppliers are providingCapture correct pricing, rebates, and volume discounts to make agile, informed, and confident buying decisions. Market spend analysis also helps the organization to identify its spending among suppliers, compare the spending with their peers, and identify the potential suppliers in achieving diversity and sustainability in the market. Although spend analysis becomes indispensable for the efficient functioning of every organization, it is subjected to numerous challenges. One of the major challenges is the presence of diverse data source in enterprises.

Quantzig’s market spend analysis solution delivers insightful analysis into the buying behavior among the businesses. The analytics team also recommends competitive benchmarking, focuses on improved service delivery, service standards, and customer retention strategies to ensure higher customer loyalty.

The Business Challenge

A conglomerate in CPG manufacturing was facing challenges in understanding the effect of online advertisements on offline sales using data from retail clients. The client also wanted to improve their offline sales to ensure maximum reach and enhance their brand loyalty in the market.

Our Approach

Quantzig’s team analyzed the information gained from various sources to leverage the power of online ads to enhance offline action and foot traffic to retail locations. By analyzing the information obtained from various sources such as sales data, account data, customer feedback, and revenue data, our analytics team developed a detailed targeting model to analyze the buying behavior patterns of businesses.

pricing analytics for a retailer

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Market Spend Analysis Assessment Benefits

  • Quantify returns on mobile and social initiatives
  • Track brand effectiveness in driving sales
  • Optimize budget allocation by channel impact

Market Spend Analysis Predictive Insights

  • Enter new global markets and capture larger shares of emerging and developed markets
  • Sourcing of brand equity
  • Manage global supply-chain risks associated with the proliferation of counterfeiting.
  • Producing cost efficiencies to offset expansion of CPG taxation

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