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Patient Journey

Patient Journey Analytics: Enabling Advanced and Optimized Patient Care

To stay relevant in today’s constantly evolving and competitive health care marketplace, healthcare service providers have started finding novel methods to demonstrate the value their products deliver and strive for innovation. Many healthcare companies provide excellent clinical care but fail when it comes to administrative experiences. By leveraging patient journey analytics solutions, healthcare companies can implement processes and programs that deliver relevant and timely information and fill gaps that cause leakages in the patient experience. This practice can be helpful in improving pre- and post-clinical engagement, as well as further health initiatives.

Quantzig’s patient journey analytics solutions help healthcare companies to reduce the cost of care and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Request a FREE proposal to gain detailed insights into our complete portfolio of analytics services.

We at Quantzig, understand the predicaments healthcare companies face while streamlining patient experience. And for over 15 years, we have helped numerous companies overcome market challenges by leveraging our industry-leading data modeling and analytics capabilities. In this article, our experts have highlighted the key benefits of patient journey analytics to help healthcare organizations drive excellence and identify indicators that may result in churn.

Benefits of Patient Journey Analytics

Benefit #1: Helps in stopping care silos

Every healthcare company has blind spots that can occur anywhere, right from appointment scheduling to point-of-care to discharge and follow-ups. Patient journey analytics helps in mapping the workflow of the organization that makes loopholes in the patient care more visible. By identifying such blind spots, healthcare organizations can avoid risks or negative patient experiences in some cases.

Whether you are a part of the marketing, product development, or customer experience team at a hospital, a pharma company, or a health insurer, patient journey analytics should be part of your toolbox for customer research. If you would like to learn more about customer journey analytics, get in touch with our experts today.

Benefit #2: Unveils pain points in patient’s journey

Patient journey analytics can unveil various pain points along the patient journey. Gaining a better understanding of the different pain points that a patient has within the journey can help healthcare organizations to create an opportunity for improvements in operations and keep a track of the patient flow. Furthermore, this can aid in advanced and optimized patient care.

Benefit #3: Make an emotional connect with patients

By leveraging patient journey analytics, healthcare service providers can better understand the patient journey. This can allow them to better empathize with the patients. Patient journey mapping can illuminate the emotion of an encounter and highlight the feeling of the patient about a specific interaction. Such insights help organizations to understand better how to connect with patients on an emotional level to meet their requirements.

Our analytics solutions provide best-in-class frameworks to assist healthcare organizations to get maximum sales and insights out of every customer relationship and interaction. Request a FREE demo below to know more.

Read our latest success story to know how our patient journey analytics solutions helped a Denmark based pharma company to identify the most effective drug and treatment pattern based on patient characteristics.  

Revolutionizing Drug Development and Patient Care Using Patient Journey Analytics – A Customer Success Story

patient journey analytics

Revolutionizing Drug Development and Patient Care Using Patient Journey Analytics – A Customer Success Story

A leading Biopharma company based out of Denmark was looking to identify and assess possible ways through which they could leverage patient journey analytics to assess the qualitative and quantitative patient datasets to arrive at a better understanding of patient needs and the perceptions of target physicians in order to drive a more effective outreach towards them.

The Business Challenge

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a major paradigm shift due to which players are swiftly moving away from fact-based decisions to the discovery of insights with an emphasis toward empowering a data-driven healthcare system. Though biopharma companies are continuously challenged to leverage innovative methodologies to demonstrate the value of their offerings, most of them lack the basic capabilities and analytics skills to do so. Patient journeys are generally strategic which signifies that in a competitive and highly regulated environment like biopharma, understanding patient journeys can make a significant difference which can literally make or break the success of their drug launch initiatives. While recognizing that patient journey analytics is often more essential for biopharma companies than for other players, it’s imperative for businesses in this sector to leverage patient journey modeling to transform patient experiences.

Determining the right approach to patient journey analysis can be challenging. Request a FREE proposal to learn how our patient journey analytics experts can help.

With a keen eye on exploring new drug development opportunities, a multinational biopharma company approached Quanztig to gain a comprehensive view of the patient journeys and their overall experience. Dealing with an unstructured patient database proved to be a major challenge for the client given the inefficient nature of their data management systems. Additionally, with patient data being captured and stored from multiple interactions points the client found it challenging to monitor and track individual patient journeys to arrive at a conclusion.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

An in-depth analysis helped us better understand the complexities of the client’s datasets and the challenges faced by them. Our patient journey analytics experts leveraged natural language processing and advanced algorithms to parse through the troves of unstructured patient datasets in order to extract sentiments and meaningful insights from them. This, in turn, helped the biopharma client to identify the most effective drug and treatment pattern based on patient characteristics. 

The growing challenging of integrating patient data from disparate sources can be daunting owing to privacy concerns, data use rights, infrastructure, and resource constraints. This is where patient journey analytics can help. Contact our experts today!

Quantzig’s patient journey analytics solutions also offered predictive insights on:

  • Communicating the potential benefits of a drug to enhance its value among patients and stakeholders
  • Building action plans to address issues through patient journey mapping
  • Rolling out patient support programs based on real-time patient data and advanced patient journey analytics
  • Categorizing and prioritizing important patient segments

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