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Social Media Analytics Helped A Leading Logistics Player to Boost Brand Loyalty and Customer Experience- A Quantzig Success Story

The client is a leading logistics player based out of Germany. Owing to the intense competition from top companies in the German logistics industry, the client was facing several issues in offering customized services to its customers. To tackle this challenge, they approached Quantzig to transform their business model by leveraging social media analytics solutions to monitor the effectiveness of media investments and digital marketing campaigns.

With the increasing business complexities, it is quite challenging for companies to analyze their social media data. The sheer volumes of unstructured data sets make social media data analysis even more challenging for businesses across industries. This is the reason why top companies are relying on social media analytics to analyze and process their social media data into actionable insights. By leveraging advanced social media analytics solutions, companies can effectively mine their growing pool of unstructured data sets. This can further help them to gain in-depth insights into their customer behavior and interests. This, in turn, can help them to improve their business decisions and operational strategies.

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Business Challenge

The client, a German logistics company, wanted to improve its customer relationships without disrupting the existing rapport between the dealers and customers. The logistics player created social media profiles targeted to each geography, but they lacked the analytical expertise to analyze the data obtained from such social media platforms. They approached Quantzig to leverage its social media analytics expertise to analyze and quickly draw conclusions from their burgeoning unstructured social media data and convert it into actionable insights.

Quantzig’s analytics experts can help you track, benchmark, and optimize your business performance with advanced social media analytics solutions.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

The social media analytics experts conducted a detailed analysis to understand the core business challenges and goals of the client. The devised social media analytics framework helped the client to establish better relationships with their customers and improve brand loyalty. The holistic approach adopted by our experts included three phases.

The first phase focused on combining data visualization tools and analytics to help the client monitor customer sentiments in real-time. This helped the logistics company to quickly reach out to customers and support them in suitable ways. The solution offered empowered the client to identify factors affecting customer decisions and understand the information flow within groups. Also, our social media analytics solutions helped the client to improve their presence on different social media platforms that further assisted them to track the opinions of their followers, proactively resolve customers issues, and improve brand loyalty.

Quantzig’s social media analytics solution also helped the client to:

  • Optimize their social media marketing strategy and fortify it
  • Forecast sales and prepare in advance for spikes in demand
  • Identify potential customer service issues before they inflict damage to the brand’s reputation

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Three Minute Guide to Social Listening for Businesses to Improve Customer Engagement

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What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the process that helps to perform a detailed analysis of conversations and trends happening not just around your brand, but around your industry as a whole. By leveraging these insights businesses can significantly improve their decision-making capabilities and can enhance their engagement rates. Today it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the sales funnel is the holy grail of marketing metaphors. If you dream of setting up a successful business, a road map describing how you would pitch your products or services to consumers is extremely important. Social media platforms are one of the best options to bring in strangers into your sales funnel, with other strategies kicking in afterwards. Also, social listening can help businesses to discover what their current and potential customers feel about their brand and what they are interested in. The catch here lies in turning this information into specific marketing strategies that will help businesses target potential customer groups.

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Benefits of Social Listening

Improves customer experience

Social media is not always the platform that is solely used to contact the brand itself, sometimes it is just a rant or side note dedicate to something entirely different. By using this opportunity businesses can improve customer experience through social listening and discover and respond to such comments on social channels.

Our analytics experts help companies to develop an understanding of KPIs, select measurement tools, analyze reports to enhance performance, and create tests to improve social media messages. Get in touch with them right away!

Keep an eye on the competition

You’re probably following your competitors on social channels to keep track of what their up to unaware of the fact that social listening is the secret key that’ll help you gain access to the bigger picture. Analyzing market conditions from a competitor’s viewpoint can help businesses to analyze the key metrics to success while avoiding misconceptions.

Market your products through industry influencers

Most of the social media listening tools used today offer a new feature called ‘social influencer’ using which brands can identify people who are already interested in their brand and offer free products or an early trial, while also tracking buzzwords relevant to the product or industry.

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Social Media Sentiment Analysis: Understanding Customer Perceptions to Develop New Products and Optimize Marketing Strategies

Understanding consumer attitudes, sentiments, and opinions about your brand is a gateway to refining your offerings, marketing messages, and customer experiences. Most businesses today are accustomed to traditional approaches that revolve around the use of surveys, focus groups, and net promoter scores to measure consumer sentiments.

However, as the wealth of feedback increases across several open platforms, traditional information gathering methods start to fall short. In addition to the limitations of a smaller sample size, there are natural biases that exist in prompted feedback mechanisms, such as surveys, that limit an organization’s ability to capture individual consumer sentiments. These challenges can be addressed by using social media sentiment analysis that leverages text mining and analytics techniques to transform multiple unbiased conversations scattered across the digital landscape into insightful results that aid decision making.

With technology’s increasing capabilities and the proliferation of social media platforms, social media sentiment analysis is becoming a non-negotiable requirement for businesses across industries. Request a FREE proposal to know more about its business benefits.

Business Challenge

Today, social media has undoubtedly become a huge part of everyone’s life and is slowing turning out to be the go-to platform for people to express their personal experiences and opinions on almost anything. In this context, it would be right to say technological advancements along with the proliferation of social media platforms have helped bridge the gap between customers and businesses. However, the real challenge lies in analyzing the data obtained from social platforms and turning them into meaningful insights. Social media sentiment analysis helps businesses to address this challenge by empowering them to carefully listen and monitor their consumer’s online behavior. As such, to properly understand customer needs, it is imperative to leverage social media sentiment analysis across industries.

The client, an American multinational conglomerate, specializing in the manufacturing of electronic devices was looking at leveraging social media sentiment analysis to transform its online social data into real-time, actionable insights. Starting with the basic product offerings within the consumer goods segments the client needed a scalable solution that would help them capture insights from different product categories and use it to develop products in the future. The client was looking at monitoring unprompted conversations and customer reviews to capture accurate customer sentiments to complement the traditional approach of tracking customer sentiments using online forms and surveys. However, with their presence on multiple social platforms and thousands of feedback points, this was a difficult task. Quantzig needed to find the best way to accurately process the data at scale to help them meet industry demands and stay ahead of the competition.

Analyze How Your Brand Sentiment Evolves Over Time with Quantzig's Social Media Analytics Solutions

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The graph below reveals the popularity of social media channels based on customer preferences:

Social media sentiment analysis

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

To help the client to better monitor their brand’s performance, Quantzig’s social media sentiment analysis experts carried out an initial review of the client’s social media profiles. A detailed review of customer conversations helped them identify and categorize the underlying tone of conversations. The insights offered by our social media sentiment analysis experts also helped the client to reduce customer churn and increase the lifetime value of its customers by tracking and monitoring their online presence. Social media sentiment analysis not only helped the client to understand how their brand was perceived online but also aided the development of a new strategy to monitor the social sentiments of its customers on an on-going basis.

Quantzig’s advanced social media sentiment analysis solutions offered in-depth insights that empowered the client to:

  • Optimize marketing strategies to meet customer needs
  • Tweak their online marketing strategies based on both the positive and negative reactions of their products and services
  • Identify key problem areas and use that data to build new product roadmaps

As a result, the client was successful in reducing the time taken to make critical business decisions based on customer feedbacks from weeks and months to mere minutes.

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What is Social Media Sentiment Analysis?



Social Media Monitoring: 7 Reasons Why It is Important for Your Business

In recent years, social media has surfaced as a powerful marketing tool. It continues to be an integral part of marketing strategies across all industries, but as it is still new, the learning curve is quite steep. As social media marketing and social media monitoring evolve, the knowledge of the field is acquired by marketing professionals through trial and error.

We at Quantzig, understand the challenges that companies face in social media monitoring. It can be frustrating, overwhelming, and often confusing to navigate the world of social media management. But you cannot negate the fact that social media monitoring is crucial for the growth of your business in today’s competitive landscape.

So, to help you out, our team of experts has explained in detail about social media monitoring and how can it help companies to stay up-to-date with social media marketing trends without using up too much their resources.

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What is social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring is not just limited to the realm of social media platforms but goes far beyond. If your business has an online presence in the market, customers will more than likely talk about you on websites, social media platforms, review sites, blogs, and anywhere else they get together to share their opinions and ideas. So, if you really want to know who is talking about you and what they are saying, you need to do social media monitoring. In simple words, social media monitoring is the act of “listening” to what the internet is saying about your business. This way you can gain actionable and valuable insights and can stamp out potential wildfires. This may sound a little overwhelming, but with the help of specialized social media monitoring tools, you can actually streamline the process of collecting and responding to comments and feedback.


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Social Media Analytics: The Key to Boost Customer Engagement and Marketing Performance

What is Social Media Analytics?

Social media analytics can be defined as the art and science of extracting valuable and actionable hidden insights from the huge amount of unstructured and semi-structured social media data that enables informative and insightful decision making. Social media analytics helps organizations in capturing and interpreting online conversation, making it easier to segregate valuable inputs. Social media analytics tools can crawl most social media channels, including anything from the main social networks to news sites, forums, and blogs. Social media analytics report gathers data from social media websites and helps in analyzing data using social media analytics tools to facilitate better business decisions. Also, social media analytics is very useful in mining customer sentiment that enhances marketing performance and customer service activities.

Are you finding it difficult to monitor the effectiveness of media investments and digital marketing campaigns? Get in touch with our experts to check how our social media analytics solutions can help.

Benefits of Social Media Analytics

#1: Social media analytics helps to understand your audience

Social media analytics has the potential to help businesses in taking steps towards understanding your audience using social data. This can help in several ways like analyzing your previous posts can help you find your unique and best time to share. Timing is a very important part of social media marketing. If you want your posts to drive more traffic, engagement and sales, you need to post when your audience is online and at their highest level of alertness. Therefore, you need to dissect your social data and find your unique best time to post on the social media platform.

#2: Social media analytics tells about your best social networks

There are various social networks but not all of them will work perfectly for you. Social media analytics helps here as it enables you to identify the platform that can help yield maximum engagements. This is the only way to confirm which social networks work best and measure how much traffic, engagement, and sales you are getting. This data can then be used to focus more on social networks that are working for you and eliminating the one that is not. Furthermore, this data can also be used to prioritize the amount of time you need to manage each of the social networks. Real-time and single analytics dashboard can help you to compare the performance.

#3: Social data can help you produce better content

By tracking your social networks, you can analyze the content that drives the best results. Social media analytics also assists in figuring out the type of content that is performing best. Additionally, it can help in analyzing most shared and viewed content, time spent on them and sales were driven by them.

Empower Your Business with Analytics

With our social media analytics solutions, we help companies analyze the effectiveness of company communications and customer interactions on different digital marketing platforms including social media presence, website, and mobile marketing. Request a free proposal now to check out our complete portfolio of analytics solutions.

#4: Help you understand competitors

One of the most crucial benefits of social media analytics is it helps in analyzing competitors. Social media competitor analysis makes it easy for you to avoid mistakes that your competitors are making and focus more on techniques that yield results. There are several social media analytics tools that can help you see the percentage of traffic your site receives from different social networks

#5: Social media metrics can help you create a better strategy

It is very difficult to create the best marketing strategy in the very first attempt. But by social media data analysis, you can easily figure out the mistakes you are making. This can help in optimizing your marketing strategy by eliminating mistakes. But along with social media data analysis, it is important that you use social media listening to check the impact your strategy is having on your audience. But what is social media listening? Social media listening is the process of tracking online conversations to understand what people are saying about a specific industry, brand, person, etc. By using social listening, it is possible to check in real-time what people are saying about your business online. Furthermore, this can help in modifying the strategy to better connect with potential and current customers.

#6: Social media analytics shows you how a social media campaign is performing

For any business running a social media campaign, it is imperative to track it regularly. Social media analytics comes to rescue and help in checking if it is panning out the way you intended it to. If things are not working as you planned, you can make the required changes to your campaign and rectify the mistakes. Also, if results are not optimum, you can nip it in the bud.

#7: Helps in tracking the needs of your target audience

For businesses to reach their full potential, it is essential that they understand the attitudes and preferences of their target audience. If you can really find out what your audience wants, you will know what and how to provide it. Social media analytics gives a myriad of opportunities to do this by using the appropriate tools. Also, the social media analytics report provides valuable data that can be utilized for the growth of the business online. By identifying the patterns in the needs of the customer and their behavior it becomes easy to gauge at the marketing effectiveness.

We understand the challenges companies face in analyzing social media discussions on the business’ campaigns and products and keeping track of the opinions of their followers to proactively resolve customer issues. Our analytics solutions provide best-in-class frameworks to analyze the brand sentiment, understand the effectiveness of the promotional activities, and provide information on the competing brands. Request a free demo below for more insights.



3 Ways Sentiment Analysis Dataset Can Help the Insurance Industry

As we move into 2019, the only thing that is certain about the insurance industry is the level of uncertainty about where it will be at the end of 2019! Recent insurance industry trends, which have challenged insurers in 2018, will continue to influence the industry, but with a fresh set of trends arriving, companies in the insurance industry will face many uncertainties. Recent regulatory changes, such as Brexit and GDPR, are also expected to influence the industry. Furthermore, changing consumer behavior patterns, the growth of autonomous devices, and the rising threat of cyber-attacks are posing numerous challenges for companies in the insurance industry.

Going forward, the interface between insurance companies and the customer is going to be one of the key battlegrounds, not just in the trivial sense of chatbots and online portals, but rather as the ability of insurance industry players to make every part of their operation work for the customer. Therefore, insurers will need to take the help of measures like developing a sentiment analysis dataset to tackle such challenges.

At Quantzig, we understand the impact that a sentiment analysis dataset can have on your business. And to help insurance companies prosper amidst the growing competition, our team of experts has highlighted three promising ways in which a sentiment analysis dataset can manage risks more effectively to maximize ROI and gain a competitive advantage in the market.