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Warehouse Management Helped a Sweden Based Automotive Spare Parts Retailer to Improve Warehouse Operations and Boost Productivity- Quantzig’s Success Story

The client is a leading automotive spare parts retailer based out of Sweden and is well-known for its quality controls methods, purchase management capabilities, and valued collaboration with customers. The company supplies spare parts to several other outlets across Europe, through a single distribution center.

Amidst today’s complex business scenarios, distribution and warehouse operations are considered as necessary evils by supply chain executives. However, it’s important to note that such narrow views can not only prevent you from identifying new opportunities to optimize warehouse operations but also pose major roadblocks in your warehouse inventory management efforts. Several factors that are responsible for reducing warehouse efficiency that include changes in demand patterns, new product launches, and customer acquisitions. Since most of the challenges in warehouse optimization arise due to errors, inefficiency, and lack of supply chain visibility, businesses are investing heavy resources in establishing warehouse management systems to automate material handling, labeling, data collection, and other warehouse operations.

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Business Challenge

The automotive spare parts retailer wanted to improve its multi-tier distribution network. However, before doing so, they wanted to evaluate the capacity and effectiveness of the new warehouse layout, this is when they decided to collaborate with Quantzig to leverage its warehouse management solutions to identify the best warehouse layout design. Also, they were looking for warehouse management solutions that could help them in accurate demand and inventory planning and enable them to have lean and optimal supply chains that best balance cost, service level, and profitability.

Our warehouse management solutions provide baseline indicators to yield meaningful data and determine possible productivity improvement objectives and potential cost savings. Get in touch with our experts now.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s warehouse management experts adopted a comprehensive two-step approach to help the client tackle core business challenges. They conducted a basic review of the current performance and operation design of the client’s existing warehouse management system in the first phase. With this information, they made recommendations on prime opportunity improvements in the warehouse operations. The second phase revolved around identifying operations where design adjustments were needed to deal with changes in various business functions. The solution offered helped the client to analyze the correlation between labor costs and equipment, which in turn, aided the selection of a suitable warehouse layout and distribution process.

Quantzig’s warehouse management solutions also helped the client to:

  • Increase the speed and efficiency of warehouse processes
  • Adopt multichannel demand and execution processes
  • Gain real-time insights into warehouse operations
  • Reduce errors and drive productivity by automating different warehouse operations
  • Increase warehouse accuracy and lower safety stock levels by 45%

Leveraging our warehouse management services can help you track inventory stocks that enter your warehouse and locate the position of your assets in real-time. Request a FREE demo below to know more.

Tips to Optimize Warehouse Operations

Warehouse operations are at the heart of a company. When warehouse operations are efficient, companies keep costs low and customers happy. When they’re not, companies don’t ship or receive inventory in time and workers are not as productive as expected. Therefore, you must know exactly how to keep operations running efficiently. With the right mix of best practices, your company can maximize warehouse operations.

Tip #1: Adopt lean warehouse operations practices:

Lean warehouse operations offer a range of areas ripe for significant, long-term and sustainable savings. From reduced handling time and reductions in loading and unloading times of trucks and containers to increased reliability and sharing of information and greater flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions of customer specifications, lean warehouse operations help efficiently in optimizing warehouse.

Tip #2: Run an audit of your warehouse:

This is the first step to transform your warehouse from an inefficient to an efficient one. You must monitor how long it takes for processes in your supply chain to be completed. Ask questions like are your goods organized in a way that makes sense? Is order picking going as fast as possible? Answering such questions can help you analyze and understand the loopholes in the warehouse operations. Consequently, you can adopt measures to rectify and improve your warehouse management techniques.

Tip #3: Use ABC analysis to prioritize items:

ABC is a hierarchy of your most valuable items to the least. This is also referred to as the Inventory Categorization Method. Since you may not value your entire stock equally, this method can help you focus your time and resources on items that make you the most money.

To learn more tips on warehouse optimization, request for more information.

warehouse inventory management

6 Best Practices for Warehouse Inventory Management

Any small-to-medium sized business follows a core business practice of monitoring inventory levels accurately. But when it comes to supplying products through multiple channels on time, businesses do find it challenging. The constant pressure from several buyers and various store locations make it difficult for businesses to keep up with the market demands while monitoring the needs of their customers and the process of inventory. This is why businesses need to have a proper warehouse inventory management practice in place.

A proper warehouse inventory management system is the key to deliver efficiency and maintain a competitive position in the marketplace effectively. Businesses must focus on following best practices for warehouse management in order to move towards an effective inventory optimization approach and eliminate labour-intensive traditional methods.

At Quantzig, we understand the importance of effective warehouse inventory management and the difference it can create in driving optimum business results. And to help companies deal with inventory management challenges at the deepest level, our team of experts have highlighted some of the warehouse inventory management best practices that can guide in expanding product portfolios and supply chains. Also, these practices can assist organizations to boost their service levels and free up time for employees to concentrate on value-adding tasks.

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Warehouse Inventory Management Best Practices


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