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Dental Services Provider Leverages Patient Journey Analysis to Enhance their Service Efficiency

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LONDON: Quantzig, a global analytics services provider, has recently completed their latest patient journey analysis for a dental services provider. The global dental services industry is considered to be one of the fastest growing space in the healthcare industry. Dental services comprise of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases concerned with the oral activity. The rising number of people suffering from periodontal disease, escalating demand for cosmetic dentistry, and growing private health insurance coverages are some of the factors fueling the growth of the dental services.

“In the recent years, the costs in the dental services sector has increased owing to a considerable rise in the number of patients. Consequently, organizations have been forced to improve their technological capabilities to bridge the gap for reliable and affordable services. To address such challenges and assess the growing demands for dental services, organizations are leveraging patient journey analysis solutions. Patient journey analysis helps patients gain an in-depth understanding of the healthcare process.” says an industry expert from Quantzig.

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The patient journey analysis solution helped the client better engage with patients and understand their individual needs and challenges. Furthermore, the solution allowed the client to implement new drug discovery projects and explore robust commercialization strategies to help patients’ meet their own health goals.

Additional Benefits of the Patient Journey Analysis solution

  • Gain an accurate picture of physicians prescribing behavior, treatment regimens, and the flow of the treatment
  • Interact with the patients effectively and allocate their resources to meet patients’ requirements
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Leveraging Patient Journey Mapping for a Leading Primary Health Care Services Provider

The client: A leading primary health care services provider

Area of engagement: Patient journey mapping

Primary health care (PHC) or essential health care is based on socially acceptable and scientifically sound methods and technologies that make universal health care accessible to individuals across economies. In the healthcare industry, primary health care service providers offer personalized and holistic care for patients of all age groups. It includes treating acute conditions such as respiratory tract infections, managing chronic diseases, and implementing preventing measures such as targeted health screening. However, the main goal of primary health care service providers across economies is the attainment of better health services for all. The World Healthcare Organization (WHO) has identified five key elements to achieving this goal:

  • Increasing the participation of stakeholders
  • Integrating healthcare across sectors
  • Organizing health care services around the needs and expectation ofQZ- Request free proposal people
  • Reducing exclusion and social disparities in health
  • Pursuing collaborative models

The Business Challenge

The client, a well-known primary health care services provider, approached our team of experts to help them improve their administrative services. The client was looking at gaining detailed insights into the patient’s experience to reveal new opportunities for innovation. Additionally, the primary health care provider wanted to create and leverage the use of patient journey maps. The client also wanted to anticipate the future healthcare industry trends and develop strategies to maximize customer retention.

Primary Health Care

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The Solution and the Business Impact

The patient journey mapping solution offered by the experts at Quantzig helped the primary health care services provider to map the journey of their patients to identify gaps that may hinder the relationship. Our solution also enabled them to maximize customer retention strategies by identifying the potential customers. Moreover, the patient journey mapping solution offered insights that helped their administrative departments to better engage and communicate with patients.

Patient Journey Mapping Solution Predictive Insights

Understanding the way customers behave can be very valuable for primary health care service providers. In fact, firms in the healthcare industry are now focusing on extracting useful information from a customer’s journey to make better business decisions. Also, the inability of the administrative departments to communicate with patients results in huge losses for the primary health care firms. Using patient journey maps as a guide, primary health care service providers can implement processes that deliver timely and relevant data and fill gaps that cause leakage in the customer’s experience. Moreover, our patient journey mapping solution also helps to improve pre-clinical and post-clinical engagement, as well as other health initiatives.

Here are a few digital trends that are bringing about disruptions in the healthcare industry

  • Smart technology and wearable devices: The emergence of smart technology in healthcare has brought about various innovations in wearable devices. Wearables use embedded smart sensors and can also store data that can be accessed when needed or transmit the results to the clinic in real-time. Moreover, such devices can also measure the temperature, perform ECG’s, and DIY blood tests.
  • The emergence of big data: Big data is bringing about significant disruptions in every sector, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Gathering and analyzing patient data helps primary health care service providers in measuring customer satisfaction rates. The collected data can also be pooled and studied to predict healthcare trends for the entire country.
  • Empowered customers: Patient empowerment is an entirely new trend in healthcare. It’s a new way to look at healthcare and one that holds promise for all of us with easy access to the digital landscape.

To succeed in this digital era, primary healthcare service providers must consider implementing strategies to serve the end-users based on their needs. This necessitates the need for creating and leveraging patient journey maps. Patient journey mapping can be highly influential when it comes to measuring the success of healthcare organizations. It also enables them to reach higher profit margins by prioritizing customer experience. Moreover, by creating and implementing patient journey mapping, primary healthcare providers can improve health outcomes, customer satisfaction, and the organization’s bottom line.

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Improving Patient acquisition for a dental-care provider through targeted marketing

For the fast-paced and continuous growth of any organization, marketing becomes the key that unlocks potential opportunities. In terms of dental practices, there is no exception as a dentist has to visit a considerable number of new patients per month. Consequently, to attract new dental patients, the dentist should ideally offer a competitive product at a competitive price without compromising on the services.demo To devise a robust strategic dental marketing plan, the marketers are relying heavily on analytics to identify weaknesses, opportunities, and potential strengths in the organization. By leveraging analytics, patient acquisition can be improved through various processes such as patients’ referral bonus system, identifying the target audience, encouraging an offer to beat the existing competition, and patient reviews and web presence.

Quantzig’s patient acquisition solution helps the client understand the target audience and identify the households that most likely become the organization’s patients. Additionally, our patient acquisition analytics helps the client devise new marketing strategies and effectively market the dental practice.

The Business Challenge

A global dental-care provider was facing challenges acquiring and retaining patients. The client was also facing challenges creating a predictive marketing model for a highly multi-channel marketing campaign to enhance their ROI. Furthermore, the client wanted to deliver personalized, comprehensive, and preventative care to  drive new patient referrals.

Our Approach

To address the client’s specific needs, Quantzig’s analytics experts developed a predictive marketing model to identify the households that are most likely to become the patients of the organization. In addition, the model also identified the target groups and peer control group to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

patient acquisition

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Patient Acquisition Solutions Benefits

  • Better return on ad spend ratio
  • The targeted marketed campaign outperformed the control group in terms of response rates
  • Understand the provider analytics in terms of patient segmentation, patient journey analysis, patient lifetime value analysis
  • Understand patient churn rates

Patient Acquisition Solutions Predictive Insights

  • Establish a unique value proposition
  • Include dental postcards to effectively pique the interest of better quality patients
  • Direct marketing dollars to the right patients and generate positive ROI
  • Create a robust healthcare CRM platform

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Patient Engagement Analysis Improves Patient Journey, Satisfaction, and Outcomes

Quantzig’s recent study on patient engagement helps a leading pharmacy benefit manager improve their healthcare services and assures 60% conversion rates from patient outreach programs.

Patient engagement analytics – market at a glance

Patient engagement analytics is crucial in preventing and managing chronic disease. The implementation of these business solutions results in greater satisfaction and improves the patient experience. Physicians, suppliers, pharmacy benefit managers, and care teams benefit the most from this analytics as it helps them reduce healthcare costs. These analytics help stakeholders sort through patient data to estimate costs, identify key clinical opportunities, and improve ways to offer superior patient care services. Furthermore, government organizations and regulatory bodies use this information to implement reimbursement plans that will make healthcare affordable for the masses. The latest patient engagement analytics by Quantzig provides solutions to improve patient journey, satisfaction, and outcomes. The analytics solutions also define future strategy to further scale the analysis to additional channels such as email, web, and direct mail.

The adoption of advanced care management models will help improve healthcare services in the future years. Medical professionals are using data through stratification, aggregation, and visualization to implement better engagement tools to increase patient interactions. The growing popularity of smart interactive care plans will help doctors and physicians to stay connected with patients and improve the quality of services they provide.

Emergence of mHealth

The increasing adoption of mhealth is improving patient’s adherence to medication and improving the condition of patients suffering from chronic diseases. These wireless technologies use mobile devices to track the health and other conditions of the patient. These are best for preventive healthcare services and are used for treatment, support, epidemic outbreak tracking, disease surveillance, and chronic disease management. The vendors in the market are developing innovative technology to reach a wider group of end-users.

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Healthcare big data

Big data analytics examines the patient data and provides personalized care for individual patients. These data points help doctors to personalize therapeutics that will increase patient satisfaction and experience. Physicians are using data analytics to prevent relapse or readmission of diseases for patients by follow-up and long-term care. Moreover, this analytics is used to track medical adherence and symptoms to enhance monitoring and care.

Outcomes and solutions offered

Quantzig’s patient engagement analytics for a leading pharmacy benefit manager assess the patient data and historical sales data to improve patient engagement cost-effectively. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

  • Developed a patient engagement strategy based on conversion likelihood scoring to reach out to patients who would be most likely to respond to the campaign
  • Provided solutions that helped the client improve conversion rates for the selected patients by 35% as compared to the control group
  • Designed a propensity-based profile and scored patients based on their likelihood of conversion from the patient claims data
  • Improved the patient satisfaction and outcomes, cost savings on campaigns, effectiveness, and efficacy of patient outreach, and achieved overall conversion rates by almost 60%

The complete case study on patient engagement analytics for a leading pharmacy benefits manager is now available.


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Patient Journey Analysis – A 360° Overview of Patient’s Journey Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease

Quantzig’s recent study on patient journey analysis engagement for a leading pharmaceutical company helps validate the efficacy of their clinical trials and understand the progression of Crohn’s disease in patients.

Patient journey analysis – an overview

Healthcare and pharmaceutical giants are increasing their focus in understanding the patients’ journey to understand the impact of the use of technology and to improve patient care. Patient journey analysis is the method of observing the various stages the patient goes through, including the first awareness of symptoms through all stages of disease progression and treatment. The quantitative analysis of the data obtained from this monitoring process helps doctors, healthcare providers, and payers to take decisions that are in the best interest of the patient’s wellbeing. Moreover, this analysis helps healthcare professionals to implement technology that improves patient care, satisfaction levels, and the overall experience. A reliable and meticulously researched patient journey provides pharmaceutical companies the groundwork for creating a successful brand strategy.

The growing adopting of big data analytics will revolutionize patient monitoring in the healthcare industry. With the use of advanced computer networks, information on patient health can be analyzed faster for medical research and treatment. Pharmaceutical companies are using patient journey analysis to identify the most appropriate drug and treatment patterns based on each patient’s characteristics.

Increased R&D

Due to the rising prevalence of Crohn’s disease, pharmaceutical companies are investing in R&D for drug development and understand the patient’s journey. Quantzig’s patient journey analysis engagement helps pharmaceutical companies in identifying the most relevant drug and treatment patterns based on each patient’s characteristics. This study also provides valuable insights on clinical trials and examines the influence of various therapies that are available in the market.


Technological innovations

With improved technology for Crohn’s disease diagnosis, doctors can easily determine the difference between inflammation and fibrosis and deliver timely and efficient treatment. Imaging modalities such as CT enterography (CTE) and magnetic resonance enterography (MRE) are some of the advanced technologies used in the treatment of Crohn’s disease. Ultrasound elasticity imaging (UEI) is a non-invasive method that allows doctors to differentiate between inflammation and fibrosis and provide appropriate care.

Outcomes and solutions

The research team at Quantzig provided real-time insights on drug performance under comorbid conditions. Some of the key findings of the engagement are as follows:

  • Create a validation framework to understand the efficacy of clinical trials against real-world data based on the findings and insights from the patient journey
  • Provide patient treatment path using data from laboratory test results, patient demographics, radiology reports, pharmacy information, hospital admission, discharge summaries, and progress notes
  • Patients from urban and industrialized geographies were diagnosed to have a higher risk by
  • The risks of frequent surgeries were reduced to half in patients with high adherence to drugs post initial surgery


The complete case study on patient journey analysis engagement for a leading pharma company is now available.

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