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Three Minute Guide to Social Listening for Businesses to Improve Customer Engagement

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What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the process that helps to perform a detailed analysis of conversations and trends happening not just around your brand, but around your industry as a whole. By leveraging these insights businesses can significantly improve their decision-making capabilities and can enhance their engagement rates. Today it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the sales funnel is the holy grail of marketing metaphors. If you dream of setting up a successful business, a road map describing how you would pitch your products or services to consumers is extremely important. Social media platforms are one of the best options to bring in strangers into your sales funnel, with other strategies kicking in afterwards. Also, social listening can help businesses to discover what their current and potential customers feel about their brand and what they are interested in. The catch here lies in turning this information into specific marketing strategies that will help businesses target potential customer groups.

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Benefits of Social Listening

Improves customer experience

Social media is not always the platform that is solely used to contact the brand itself, sometimes it is just a rant or side note dedicate to something entirely different. By using this opportunity businesses can improve customer experience through social listening and discover and respond to such comments on social channels.

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Keep an eye on the competition

You’re probably following your competitors on social channels to keep track of what their up to unaware of the fact that social listening is the secret key that’ll help you gain access to the bigger picture. Analyzing market conditions from a competitor’s viewpoint can help businesses to analyze the key metrics to success while avoiding misconceptions.

Market your products through industry influencers

Most of the social media listening tools used today offer a new feature called ‘social influencer’ using which brands can identify people who are already interested in their brand and offer free products or an early trial, while also tracking buzzwords relevant to the product or industry.

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Quantzig’s Social Listening Engagement Helps a Renowned Personal Grooming Products Retailer Build Better Products Based on the Market Expectations

The client: A prominent personal grooming products retailer

Area of engagement: Social listening

The global market for personal grooming products, is extremely diversified and can be bifurcated into two segments, namely personal care products and personal care appliances. In the last few years, personal grooming products have become popular across economies owing to the penetration of new and innovative appliances in the market. Such products comprise of trimmers, electric toothbrushes, massagers, hair setters, curlers, and many such personal care devices.

The personal grooming products market, which is a part of the CPG industry, is expected to witness substantial growth over the coming years owing to the rise in disposable income of end-users; thereby, enabling them to spend more on personal grooming products. Moreover, while the personal care products segment for women is a prominent category, the introduction of an array of men’s products for grooming has further bolstered the growth of the CPG industry. The market is also gaining huge benefits through their promotional offers, marketing campaigns, advertising, social listening, and media penetration. Also, facets such as rapid urbanization, the rise in consumer’s spending power, and the growing popularity of international brands will increase the demand for such products in the near future.

The following are some of the significant data-driven challenges faced by organizations in the personal grooming products sector:

  • Gaining the proficiency to use data: Firms operating in the CPG industry often assimilate data from various external sources, this inherently gives rise to the issue around data contextualization. However, having more data doesn’t necessarily help in gaining actionable insights, and even the best analytics tools often fail to identify the actual business objectives.
  • Deriving actionable insights from the gathered data: The rapidly occurring technological innovations have created much trouble for these organizations, especially those who have not been able to keep pace with these advancements. Moreover, to top the already existing sales, promotional, supply-chain, and finance data; social media is a new entrant to add to the woes. And what becomes critical for such organizations now is how to manage, streamline, sort, filter, and make sense of the data in real time.

As the personal grooming products retailers expand their foothold in developing markets, QZ- Request free proposalthey unlock new opportunities, and this unfolds several challenges in capturing critical downstream data in the distribution channels.

The Business Challenge:

The client, a leading personal grooming products retailer, approached our team of experts to help them devise effective social media monitoring strategies. They also wanted to leverage social listening to extract key insights from social conversations and apply it to bring changes in their overall strategy. The client was also looking at analyzing the context and trends revolving around social media platforms through a comprehensive social listening engagement. Additionally, they wanted to gain valuable insights to implement better strategies to addresses and serve their target audience.

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The Solution and the Business Impact:

Our solutions helped the client in leveraging their social listening skills to understand the demands of their consumers. It also assisted them in measuring the impact of negative and positive sentiments on their brand’s popularity, particularly on social media.

Also, it enabled the client to connect with leads while strengthening ties with customers using the same social media channels. Moreover, the client was able to track what is being said about their brand on the social platforms by taking quick remedial actions to change the end-users’ perceptions. Also, it helped them to build better products based on the market expectations that led to successful business growth.

Social Listening Solution Predictive Insights:

Quantzig’s social listening engagement helped the client in gaining a deeper understanding of the strategies of their competitors as well as their reception rates by the end-users. A detailed understanding of such failures and successes further helped them in assessing their market position and launch new services and products.

Our solutions are defined based on several fine-grained tasks, clear objectives, and success factors that enable firms to improve their social listening skills. Moreover, social media listening is a powerful tool that offers real-time data and information regarding a company’s performance on social channels. This information is a direct feedback from the grass-root level, which if well-organized and interpreted, can improve your overall business efficiency.

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Financial Services Firm Identifies Emerging Trends in Public Affairs Using Social Listening Solution

financial services

LONDON: Quantzig, a global analytics services provider, has recently completed their latest social listening solution for a financial services client. The financial services industry is catapulting towards a more consumer-centric environment to increase liquidity, reduce leverage, and improve additional capital. Top financial services firms are relying on high-level IT operations to optimize their business process and seamlessly interact with customers.

“Social listening solution helps firms solve consumer challenges and reduce negative brand perception. These solutions also help establishments harness the power of social media to connect with a broader set of consumers and understand their reaction towards new products and accordingly develop promotional campaigns.” says an industry expert from Quantzig.

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The social listening solution helped the financial services client to gain real-time insights into consumer opinions and preferences, which helped them assess the number of followers and impressions on social media. The solution also helped the client to enhance customer centricity, enable better product offerings, and improve customer loyalty.

Additional Benefits of the Social Listening Solution

  • Profile target audiences and drive targeted campaigns.
  • Monitor conversations to understand the complaints and adopt appropriate communication strategies.
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