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We have developed exceptional expertise in advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions for transforming global organizations. Harness the power of our intelligent, actionable insights to solve complex problems and inspire innovation, change, and growth across your organization value chain.

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With an aim to enhance our client’s competitive readiness and success, we offer effective solutions to help them excel in their respective markets.

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Years of experience in the space of advanced analytics solutions

Clients from across the globe, including 55 Fortune 500 companies

Experienced data scientists, analytics experts, and consultants

Successful project completions with proven impact of solutions

supply chain

SC Analytics

Optimize supply chain (SC) processes, reduce expenses, and build an agile supply chain.


Sales Analytics

Optimize sales processes, manage the sales force, and drive sales and profit margins.

marketing analytics

Marketing Analytics

Optimize multi-channel campaigns, increase conversions, and drive MROI.

digital analytics

Digital Analytics

Deliver contextual customer experiences and analyze digital footprints to drive outcomes.

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Drive customer loyalty, build stronger customer relationships, and fuel new revenue streams.

big data analytics

Big Data Analytics

Innovate faster, transform business operations, increase revenues, and lower costs.

Our Analytics and BI Service Portfolio

We create focused advanced analytics solutions, turning data into actionable insights that allow us to target and transform different areas of the client’s business.

Our Focus Industries

Solve complex business problems, optimize processes and operational costs, and get ahead of industry with our industry-specific solutions

Pharma Analytics

Achieve breakthroughs in drug development and devise new market entry strategies.

Retail Analytics

Understand dynamic customer behavior, optimize operations, and drive sales and profitability.

F&B Analytics

Optimize operations and spends, control quality, and automate business processes.

Telecom Analytics

Utilize data accurately, optimize networks, and achieve optimal business operations.

Healthcare Analytics

Extract maximum value from data, improve patient outcomes, streamline operations.

Oil and Gas Analytics

Predict demand fluctuations, optimize assets, minimize risks, and improve the bottom-line.

Why choose us

We Understand Your Business Well

We are not just experts in advanced analytics but also excel at bridging the gap between analytics insights and business logic. We not only provide you with solutions but see the implementation and impact through to the end.

Unwavering, Resolute Customer Centricity

We promise our customers a 100% commitment. We turn this promise into actions measured only by our customer’s success.

Self-Starter Culture

We require no assistance, handholding, or boost to kick-start solution-building. We work independently without disrupting our client’s work (or life) and develop intelligent, actionable business insights with the power to transform their business.

Agile, Robust Solutions

Our advanced analytics solutions accommodate any possible dynamic business and industry changes and are, thus, future-ready.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We leverage the latest advanced analytics and visualization tools and techniques, statistical approaches, and platformsdesigned and custom-built to suit our clients’ needs to deliver solutions with the power to transform their business.

Extensive Expertise

Our advanced analytics expertise spans across industries, sectors, and functions, cutting-edge technologies, and analytics solutions. We are a full-service answer to all your data- and analytics-related concerns.

Client Success Stories

Even though our customer acquisition rate has consistently increased over months and years, we were experiencing a slow decline in our customer retention rates. Quantzig’s advanced customer analytics experts enabled us to pinpoint the pain areas and bottlenecks and resolve them to ensure quicker order-to-cash cycles and increase customer retention. We have started looking at all our business functions from the lens of data – all thanks to Quantzig.

– Director, Sales and Marketing at a leading European retail enterprise

Quantzig’s healthcare analytics solutions have enabled us to consistently improve our performance and optimize patient engagement. Our field of work requires us to be exceptionally efficient in all aspects, and with the help of Quantzig, we have been able to achieve just that. We have ongoing engagements with Quantzig for enhancing other fronts of our organization too.

– Vice President, Analytics and BI of a global manufacturing company.

Insights derived from the sales analytics experts at Quantzig have driven an upward trend of 30% in our conversions. All our crucial consumer behavior data for our products and services are embedded into their solutions, giving us precise forecasts and derivations, making it easy for us to identify and tackle any roadblocks in the PLC.

Global Group President, Clients  of a leading commercial real estate services firm

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Our advanced analytics expertise spans across industries, sectors, and functions, which enables us to deliver robust, agile solutions to all our clients. These are our core competencies, formed through years of experience.


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